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FloElite @FloElite🔁Team during the Chipper.

Watch every heat, division, and stage at WZA live: twitter.com

FloElite @FloElite🔁When you find your rhythm on doubles and get transported to a spiritual realm.

Team HughJass Texan’s Jordan Cook dur twitter.com ing the RPM Chipper.

FloElite @FloElite🔁Team TTTW holds the top spot going into the final day at Wodapalooza.

Armen caught up with Noah Ohlsen, Will Moorad twitter.com , & Travis Mayer after the Romwod Chipper to talk about their team dynamic and strategy for day 3.

FloElite @FloElite🔁The most important thing happening at WZA — Doggopalooza!

Hop over to our Facebook for the full album: twitter.com

FloElite @FloElite🔁Men’s Elite competitors Lex Ozias & Hal Fisher battling with these heavy sandbags.

Swimming + 200lb sandbags = good twitter.com times.

FloElite @FloElite🔁The Canadians hold the top spot by just 2pts over Team TTTW.

Consistency has been the name of the game for Alex Vign twitter.com eault, Albert-Dominic Larouche, & Alexandre Caron.

Watch Day 2 of LIVE:

FloElite @FloElite🔁Four stages of grief with Alexis Johnson.

With a time of 12:10, Maybe Team Ten finished just 3 seconds behind Team twitter.com on the Assault Fitness Triplet.

Watch Day 2 at WZA LIVE:

FloElite @FloElite🔁Katrin Davidsdottir came out firing on all cylinders yesterday.

The 2x Fittest Woman on Earth currently holds the t twitter.com op spot — 44pts ahead of second.

Catch the division later today on Bayside Stage.

Watch them LIVE:

FloElite @FloElite🔁Actual footage of the Air Assault Bike claiming four more souls.

Watch every heat, division, and stage from day twitter.com 2 here:

FloElite @FloElite🔁On the move at

Day 2 at WZA is underway & everyone is looking to pick up as many points as possible in this second twitter.com day of competition.

FloElite @FloElite🔁Moving day at 2018 Wodapalooza.

No matter where you're at on the leaderboard, no one is safe. This is going to be f twitter.com un!

Armen Hammer @armenhoists🔁Day 1 at 2018 Wodapalooza in the books & we got so much more fitness coming your way still!

Kicking things off on Day ✌️ at 8 AM ET:

FloElite @FloElite🔁Day 1 at 2018 Wodapalooza in the books & we got so much more fitness coming your way still!

Kicking things off on D twitter.com ay ✌️ at 8 AM ET:

FloElite @FloElite🔁Our race to watch tomorrow on moving day!

Team Progenex currently holds the top spot on the women’s leaderboard, b twitter.com ut ‘Maybe Team Ten’ has been on tear and is in striking distance in third behind Team Invictus.

FloElite @FloElite🔁Noah: So I was thinking about getting Maximus a little brother. What do you think Will?

Will: ...


FloElite @FloElite🔁"I gotta eat a lot this year." - Fernando Reis post victory. twitter.com
FloElite @FloElite🔁Who's in the lead again?

You can find the up to date leaderboard on App 👉 twitter.com

FloElite @FloElite🔁Team TTTW on the move.

Reigning WZA Indy Champ Noah Ohlsen is looking to add a team title to his collection.

FloElite @FloElite🔁They’re already asking for a David vs Goliath Part 2.

Last night’s was one for the books. twitter.com


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