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#WLGH17 Chemtai Mungo,MD,MPH @ChemtaiMungo🔁 How to be an agent of change #globalHealth #WLGH17
#WLGH17#WLGH17 Lujain Alqodmani @LujainAlqodmani🔁 Celebrate women leaders in #globalhealth with us. Loving the diversity!
#WLGH17 #womeningh #wgh500
#WLGH17 Dr. Andre Campbell @TraumaDocSF🔁 #GlobalSurgery selfie game @ #WLGH17 w/ 🙌🏻 @sherrywren @AnneteBongiwe
#WLGH17 Martin @martsib🔁 #ILookLikeASurgeon in the house! @AnneteBongiwe 👏👏👏 Great ⚡️⚡️ round talk. #WLGH17 #WomenInGH
#WLGH17 Ian Walker @ianblwalker🔁 Future surgeon from Zimbabwe talks at #WLGH17 @AnneteBongiwe @WomenSurgeons
#WLGH17 Lesley Paterson @lesleyapaterson🔁 Patty Garcia, former Minister of Health of Peru, on how to be an agent of change #WLGH17
#WLGH17#WLGH17 RoopaDhatt @RoopaDhatt🔁 Great call to action from @womeninGH #WLGH17
#WLGH17 Dr Margaret Aranda💫 @MediBasket🔁 Lightning strikes twice - what energy from #EmergingLeaders #WLGH17 #WomeninGH - "We can do a lot!"
#WLGH17 Dr Margaret Aranda💫 @MediBasket🔁 This concludes our live coverage of #WLGH17. Thanks for joining us! We hope to see you next year!
#WLGH17 GlobalHealthDisrupt @GHDisrupted🔁 Outstanding panel of female global health leaders at #WLGH17 @StanfordCIGH cc @VBKerry
#WLGH17 GlobalHealthDisrupt @GHDisrupted🔁 Lessons on #globalhealth leadership at #WLGH17 @StanfordCIGH cc @CUGHnews @CUGH_TAC
Stanford Medicine @StanfordMed🔁.: Women find your the inner strength. Remember there are billions of lives at stake. Put your big ideas out there.
Stanford Medicine @StanfordMed🔁"Gender parity is possible if we're prepared to admit there are talented women around us, the problem is we don't admit they exist." #WLGH17
Global Health Corps @ghcorps🔁Root for women, trust women, & trust yourself. Know that you did the best you could with what you had, & move forward .
Catherine Sozi @SoziSozic🔁 Celebrate women leaders in #globalhealth from around the world! Join us & nominate your #wgh500!

#wlgh17 #womeningh

Dr Greg Munro @CLGFSG_GMunro🔁Join the movement with us. Women in Global Health is the hub for advancing gender equality in global health leadership- join us!
GlobalHealthDisrupt @GHDisrupted🔁Thank you to the leaders in front of & behind the scenes for a great . Looking forward to in London!
GlobalHealthDisrupt @GHDisrupted🔁Fabulous news! team will be there with bells on promoting intrepid
GlobalHealthDisrupt @GHDisrupted🔁 Build upon the women leaders list of #wgh300 and lets get to #wgh500 #WLGH17 Find out more:
GlobalHealthDisrupt @GHDisrupted🔁I'm at with my laptop doing for & the energy is ELECTRIC!! Shout out to !

Katherine Rouleau @RouleauK🔁Only 1/4 of global health organisations have achieved gender parity on their governing bodies
UCL Gender & Health @UCLGenderHealth🔁Proud that 10 out of 17 of ’s Board Members are women.
Asma Badar @AsmaDastgir🔁Among amazing women leaders - implementors of
Asma Badar @AsmaDastgir🔁"I had to break stereotypes about women to do what it is that I wanted to."
Asma Badar @AsmaDastgir🔁I look forward to speaking at the women leaders in global health conference at Stanford today
Mirjana @Mirdzy🔁 Our co-founder & Exec Dir @RoopaDhatt is now speaking at #WLGH17. It's now time to leap forward in #genderequality
Sarah Hyde @SazBN1🔁Call to Action to address gender inequality in global health leadership presented by
Dr Shireen Rafeeq @Shireen_Rafeeq🔁 Want to hear more from @SaniaNishtar? See our interview w her at #womeningh #wlgh17
GHEG @CambUP_gheg🔁Thanks to all the amazing people that made incredible-the start to something much larger, a movement for women leaders
Pink Unicorn @abbxpink🔁Dr Hannah Valentine closes conference “I don’t have 50yrs” to get to equity. Solutions need to be better for both women and men
Prof Didier Pittet @DidierPittet🔁.’s vision is to ensure no one is left behind. is central to that end. need to lead.
Vladanka Andreeva @Vladanka_A🔁A stellar panel on gender & health workforce: The framework is about leaving no-one behind
WomenInGlobalHealth @womeninGH🔁Build upon the women leaders list of #wgh300 and lets get to #wgh500 #WLGH17 Find out more:
UGHE @ughe_org🔁. We at agree that convenings like should come 2 developing countries. Come 2 Rwanda We are ready 2 host !
WomenInGlobalHealth @womeninGH🔁It is time - spread the word, we collected 75 names at by building a map with women leaders in global health for
Caroline Numuhire @nucaro7🔁 ”We each need to have the courage to follow our own inner compass.” -Provost Persis Drell @StanfordCIGH #WLGH17 #womeninGH
WomenInGlobalHealth @womeninGH🔁Thanks to all the amazing people that made #WLGH17 incredible-the start to something much larger, a movement for women leaders @StanfordCIGH
Marissa Boeck MD MPH @KickAsana🔁Yes!! 😍 Oh the power of . Can’t wait til the next time. Until then, 😁. Safe travels home!
WomenInGlobalHealth @womeninGH🔁 Yes let's keep the energy moving forward!! #WLGH17 #womeningh
RoopaDhatt @RoopaDhatt🔁 “We are not going to replicate male models. We are going to redefine the models of leadership.” #WLGH17 call to action
RoopaDhatt @RoopaDhatt🔁Thank u for being a role model & inspiration in leading change in global health
RoopaDhatt @RoopaDhatt🔁Proud moment for , having paved the way to this moment/movement. Congrats, sisters!
RoopaDhatt @RoopaDhatt🔁Gained much from participating in the call to action team. Ready to take actions back to
RoopaDhatt @RoopaDhatt🔁FINALLY heard the first mentions of & inclusion all day at the conference by Roopa Dhatt, .
WomenInGlobalHealth @womeninGH🔁 Thank you @womeninGH for an awesome event. Let the movement begin! #WLGH17
WomenInGlobalHealth @womeninGH🔁 Beyond inspired by the conversations today at #WLGH17 ! Great work everyone @StanfordMed @womeninGH #womeningh
RoopaDhatt @RoopaDhatt🔁Closing reflection-Shifting power begins within, challenge your own fears, biases & comfort 4 the vision #GenderEquality #WLGH17 #womeninGH
WomenInGlobalHealth @womeninGH🔁We finally met in real life!!! Feel like we’ve known each other for ages !!!
Ayobamigbe F. 🇳🇬 @Faypumping🔁Congratulations to our friend , looking forward to hearing her at conference tomorrow!
GASNN @GASNNurses🔁Young women are here, & they’re ready to lead in . We’re committed to investing in them.
RoopaDhatt @RoopaDhatt🔁 so pleased that on our Advisory Council to forge closer partnership with
Uli @ulickburke🔁Get ready for Women Leaders in Global Health! Join the livestream at
Vladanka Andreeva @Vladanka_A🔁 Advisor Gary Dharmstadt at : in is not a zero sum game: work together for health of women & men
Mansoor Qaisar @mqesar🔁Sania Nishtar, Global Health 50/50 Advisor, tells how she repeatedly upended stereotypes of gender norms--it is possible!
FranciscaKakraForson @KakraForson🔁Let’s stop being demure and modest and get out there and shout for the change we want to see_ Laurie Garret
FranciscaKakraForson @KakraForson🔁There are many things in our culture that militate against women in leadership and we have to fight this
FranciscaKakraForson @KakraForson🔁When women are given leadership roles, men get to survive- so everyone one gains _Masoka Fallah
FranciscaKakraForson @KakraForson🔁 makes a pitch in the lightening round to get more younger women in leadership roles...
Samar .Y. Parker @Samaryazdan🔁 We need to address #unconsciousbias in medical curriculum - Annette Moho #Wlgh17 #WomeninGH
Vanessa Fawcett, MD @VanessaFawcett1🔁We finally met in real life!!! Feel like we’ve known each other for ages !!!
Chemtai Mungo,MD,MPH @ChemtaiMungo🔁Greetings !!@womeninGH from the radiation oncology team (+ MOH official) Sudan!
Chemtai Mungo,MD,MPH @ChemtaiMungo🔁Advice to the young people in : "Take the risks you can, when you can' - says Jola Mukherjee of
Sandhya Rao @sandhya_c_rao🔁 The value of leadership is empowering others to make an even greater impact #WLGH17
Hendrica Okondo @Ahenafula🔁 I love that so many #womeningh are rebels and disrupters. I completely agree you have to "break all the rules!" #wlgh17
PHASA @PublicHealthSA🔁Celebrate talented at the first-ever Women Leaders in Global Health
ann keeling @annvkeeling🔁 Let’s change this by next years meeting! #WLGH17 @womeninGH @LancetGH
ann keeling @annvkeeling🔁Women, as majority Global healthworkers and carers, will deliver . Women lead, women deliver.


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