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Democratic Governors @DemGovs🔁SPOTTED: rubbed elbows at a campaign event with Maria Butina, who was recently charged in the Russia probe. 🤔 twitter.com
dora wiilliams @rodeodanceAvenatti calls Trump a 'Manchurian candidate' in front of the White House - demu.gr STA🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/1019488693818716161" target="_blank">twitter.com TS IN MADISON
Tom Kertscher @KertscherNews🔁In TV campaign ad, Tammy Baldwin says she "wrote the Partners Act to bring businesses and colleges together" and busi twitter.com nessman says what Baldwin "is doing is really important to businesses."
Democratic Party WI @WisDems🔁For the last seven years, has put politics above our public schools. Instead of funding our schools, Walker has deli twitter.com vered massive giveaways to foreign corporations, his rich donors, and unaccountable private schools.
dora wiilliams @rodeodance🔁@thehill @HouseGOP @SpeakerRyan are hypocrites😡🚨🚨😡🚨#wipolitics
Wipapa @Wipapa5🔁GOP Sheriffs Defending Brad Schimel on Rape Kit Backlog Have Backlog of Over 630 Rape Kits onewi.org
GIRLSRULENZ @GirlsruleNZ🔁Lawsuit: Migrant child returned to parent with lice after 85 day separation

Unsure of what a.msn.com head lice look lie see the attached video


Donald Trump - "The Electoral College is much more advantageous for Democrats."FALSE )


Sarah S F.MD @RedRoadRail🔁Lawsuit: Migrant child returned to parent with lice after 85 day separation a.msn.com

Unsure of what head lice look lie see t twitter.com he attached video

Sarah S F.MD @RedRoadRail🔁Russian state TV brazenly assert, “Trump is ours,” Republican lawmakers went to Russia “to make deals with hackers t twitter.com o rig the midterms


Sarah S F.MD @RedRoadRail🔁Sez Scott Walker, who KILLED high speed rail > Wisconsin commits $8M to address needs of Wisconsin workers; 'Get people to where the jobs are'
Chia @chiaxiong🔁SOOO MUCH WINNING

European Union and Japan sign historic trade deal


Patrick GinnatyMoore @phr5ed🔁Same month began rewriting campaign finance law
Erik Halvorsen @erikhalvorsen18🔁Democrat Dan Kohl has edge over Republican Glenn Grothman in political donations for Wisconsin congressional race:
dora wiilliams @rodeodance🔁 👀READ from {} 👇🏾👇🏾Collusion in plain sight 👀🌊🌊🌊 twitter.com
Krisan Showers @showers_krisan🔁 #ScottieRubles = Scott Walker's Russian Mob Name esquire.com #wipolitics #wigov
Yarnie @TweetingYarnie🔁. This is incredibly explosive. authorized its voting machine vendor to make it's machines hackable, and did not then require security testing. State may have been flipped. View thread.
League of Progress✪ @ProgressLeague🔁Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Mandela, and I'm running to be the next Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin.
Frankie Banks @mom4middleclass🔁Wait, WHY does Scott Walker speak any Russian, especially with a Russian agent?!
Peace Is Active @peaceisactive🔁#ScottieRubles = Scott Walker's Russian Mob Name esquire.com #wipolitics #wigov
renemco @renemco1🔁Scott Walker was an easy target for Russian intelligence... He'll do anything if you donate lots of secret money to his front group...
Kate Brophy @katyladymusic🔁 Wisconsin citizens deserve answers! #wigov #wiunion #wipolitics #WalkersLastTerm twitter.com
Facts matter @moiskd🔁 Hope this is a sign of things to come! #VoteDanKohl #VoteBlueWI #WI06 #wipolitics twitter.com
JB @Jillsey11🔁Scott Walker's opponent will not have any problems finding campaign ad content. Now we just need the audio clip of Walker talking to his supporters in Russian.
Epic Fail @epicfaildrone🔁So , , families: who’s coming 2 take your guns? How many have been confiscated from licensed owners in the last 20 yrs? Even Obama didnt take your guns.

wants u to vote for her on a non-issue.

Black Manta @AquaManvsManta🔁So , , families: who’s coming 2 take your guns? How many have been confiscated from licensed owners in the last 20 twitter.com yrs? Even Obama didnt take your guns.

wants u to vote for her on a non-issue.

Steve Waterhouse @SteveWaterhous2🔁Federally indicted Russian spy spent time in Wisconsin, met Gov. Walker cbs58.com
Mary Lynn @MLottawa342🔁Gov. Scott Walker is clearly intimidated. His failure to condemn on Monday should make us wonder, though, who exactly he's intimidated by — the American president, or the Russian autocrat?

Brainiac @BrianD82🔁This.

#tcot #p2 #wiright #wipolitics #trump #UniteBlue18 twitter.com

Ian Grubman @IRGrubsy🔁Asking for a recorded vote after you lose a voice vote is such a douche move. Here's hoping Herb Kohl's nephew defeat twitter.com s this guy in November.
Auntie-Social Media @FibsNLies🔁You built this. You endorsed trump for President. He is incompetent and his extremist views have real consequences for workers, businesses and families in Wisconsin. Your party is the one which causes recessions. You have failed America.

Brainiac @BrianD82🔁Leftist H8, bigotry, hypocrisy, and Fascism.

#tcot #p2 #wiright #wipolitics #trump #UniteBlue18 twitter.com

CelesteHolmes~BelleCityLightBrigade🌹 @Dallas4Bernie🔁Here's a big difference btwn Mike McCabe & Kelda Roys: Kelda, it's been reported, gave her own campaign over $200,000 twitter.com . Mike's campaign is funded by people donating $200 or less. He doesn't accept contributions larger than that.
Wisconsin Strong @WisconsinStrong🔁Hope this is a sign of things to come! #VoteDanKohl #VoteBlueWI #WI06 #wipolitics twitter.com
James Singer @Jemsinger🔁.@ScottWalker’s decimation of Wisconsin can end this year #wipolitics twitter.com
DeLeo folds to Baker, Trump folds to Putin #mapoli @RWwatchMA🔁A claim without basis from Trump and Ryan #mapoli #wiunion #wipolitics twitter.com
Wisconsin Strong @WisconsinStrong🔁Wisconsin citizens deserve answers! #wigov #wiunion #wipolitics #WalkersLastTerm twitter.com
Jessica Reilly @JessReilly85🔁Cynthia has been campaigning hard across Wisconsin and is enjoying catching her breath at a local Madison fundraiser with friends and supporters. Thanks to for offering your lovely home and for organizing this wonderful event.
Larry Mork @LarryMork1🔁 Yeah, right. > Governor Walker denies knowing alleged Russian agent wjfw.com #wigov #wiunion #wipolitics
Spud Lovr @SpudLovr🔁Trumputinesque! democurmudgeon.blogspot.com #wiunion #wiright #wipolitics
Dee Kenny @dkennycpd🔁Scott Walker Is Part of a Wisconsin Politics That Stinks of Borscht via esquire.com
Wisconsin Strong @WisconsinStrong🔁Yeah, right. > Governor Walker denies knowing alleged Russian agent wjfw.com #wigov #wiunion #wipolitics
dea_fear @deafear101🔁Because it was NOT a meeting of fate, or an UN-announced, By Chance, Surprise 4 2 meet . He obviously Prepped B4 Mee twitter.com ting Her.

Nancy Gaines @ngaines13🔁 Randy Bryce’s new TV ad calls for sensible gun laws wispolitics.com via @WisPolitics #wiunion #wipolitics #gunsense
Hilarious @WISuperstar🔁 What's up Scooter Boy? More explaining big guy ... get off your Harley & start to talk to the people! You're toast Scoots 🤓
WildHorses @vote_dem🔁Meeting took place the same month Scott Walker and were rewriting Wisconsin campaign finance law. State Republican leaders are corrupt.


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