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GinaShay/PetraeaPlus @ginashay1πŸ” Week 3 Tue 21 Nov 9pmET welcomes Owner / Winemaker Todd Wuerker Join the convo!
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ” Tom Cosentino - At the Vineyard Show with Todd Wuerker 11/21 9pmET youtube.com twitter.com/i/web/status/931316958947000321" target="_blank">twitter.com
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ” Sneak peek at Hawk Haven Vineyard for Tuesday's #winestudio ht.ly
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”@hvwinegoddess Nice!!! #winestudio
Tina Morey @winescopπŸ” Tom Cosentino - At the Vineyard Show with Todd Wuerker 11/21 9pmET youtube.com twitter.com/i/web/status/931316958485610497" target="_blank">twitter.com
Debbie Gioquindo,CSW @hvwinegoddessπŸ”Sneak peek at Hawk Haven Vineyard for Tuesday's #winestudio ht.ly
threadsandvino @threadsandvinoπŸ”Can’t wait to hear about how the wines taste! I’m already into this Winery. Super fun β€œFlying Press” label 😜 twitter.com
Tina Morey @winescopπŸ” Week 3 Tue 21 Nov 9pmET welcomes Owner / Winemaker Todd Wuerker Join the convo! twitter.com
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ” Week 3 Tue 21 Nov 9pmET welcomes Owner / Winemaker Todd Wuerker Join the convo! twitter.com
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”Hmmm, perhaps it's time for transplants to become homestate ambassadors. Not just those still living in the state. twitter.com Thanks for inquiring Adam!
New Jersey Wines @gardenstatewineπŸ”The @NJDA1 will celebrate New Jersey Wine Week @PlagidosWinery this Friday at noon morningagclips.com #njwine #winestudio #VisitSJersey
Mauricio Sanchez @msanchezchefπŸ”Really impressed at the wines so far. The last time I tasted NJ wines they were not at this level granted it was a long time ago lol
Mauricio Sanchez @msanchezchefπŸ”Another just flew by! Thanks to for an eye-opening evening!
WineZooloo @WineZoolooπŸ”Ready for with my first wines led by Tom Cosentino, exec director of the Garden State Wine Growers Association. Super interested to try a Chenin Blanc, chardonnay and sparkling wine. Follow along using at 8 CT.
Popped Life @thepoppedlifeπŸ”Glam bottles! take their sparkling approach quite literally! πŸ₯‚ twitter.com
Popped Life @thepoppedlifeπŸ”See why we fell in ❀️ in the Yakima Valley. Check out our tour of in Washington twitter.com
@NJ Wine & Beer @NJWineandBeerπŸ” #njwine > destination vineyards!!! @gardenstatewine #winestudio
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ” @winestudioTINA @HeritageWineNJ @gardenstatewine Thanks for having us. Great discussion. #winestudio
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”#njwine > destination vineyards!!! @gardenstatewine #winestudio
Popped Life @thepoppedlifeπŸ”This week we are reviewing the #sparklingwine specialist @trevericellars and their RosΓ© #winewednesday #winestudio cards.twitter.com
Chase Mann @MyCoffeeProπŸ”The latest Grape Escape! paper.li #wine #winestudio
Rosehill WineCellars @RosehillWCellarπŸ”The latest The Wine Lovers Daily! paper.li Thanks to @MyWineryGuides #wine #winestudio
Dezel Quillen @myvinespotπŸ”"Great care is given to the vineyards and the grape growing effort because the key to making great wine is to grow t twitter.com he best quality grapes." ~
Drake Knight @DrakeAlexKnightπŸ”Welcome to -- understanding our world through wine and our part in that world -- winestudiotina.weebly.com
Dezel Quillen @myvinespotπŸ” Appreciate your time and tweets tonight. These wines were very niceβ€”representing quite well. I’ll have to catch twitter.com up on some of the tweets; they were fast & furious!
Dezel Quillen @myvinespotπŸ” '14 Estate Reserve Brut (69% Chard, 31% Pinot Noir): Just poured this one; very nice sparklerβ€”it has a fine mousse, twitter.com tiny persistent bubbles; raciness, apple & pear fruit character, hint of dough. Enjoyableβ€”packed w/ loads of appeal & energy.
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”@dk_mullen Good seeing you David! #winestudio
GinaShay/PetraeaPlus @ginashay1πŸ”Thank you, and , for sharing your and insight on with us! It's a delicious introduction to what's happening on twitter.com today's wine scene and I look forward to learning more! Cheers!
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”Good night #winestudio Until next week!
Robin Shreeves @rshreevesπŸ”Thank you Tom from Larry from and Sean from for chatting with the crew tonight. And as always -thanks to fo twitter.com r leading us!
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”@sharrottwinery @HeritageWineNJ @gardenstatewine Thank you Larry! #winestudio
dallaswinechick @dallaswinechickπŸ”Thank you everyone. See you next week #winestudio
Sharrott Winery @sharrottwineryπŸ”@winestudioTINA @HeritageWineNJ @gardenstatewine Thanks for having us. Great discussion. #winestudio
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”@HeritageWineNJ @gardenstatewine @sharrottwinery @HawkHavenWinery @UnionvilleWines Thank you Sean! #winestudio
Debbie Gioquindo,CSW @hvwinegoddessπŸ” is one of the best in Cape May. My opinion. twitter.com
David Mullen @dk_mullenπŸ”#winestudio Thnx to all and to all a good night🍷
WilliamHeritageWine @HeritageWineNJπŸ”Thanks for having us guys, it was a pleasure! Come visit some time! Cheers twitter.com
Sharrott Winery @sharrottwineryπŸ”This is also true of the customers. I used to hear a lot of "This is really good... for a NJ wine." Today they leav twitter.com e off the last part.
The Swirling Dervish @theswirlingdervπŸ”Thanks for blowing the lid off what we thought we knew about . Bravo! Until next week . . . twitter.com
New Jersey Wines @gardenstatewineπŸ”Also why we began developing our own content like the At the Vineyard Show twitter.com
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”Another #njwine #winestudio just flew by! Thanks to @HeritageWineNJ @sharrottwinery @gardenstatewine for an eye-opening evening!
Debbie Gioquindo,CSW @hvwinegoddessπŸ”Thanks for a wonderful night with Sorry tweetchat failed at sending out my questions. twitter.com
Robin Shreeves @rshreevesπŸ”The expanded character limit on Twitter is definitely coming in handy as I shout my #njwine love on #winestudio this evening
New Jersey Wines @gardenstatewineπŸ”Thanks to and for being part of this. We will likely be in Cape May next week with and then close out the month w twitter.com ith
Jaleh Najafali @PB_and_JalehπŸ” Bottom line is we are all in this together! #njwine #winestudio
Robin Shreeves @rshreevesπŸ”I’ve found that every major newspaper that has written about brings in and comments about those preconceived notion twitter.com s of . Frustrating. Yet, they are saying positive things along with the stereotypes. And that’s better than 5-10 years ago.
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”@gardenstatewine @sharrottwinery @HeritageWineNJ Yes! That's so important to recognize. #winestudio
New Jersey Wines @gardenstatewineπŸ”Bottom line is we are all in this together! #njwine #winestudio
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”@sharrottwinery @gardenstatewine @HeritageWineNJ Thank you Larry for clarifying. I didn't want to call anyone out. #winestudio
New Jersey Wines @gardenstatewineπŸ”@sharrottwinery @winestudioTINA @HeritageWineNJ And a customer base with an eclectic palate #njwine #winestudio
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”@myvinespot @WineEnthusiast Exactly my point Dezel! #winestudio
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”@HeritageWineNJ @gardenstatewine @sharrottwinery so true! #winestudio
WilliamHeritageWine @HeritageWineNJπŸ”In terms of professionalism, I feel she brought some preconceived notions with her on that trip. And Sammons was ri twitter.com ght to be proud of his 87 points
Debbie Gioquindo,CSW @hvwinegoddessπŸ”@ginashay1 @winestudioTINA @gardenstatewine @HeritageWineNJ @sharrottwinery Great question #winestudio
Sharrott Winery @sharrottwineryπŸ”This was actually said by a NJ winery owner. Not helpful. NJ is still developing an identity but we certainly have so twitter.com me grapes that are standouts. He forgets that NJ has a tremendous variation of climate and soil from top to bottom.
GinaShay/PetraeaPlus @ginashay1πŸ”If New Jersey had to name a regional grape or style today, what would it be? twitter.com
Dezel Quillen @myvinespotπŸ”The professionalism remark sounds like a personal experience. While it helps to have a flagship red and/or white, loo twitter.com k at regions like β€”which grows everything from A-Z. Named Region of the Year by in 2015 and well deserved.
Goddess of Wine @GoddessofVinoπŸ”#winestudio @winescop @gardenstatewine @HeritageWineNJ @sharrottwinery Very interesting session! Look forward to... fb.me
Goddess of Wine @GoddessofVinoπŸ” Very interesting session! Look forward to learning more about NJ wines next week! Cheers! twitter.com
Jaleh Najafali @PB_and_JalehπŸ”The fact that they don’t all grow the same thing excites me. I can see how it can hold back NJ from some big boom lik twitter.com e Argentina and Malbec, but does it need one grand association like that?
WilliamHeritageWine @HeritageWineNJπŸ”The state is super varied in terrain despite its size. To the northwest it's prime for pinot and gruner and blaufran twitter.com kish, near us it's better for bordeaux varietals, to the south there is even some tempranillo. We can't grow the same things
Jennifer Malme @JenMalmeπŸ”@myvinespot @sharrottwinery I like where you're going with this - now I'm hungry! #winestudio
Kathy-Virginia_Made @Virginia_MadeπŸ”I agree too! Find out what works - and that takes time. And more importantly, as climate change sets in, it's good to be adaptable.
New Jersey Wines @gardenstatewineπŸ”We also are in an industry where everyone gets there hands dirty. It's not a series of antiseptic tasting rooms twitter.com
Luscious Lushes, CSW @Luscious_LushesπŸ”@gardenstatewine @winestudioTINA @HeritageWineNJ @sharrottwinery Which is a good reason to divide AVAs #winestudio
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”I agree too! Find out what works - and that takes time. And more importantly, as climate change sets in, it's good twitter.com to be adaptable.
New Jersey Wines @gardenstatewineπŸ”I think that fact that we have several different growing regions and don't all grow the same grapes is a strength twitter.com
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”@JenMalme @theswirlingderv @sharrottwinery Hi Jennifer! Perfect match, yes! #winestudio Add a little truffle honey too!
Luscious Lushes, CSW @Luscious_LushesπŸ”@rshreeves You just have to get the locals to BYO! #winestudio
New Jersey Wines @gardenstatewineπŸ”@vinogger @dallaswinechick @winestudioTINA And from other wineries in your region as well #njwine #winestudio
Dezel Quillen @myvinespotπŸ” '16 : Butter cream, toast & coconut, framing tree & yellow-fleshed fruit. I like the texture; the crispness, & spice twitter.com -driven finish. Great for classic movie night w/ popcorn topped w/ shaved parmesan, truffle oil & a lil black pepper.
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ” That's why we jumped at the chance to do this #njwine #winestudio twitter.com
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ” - Thoughts on this: Lettie Teague says:
β€œThere are two problems with New Jersey wine: the lack of professionalism twitter.com in the industry and that nobody really grows the same thing,”
New Jersey Wines @gardenstatewineπŸ”That's why we jumped at the chance to do this #njwine #winestudio twitter.com
Robin Shreeves @rshreevesπŸ”I wrote a column about the outlets in restaurants. NJ has several dry towns with fab BYOs that can be an outlet - whi twitter.com ch is a big deal in dry town.
Luscious Lushes, CSW @Luscious_LushesπŸ”@theswirlingderv @JenMalme @sharrottwinery Chard wasn’t my thing but I can see that with the bubbles! #winestudio
The Swirling Dervish @theswirlingdervπŸ”@JenMalme @sharrottwinery I can totally see the popcorn/Chardonnay pairing. Yum! #winestudio
Melanie @vinoggerπŸ”so true, just goes to show its important to try wines from not only other counries but other states in the US too twitter.com
Sharrott Winery @sharrottwineryπŸ”Sure. In NJ, wineries can open outlets. This allows us to sell out wine in our own retail locations outside of the twitter.com winery or we can also put an outlet directly in a local restaurant and serve the wine like any other restaurant.
New Jersey Wines @gardenstatewineπŸ”She is and as an emerging region you have to face the good and the bad. The fact the WSJ took time to travel NJ was g twitter.com reat
Jaleh Najafali @PB_and_JalehπŸ”Talking about for a few more minutes! I was a skeptic, but these past two weeks have taught me a ton- join in and se twitter.com e what the plans are for this relatively new scene
Jennifer Malme @JenMalmeπŸ”Hi there! I work in the Tasting Room where we love to discover fun food and pairings. One of our favorites is the C twitter.com hardonnay with buttered popcorn!
WilliamHeritageWine @HeritageWineNJπŸ”@hvwinegoddess @sharrottwinery @winestudioTINA @myvinespot We are with Fedway, one of the larger distributors in the state #winestudio
New Jersey Wines @gardenstatewineπŸ”We want NJ Wine Week to extend the entire year. If we get culinary schools, restaurants and leading somms to support twitter.com that is a great accomplishment. Some of the best things this year will come to fruition in 2018
Debbie Gioquindo,CSW @hvwinegoddessπŸ”Do you want to explain about the outlets in the local restaurants. Many aren't familiar with that. It's a NJ think . twitter.com
WilliamHeritageWine @HeritageWineNJπŸ”I really enjoy making Chardonnay, I make four different cuvees and a blanc de blanc sparkling. It is a blank slate i twitter.com n a sense
GinaShay/PetraeaPlus @ginashay1πŸ” works well with sweet potatoes! And really contrasted well with the salt and fat of smoked sausage and cruciferous twitter.com bitterness of sautΓ©ed cabbage.
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ”@PB_and_Jaleh @LettieTeague1 @WSJ @gardenstatewine @HeritageWineNJ @sharrottwinery @rshreeves Well, @LettieTeague1 is a pro. #winestudio
Sharrott Winery @sharrottwineryπŸ”@hvwinegoddess @winestudioTINA @HeritageWineNJ @myvinespot Self distro as well as several outlets in local restaurants. #winestudio
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ” @winestudioTINA @HeritageWineNJ @myvinespot @sharrottwinery is currently carried in 90 retailers in NJ. #winestudio
Jaleh Najafali @PB_and_JalehπŸ”Well, the title is certainly less controversial than the article we talked about last week!! twitter.com
The Swirling Dervish @theswirlingdervπŸ”Is there a # we can jump in on, to pump up the New Jersey Wine Week enthusiasm? This group is always up for a challen twitter.com ge!
#winestudio @winestudioTINAπŸ” Salt improves wine's relationship with so much food! #winestudio twitter.com


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