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яσмαη яєιgηѕ @WWERomanReiqns🔁 @WWERomanReigns trying to snatch the title had me dying 😭😭😂😂
@WWERollins #WWERaw #Raw
Heart of Smarkness @AnitaChainsaw🔁Me checking Twitter on a Monday night after missing #WWERaw due to #rollerderby:
#WWERaw#WWERaw Amanda Beeeeez-uh-ley @abeas_8393🔁The funniest thing about #WWERaw tonight 😂😂😂
#WWERaw Desi Buzz @_desibuzz🔁 I Am Falling In Love With
#India 🇮🇳 : @HulkHogan

#WWEChamber #WWERaw #Bollywood

#WWERaw Onkar Parshekar @icaniwill47🔁What a Mid-air Spear by @WWERomanReigns #WWERaw #WitnessMe #RomanEmpire
#WWERaw HighMarks @HighMarksReddit🔁#TheBlaze from @FlowKana is a tremendous #Sativa with a great buzz! I am enjoying #WWERaw and feeling really good.
Toni @Toni_sweetheart🔁so #WWERaw tonight
Cena won
Reigns won
and they screwed over finn balor
Pauly Kover @ThePaulyKover🔁Just spoke w/ Superstar prior to tonight's . LISTEN HERE: via

She had plenty to cbsloc.al say about 2/25 , ... and she twitter.com gave me attitude, when I brought up !

Karl Anderson @KarlAndersonWWE🔁San Jose #WWERaw
I know you’re a #GoodBrotherTown..
Look forward to #Brothering with you..
WWE @WWEIndia🔁Do you think @AlexaBliss_WWE made a valid point on #WWERaw?


💕WWEFangirl97🤗 @theliz972🔁Seeing these men both in the is a great sight😆 twitter.com
Robby Fischer @robbyfischer🔁That Elias and Braun segment is the best thing @WWE has done in FOREVER. Both of them will be top guys extremely soon. #WWERAW
Ed$on Baeza 🤘🏽 @EdsonBaeza🔁 Nice Skirt Fella👀👀😂😂😂 @WWE #MondayMotivation #RAW #WWE #WWERAW
Dustin Dallenbach @OneDDestruct🔁Can't wait to watch later have it on DVR! Every time I watch any pro wrestling it gives me more desire to try ONE mo twitter.com re time to get medically cleared to live my dream as a Superstar
No Doctor can stop me

#RAW #SmackDownLIVE @wweheel2🔁OMG LOOK AT THE REF FACE...😂😂

Retweet- IF You Laughed, & What A Tag-Team They Would Be 🤘...


✨DarlingNova☁️ @Yvettegeee_🔁@WWERollins messy, frizzy, fluffy hair is a mood #WWELive #WWERaw
Michael J. Bautista @MikeJBknows🔁Oh, okay. Kurt Angle announces on Facebook Live that both Seth Rollins and Finn Balor will be added to the Eliminatio twitter.com n Chamber match.
Jaime Ruiz @JuniorRuizX2🔁Plz retweet! HER BROWSER HISTORY COULD RUIN EVERYTHING! youtu.be
Jamie Kennedy @wrestlinallday🔁Would somebody at please PLEASE this terrible "Woken" Matt Hardy character!?!? Broken 2.0 is way worse than Matt Ha twitter.com rdy 2.0....
BLVD BULLIES @blvdbullies🔁i can already hear the erotic fan fiction tumblrs tapping away at their crusty old keyboards

#WWE #RAW #WWERAW twitter.com

HighMarks @HighMarksReddit🔁What do you give from tonight's ? I can't say that I am a fan of the forced heel run that Cena is on. But damn if th twitter.com e Miz doesn't carry that show!
J-Rock @JayZervoulakos🔁#wweraw @ SAP Center instagram.com
Joshua Eastman @JoshuaEastman4🔁Watching and I’m wondering when will be inducted into the
Kevin Anthony @GameOverKev🔁I hate when does a confusing finish. I’m pretty sure the ref isn’t suppose to allow the pin if two wrestlers r cover twitter.com ing the same guy.
Cre👑 @Carena_D🔁Just spoke w/ Superstar prior to tonight's . LISTEN HERE: via

She had plenty to say about 2/25 , . cbsloc.al .. and she gave me attitude, when I brought up !

darleneclemson @darleneclemson🔁 #WWERaw who won the 5 way elimination match between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor
WWENetworkWatcher 📺 @WWENetworkWatch🔁Next week vs winner gets final spot in or Add both to Match!

📺 twitter.com

darleneclemson @darleneclemson🔁#WWERaw who won the 5 way elimination match between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor
WWENetworkWatcher 📺 @WWENetworkWatch🔁That was and next week vs winner gets final spot in 🙌

📺 twitter.com

trisha ヅ @vampswildfire🔁oops i meant both* should win #wweraw twitter.com
Brandon/Taren @the1cedGuardian🔁WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FINISH!? We want fucking Finn goddamnit! #RAW #WWERaw #MondayNightRAW
nanalovesgracey @dawncameron09🔁@SonyaDevilleWWE @WWE That's Pretty Funny Because In #WWERaw Nothing Last ForEver Specially When You Don't Even Box Right LMAO 🤘🇨🇦💪
Dayna Kennedy @Noitsdayna🔁Ok so...I half got what I wanted. Yay ? If this ruins the with the by some weird push I'm gonna be annoyed twitter.com


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