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#wipolitics Xristobal Ramirez @xriram1🔁"you miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky" -ROYCE KIM
#wipolitics #BlueWave2018 #boss
zafarmanzoor @zafarwestern🔁200-300 Moms advocating for Gun Sense in Wi proud to be part of passionate group, going to meet legislators and be heard
NARAL @NARAL🔁Yesterday Wisconsin took an important step towards ensuring that the courts are full of individuals who will protect twitter.com our right to ! Congratulations to , Wisconsin’s newest Supreme Court justice! 👏👏
Democratic Governors @DemGovs🔁What are political experts saying about Democrats’ big win in Wisconsin last night? Highlights include: “bad news for twitter.com GOP and Walker,” “code RED,” and “voters repudiated Walker’s governorship.”
Eric Allwardt @EricAllwardt🔁In the race, Dallet carried 4 of 8 Congressional districts, picking up & from Trump, and barely missing . Here's last night's map, plus the Trump/Clinton and Johnson/Feingold maps for comparison.
Beto @BetoGuero🔁Scott Walker’s Plan to Break the Law... And why Attorney General Schimel didn’t warn him it was folly.
Laura Nimr @NimrLaura🔁After Tuesday's huge spring election wins, now is the time for this campaign to be active on Twitter. We're going to turn Wisconsin's 14th Assembly District blue! Visit , like , and follow .
peaceful patriot @PeacefLpatriot🔁 is seeing red, in the best possible way. shirts were all over the Capitol today!
Croatan Sound @Croatansound🔁President Trump Full Event in West Virginia. Speech at the Beginning.: twitter.com
Patrick Hinrichs @Hinrichs1🔁Wisconsin's traditional values are PROGRESSIVE. 1st in nation to enact collective bargaining, unemployment insurance, and to ratify 19th Amendment.
Donna Jones @tRUMP4nthng🔁 the kids said and what the right-wingers heard

Sue @beatlebabe49🔁 Melvin was endorsed by Walker > Laura Lau wins over Jack Melvin Jr. in hotly contested Waukesha County judicial race
GreenPeaches @GreenPeaches2🔁The "D.C. special interests" Walker warned us about > Mike Pence to raise money for Scott Walker on April 25
Chia @chiaxiong🔁Taking a page from Scott Walker, Vukmir just released an ad calling union public school teachers "thugs." More "divide and conquer." wants to resolve conflicts, not create them
🌊 xcskir🤔 @xcskir Coming To Wisconsin For Walker Fundraiser No location noted. Pls 🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/982114944370982912" target="_blank">twitter.com
our national shame @countryzoner🔁Documents admit Foxconn intends to pollute WI water and air urbanmilwaukee.com
Dan Hubert @patriotlawyer🔁New at MacIver: An audit of the shadowy Public Finance Authority pushed by appears unlikely, despite more questionable deals.

Chris Luongo @politicsluo🔁The biggest loser in Wisconsin’s spring general election: , who went 0-3 for the night
Simon Ashworth Wood @Simon_A_Wood🔁OFFICIAL: candidate wins Dane County Board Supervisor 6 District 3014-2709!
MarilynDurham @MarilynHanbyDur🔁Thanks to staff of and and more for meeting with volunteers today. We CAN end gun violence!
Randy Rhodes @FalseTomBrady🔁🤫 Shhh don’t tell her! twitter.com
Epic Fail @epicfaildrone🔁Has ever backed up any position or campaign statement with a fact? Even once? When u r -18 in polls, guess u turn up the bile! tweet cuz
Randy Rhodes @FalseTomBrady🔁Awesome tweet! #wiright #wipolitics #wisen twitter.com
Randy Rhodes @FalseTomBrady🔁Has ever backed up any position or campaign statement with a fact? Even once? When u r -18 in polls, guess u turn up twitter.com the bile! tweet cuz
Karyn @muddlefoo🔁Scott Walker, The Most Anti-Education Governor in Wisconsin History shepherdexpress.com
Liz Smith @lizsmithtweet🔁 Scott Walker Signs Lawsuit Bill Sought by Big Business Backers wisdc.org #wiunion #wiright #wipolitics
All_Wisconsin_18 @WI_politics_now🔁Northern Wisconsin lakes see 47 - 63% decline in walleye - of course Gov Scott Walker dumped most of the DNR scientists so...
Chuck Murray @GrtLakeKrakken🔁Hey kids, fun new game! Fill in the blank: executive: We are fully committed to _______________.

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twitter.com Robots 🤖
Suicide nets

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Sean Churchill @Bad_joke_world🔁Man who died in Beaver Dam apartment explosion had white supremacist literature, guns, bomb lab via fondul.ac
Newsworthy News @NewsworthyNews🔁The latest Essential Protest News #wiunion! paper.li #wipolitics
LisaJo @kwropb🔁Nine more Wisconsin communities 'vote to amend' in campaign against Citizen United - now over 50% of the state voters via
Is He Gone Yet @KeepEyesShut🔁 Molly #NailedIt. #wiright #wipolitics #wiunion #wigov twitter.com
Phillip Ressler @macressler18🔁GOP US to on his recent trip to China and possibility of trade war with US: "The majority of Chinese officials I talked to told me that they really don't want a trade surplus with the US."
Phillip Ressler @macressler18🔁GOP US to : "I was in the Blue House. I stood inside North Korea, looking at some pretty mean-looking North Korean security guards. It's a surreal experience; it's just bizarre."
Wisconsin Strong @WisconsinStrong🔁Molly #NailedIt. #wiright #wipolitics #wiunion #wigov twitter.com
ChristofPierson @ChristofPierson🔁The latest The Twice Daily Doodad! paper.li Thanks to @indiesentinel @ViewFromWise @coton_luver #wipolitics #bluewave
Wisconsin Strong @WisconsinStrong🔁 politicians exist only to hurt people and steal stuff and then accuse their victims of extortion, or law enforcement a witchhunt when they're caught.

Again and again. From Trump to Walker to koo-kooyenga

Everyone knows that.

Wisconsin Strong @WisconsinStrong🔁Scott Walker demonizes liberals...while moving to the left. #wigov #wipolitics #wiright #wiunion wisconsingazette.com via @wigazette
M A K @MAK7591🔁Haha. WI GOP Koyeenga defends $30,000 taxpayer funded settlement because of "sign safety " Dale Ko jsonline.com yeenga should pay us back
Angie @AngelineKiser🔁 Shorter: Scott Walker is for sale #wiright #wigov #wipolitics #wiunion host.madison.com
Magnus @PhloatinDave🔁 I like this guy. #wiunion #wipolitics twitter.com


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