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yanni C.A.L.A. @ChiActorsinLA🔁 Fuck #Laurel. You hear ME. My new album drops TODAY. #Yanni
yanni StayAwake👀 @COOLinside🔁 It’s obvious. @LynnShawProd and I hear #Yanni.
Derik Flerlage @DerikFler🔁 Some hear #laurel. Some hear #yanni. We hear...🗣


Dimmi ☾ @baddreputashawn🔁apparently shawn said he hears lauren and not yanni. i’m-
yanni Chase Eiland 🎸 @ChaseEiland🔁 What do you see? Yanni or Laurel?
Marlee Matlin @MarleeMatlin🔁Yanni or Laurel? Don't ask me. I can't hear sh*t
Mark Hamill @HamillHimself🔁What interests you most?
A-The Royal Wedding
B-The Yanni vs Laurel Controversy
C-A Batman Prequel About Bruce Wayne' twitter.com s Parents When They Were Children
D-The War Against Xmas
E-Please Just Kill Me NOW
Yanni @Yanni🔁I only hear Yanni ;) hahaha twitter.com
Shayna Weber Band 🐛 @shaynaweber🔁... and then I put it out of its misery. But, right before it transitioned to spider heaven, it looked up at me and said... YANNI!
Melissa Flora @spunkyblah🔁 Yanni or Laurel? Don't ask me. I can't hear sh*t
MexTXgal @Yolanda53311253🔁Laurel or Yanni? All I hear is "Hillary Clinton/Obama admin happily used shady Russia intell and our intelligence apparatus to spy on and smear to protect Clinton gang from prosecution and destroy President Trump." Though, sometimes I hear "Shut Mueller down."
Mexicat7 @Mexicat7🔁Some people hear Yanni and some people hear Laurel... I just hear " is amazing" Espero que tengas un gran día, chic twitter.com a
🤩 2018 = positive vibes aHHHHHH 🤩 @PHIXI333MAYUMI🔁Yanni or Laurel? THIS IS THE ANSWER.: youtu.be via @YouTube
Ray Darr @_radar🔁@MarquesEversoll On tv, I heard Yanni, but when you played it, I heard Laurel.
Yanii @yanigb_🔁My boss texted me "I only hear Yanni", lol.
Valeeen ⚽️⚡️ @ValenTripicchio🔁@_agusdesimone Dice yanni flashera
ReaganNoelle @supitsrea🔁i hear Yanni!!! twitter.com
hannah @Hannnahwheeler🔁A true wizards mind will know it says both yanni and laurel and will enjoy the dissonance of everyone being correct and wrong because nothing is true
Jared Piepenburg @jaredpiepenburg🔁 I only hear Yanni ;) hahaha twitter.com
UDE EUNICE ORI @orieude🔁Still can only hear #laurel not #yanni twitter.com
Shirley Moore @shirleycmoore🔁Yanni vs Laurel. I hear both depending on the device. Damn. No resolution! #yannyorlaurel
Amanda spontaneity Cox @ACCOX_artist🔁@nytimesarts Yes but is it Yanni or Laurel?
Grace Sadfield @scoffieg🔁Somehow my data management teacher talked about Yanni and Laurel for 30 minutes and managed to turn it into a probability lesson
Batbinash @Batbinash🔁What interests you most?
A-The Royal Wedding
B-The Yanni vs Laurel Controversy
C-A Batman Prequel About Bruce Wayne's Parents When They Were Children
D-The War Against Xmas
E-Please Just Kill Me NOW
Wade Poe @eopedaw🔁 Sermons- the original yanni or laurel.
Lady Leverage @LadyLeverage🔁 Sure you hear Yanni, but do yo HEAR Yanni? instagram.com
Felipe Luis @soyfeluiz🔁#Yanni or #Laurel is like Adele with Sam Smith
maddy 🌸 @maddyjacksonn🔁@Futterish I hate “yanni” hahaha, I can only hear laurel if the pitch is manually changed >:( hahaha
Stephanie CrowHawk @CrowHawk🔁😂😂😂They are both there; Yanni in the upper frequency in the white noise and Laurel in the lower. Depending on equi twitter.com pment, headsets, allergies, colds...some hear both. 😁
jumaira ahmed @jumairaahmed1🔁Seen more posts and attention given to some yanni or laurel thing than what’s happened in Palestine, so mad
𝔠𝔥𝔦𝔩𝔩𝔰𝔢𝔞𝔞 @chelsahnae🔁Carl swears he hears yanni, just like he swore the dress was black and blue...
Someone tell dis guy it’s WHITE AND G twitter.com OLD AND HER NAME IS FUCKING LAUREL WTF
Marie Jetté, PhD @MarieJetteSLP🔁@RMulheren My son’s name is Yannick. We call him Yanni 😊.
✨Just living✨ @yanni_banani🔁We are too old to send your friends to someone to rely a message for you lol if you think I’m cute you better off saying it yourself


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