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#writers Jacci DeVera @jacci_devera🔁 Can anyone else relate to this?

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Chaker Khazaal @ChakerKhazaal🔁My face 🤦🏻‍♂️

🇺🇸 In for a cool project I can’t wait to tell you all about later this year.

✈️ twitter.com

Sarantos @SarantosMelogia🔁Gotta sit down and finish writing my new book chapter coming out tomorrow. Don't u hate deadlines?


R U Outavit @outavit🔁"WHAT WOULD GOD SAY"

what is there to say
the poor will always be here
don't let them suffer

RUO. 2/21/18


Jack Rabbit @Jack_A_Rabbit🔁 - Protect the time and space in which you write. Keep everybody away from it, even the people who are most importan twitter.com t to you.
Altrincham Word Fest @Alty_Word_Fest🔁 - learn how to tell your stories across new platforms. Talk on 1/3 with &
BDL4LIFE Magazine @BDL4LIFEMAG🔁Seeking #Bloggers/#Writers for BDL4LIFE magazine Send submissions to Bdl4lifebookingsgmail.com Call 901-BDL-2406
Jacque Davis @Jacque_D88🔁A little bit of encouragement for us on .

Alantharp2 @Alantharp22🔁Secret Service Just Evacuated And Sealed Off Area Around White House – A... youtu.be via twitter.com
irene lofthouse @irene_lofthouse🔁Our lovely new group of are busy in our this morning with fab local author ... can't wait to hear their stories! We also run a creative writing monthly drop in session - contact us to find out more ✒️📝🌈
Alicia Joseph @AliciaJAuthor🔁Interview with Elliott Baker via chrispavesic.com
IWOSC @IWOSCwriter🔁FREE Promotional Ideas for : Easy, creative & productive ideas
from Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound
She has mento twitter.com red, coached, & taught more than 50,000 authors, speakers, experts, CEOs
Tues 3-13,
IWOSC presents a Telephone Seminar:
Thee Queenz Realm @QueenDeleona🔁 - // LONDON // WACKY RACERS/ / Itz ... pt.3 youtu.be er.com/i/web/status/966377363465523201" target="_blank">twitter.com
Space Cowboy Scifi @CowboySciFiBot🔁What You're About to See Should Scare You! via youtu.be
Kristen Ross @TheKristenRoss🔁Check out what age famous women like were when they published their first novel, and how many children they did (or twitter.com didn't) have.
Bhavna GV @gorabhavna🔁Surprised and happy to learn that is the only country covered 3G/4G in every corner of their country. 86% of south k twitter.com oreans are using 4G by 2017. making me love

Proofreading & Editing @fivepres🔁I will edit up UP TO 500 words of any FASHION RELATED written content; blog posts, articles, etc. twitter.com
Frank Cereo @frankcereo🔁Hey Hollywood are you getting tired of doing remakes of old movies. Look at some of the Indie writers books? They may twitter.com have new ideas.
Samuel H. Morris Jr. @SMorrisWriting🔁He tried, but couldn’t save her. twitter.com
Darick @DarickR🔁: News flash, , aren’t movies. Writing a panel that has a character blinking, waving, nervously bouncing a knee, things that require change, don’t work in a single panel. So adjust for multiple-panels, or show the effect a different way.
TheNervousBreakdown @TNBtweets🔁Now playing on the podcast, a great conversation with Willy Vlautin, author of this month's Book Club pick, DON'T SK twitter.com IP OUT ON ME ().


Inkitt @Inkitt🔁It's time to choose a POV for your story. What lens works best for it?



Katie Hamstead @HamsteadKatie🔁 #writers and #reviewers let's help each other out!
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Thriller Authors @ThrillerAuthors🔁A surefire thriller - Brad Meltzer is coming to the Library: Community Voices - cleveland.com - twitter.com
Kalahwood @kalahwoodstory🔁Join us if you love writing! twitter.com
BJ @follobj🔁One of my favorite #writers is releasing his next. Reason of pure rejoice 😀😀😀 @khaledhosseini #SeaPrayer #Literatu twitter.com re
Esther Bargeman @soohomilk🔁WHY OUR CUSTOMERS TRUST US? There are a variety of reasons: professional , 24/7 customer support, and flexible delivery time.

DivaBooksInc @DivaBooksInc🔁The STILL fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada is the Home of the “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” 2018 Conference twitter.com . We’re building books, book businesses, & literary empires by cultivating , , & artists &
Kisha Green @KishaGreen🔁The STILL fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada is the Home of the “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” 2018 Conference twitter.com . We’re building books, book businesses, & literary empires by cultivating , , & artists &
Literary Jewels @LiteraryJewels2🔁The STILL fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada is the Home of the “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” 2018 Conference twitter.com . We’re building books, book businesses, & literary empires by cultivating , , & artists &
Kimberly Rei @SeersDaughter🔁

"When I am home, I like to wear fuzzy socks. They are warm and comfortable." twitter.com

Writer's Bone 🎙 @WritersBone🔁“Writing is a craft. You need to do your apprenticeship first.” @CharlesToddBks open.spotify.com #amwriting #writers #podcast
Tom Gillespie @tom_gillespie🔁A reminder for all you : our submissions period opens on 1st March, for one month only. We want your weirdest, most unsettling . Full guidelines here:
The Ar(t)chive @TheArtchiveVids🔁Toni Morrison: On Writing: youtu.be
David Steel @WritersLifeOrg🔁I uploaded a new episode, "The Dos and Don'ts of Writing Romance - WritersLife.org ", on twitter.com
H L Wegley @hlwegley🔁Radish Fiction – A New Source for ? Plus, Changes to Amazon Kindle Worlds - by Jordan Dane twitter.com
Sejal Jha @SejalJha1🔁Again tried to write.
Writing makes me feel light, it's just a beginning, maybe one day I'll be able to write like a twitter.com professional.

A. Guillemette @AGuillemette87🔁Sometimes I wish I could jump into my story and warn my characters about the dangers lurking ahead. I love how I've twitter.com seemingly become an observer to the story that I'm writing. Anyone else ever feel this way?

Intisar Khanani @BooksByIntisar🔁#writers - do this!!! twitter.com


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