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#WomenBoycottTwitter thisthreadfolks @NaveenHindu🔁 Great to see women raising voice against abuse & trending #WomenBoycottTwitter..
#WomenBoycottTwitter Compa Alejandro @alejandrortiz77🔁 I thought that #WomenBoycottTwitter was silly.
I was wrong.
Clearly @twitter took notice. 👇
#WomenBoycottTwitter American Woman @AlegnaXXV🔁 Women should boycott the Democrats
#WomenBoycottTwitter MotherSuperior @FeministWomb🔁 #RWU would like to share a message on today's #WomenBoycottTwitter.
#WomenBoycottTwitter#WomenBoycottTwitter#WomenBoycottTwitter Rebecca Tribelli @Fiery_OHara🔁 My mentions since posting #WomenBoycottTwitter 3 minutes ago #thisiswhy
👻Imani Gandy👻 @AngryBlackLady🔁A lot of WoC are not participating in #WomenBoycottTwitter and are instead amplifying WoC voices. I have a list! twitter.com
Ava DuVernay @ava🔁Calling white women allies to recognize conflict of #WomenBoycottTwitter for women of color who haven't received support on similar issues.
Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano🔁We were silent. And they heard us. #WomenBoycottTwitter twitter.com
Serious Hat @adlerelle🔁 protested abuse against all women. But I agree, we need to support & work together, bc change will require miles of twitter.com us.
WiretapThis @TroncaleJoseph🔁 🚨HOLLYWOOD UNRAVELING
#OliverStone #HarveyWeinstein
#FridayThe13th #WomenBoycottTwitter nydailynews.com

Tiffany Taylor @xtiffanytaylorx🔁Hello , I seem to be shadowbanned after using the hashtag yesterday. Please can you fix this?
Alessa.Strutzel 🐳🐶 @alessa_strutzel🔁See u Sat 14th. ✊🏼💋
Charlotte @TheMuseCompels🔁So here is a chance for those who participated in to be an ally to a . Read this thread here & support
Richard Wagner @EarlRich713🔁Is this where all the went?...

Must be a different part of town then 🤔

Todd.LIVE @ToddBergin🔁#WomenBoycottTwitter trends, users say anti-harassment efforts aren’t enough digitaltrends.com
Missguidedjab @missguidedjab🔁Also, any men who wish to show their support for . and all the other victims please join
Dadderall @uh_lets_rage🔁 is a great idea.

Twitter's censorship of Rose McGowan is a result of Twitter applying the censorship regime that feminists mobs pressured the company into adopting in 2014.

Lesson: Don't want to be censored? Don't call for censorship. The worst will use it.

H Nogle @nothingbutnonna🔁✌️out, Twitter. We support women who have been silenced for standing up against sexual violence.
Barbara Strauss @barbarajstrauss🔁Joining tmrw to protest Twitter’s double standards & the silencing of women trying to speak truth about sexual assault.
Melanie Hibbert @MelHibbertBown1🔁 I'm not staying silent as a #Disabled woman on #WomenBoycottTwitter day, and here's why: A Thread
Balthasar Sohanstag @Sohanstag🔁Criticizing someone for performative victimhood is iffy at best, STUNNINGLY myopic if you're part of the Left. #WomenBoycottTwitter
E. @theonlyMissE🔁Calling white women allies to recognize conflict of for women of color who haven't received support on similar issues.
Jitendra Daas @jitendra_daas🔁
So Please daily watch Sadhna TV 07:40 Pm and listen SATSANG and change your mind & life

Matthew @lazarus7🔁Stayed off Twitter yesterday for #WomenBoycottTwitter ... just popped back now. Might not stick around for a while.
Linda Quest @windmillcharger🔁I understand that some have a problem with . It's fine. We won't always agree with everyone's choices. Anyway, I'm back.
EJ Fadgen @fadgenej🔁 Thousands join #WomenBoycottTwitter after it suspended Rose McGowan's account lat.ms
Marc Drummond @MarcDrummond🔁Reflecting on :

1—’s response needs to be action, words carry little weight now
2—I’m ready for

Reallz @realllz🔁Here's how you can hit twitter harder and not silence yourself stavvers.wordpress.com
Brad Swindell @swindell_brad🔁 Have you noticed something?

Everything that attacks Trump crumbles:


Elena Kelly @elenaakelly🔁I will be boycotting #twitter for the weekend. Our silence costs the site ad revenue. #WomenBoycottTwitter #supportvictimsofhate
Pravz_dna @pkanthi🔁
Women have issues with everything

Erin Rivkind @erincrivkind🔁This was 's response when I reported a guy who tweeted 34 consecutive violent death threats
Kwasscast @Kwasscast🔁A woman suggested that in support of Rose McGowan. Celebrities and activists joined in.
Jesse 🏳️‍🌈 @JesseStarstuff🔁As concludes, we must remember to not be silent on the subject of abuse. Too often abuse goes unmentioned, unexposed.
Murjani Tiffany @Murjanian🔁Point well taken...Here's why some black women aren't here for # via huffingtonpost.com
Pravz_dna @pkanthi🔁 I'm whole heartedly with all women boycotting twitter. For a bigger impact, please continue to boycott it #WomenBoycottTwitter
Roberto @NYspanish🔁New Twitter Rules After Aren't Looking Too Good For Donald Trump - Elite Daily
Selime Lena Dulger @dulger_s🔁This goes out to all the folk who said wouldn’t change a thing. heard our silence. Change is coming. 💅🏾✊🏾
OscaR Targaryen™ @iOscar007🔁After Twitter temporarily locked Rose McGowan's account, women are staging a boycott.
Katherine Shank @Shank35Shank🔁 Proud to have stood with @rosemcgowan @Alyssa_Milano @H_Combs @juliebenz @AllCharisma and more. ❤️💪🏻#WomenBoycottTwitterِ
Susan Brown @susanbglobal🔁Tomorrow (Friday the 13th) will be the first day in over 10 years that I won’t tweet. Join me.
The Wicked Memester @WickedMemester🔁#WomenBoycottTwitter All respect for people speaking out about weinstien and all but...boycott twitter while on twitter...kind of dumb.
Rebecca Villagomez @RebeccaVilla97🔁Twitter's CEO responds to the #WomenBoycottTwitter movement with new anti-harassment policies @mashable #csulbsoc mashable.com
susieatl @susieatl🔁Women acting collectively and lifting each other up is how we win. Solidarity!
Artemis @ArtemisCJD🔁My piece on the frustration with was posted before . In case you missed it:
joycehellew @jvhellew🔁Thanks Aunt Crabby for helping us catch up after ☺️ Re last item, link to piece by the reporter
Kelly @kelmade5🔁There are valid reasons to participate in & there are valid reasons not to. But men don't get to decide for us.
Amy E. Dixon @theamyedixon🔁If #womenboycotttwitter then #savetheplanet
OC Combinator @OCCombinator🔁The latest The OC Combinator Daily! paper.li #womenboycotttwitter #heartlandtech
unrehearsedDC @unrehearseddc45🔁 In for #womenboycotttwitter. twitter.com
AurethaF @RollaSource🔁The latest The RollaSource Journal! paper.li #womenboycotttwitter #stupiddope
Maxies ID @Maxiesid🔁 We were silent. And they heard us. #WomenBoycottTwitter twitter.com
Elena Kelly @elenaakelly🔁 Friday, October 13th. In solidarity w and all the victims of hate and harassment Twitter fails to support.
MessyTea @MTealR🔁Standing Together Will Bring Change


Nasty @controlfreek33🔁 I'm with her and her and her and her and her and her and her...
Baxter Ivon @mrbaxteria🔁Late to announce so just dropped off yesterday. I stand w/ women

You cant do that anymore, world. Stop silencing women

sher dil msg ka beta @amritsingh67057🔁 Is there any relevance of being silent but thorough stalking?
MotherSuperior @FeministWomb🔁Respect to everyone participating in , it's just that my preferred form of protest is literally never shutting up
MotherSuperior @FeministWomb🔁: Ava DuVernay, Elizabeth Banks, and Others Take Part in Rose McGowan’s Day-Long Protest
KEYRUN @TOMBRAIDER_007🔁 Who are we ?
We are #WomenBoycottTwitter campaigners 💪🏻💪🏻

How are we boycotting Twitter ?
By Tweeting about it. 😐😐


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