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#winecountryfires Laura @Laura78703🔁 Cooper Quin's been driving around #Sonoma #napa and #santarosa handing out free masks #winecountryfires
Audrey Cooper @audreycoopersf🔁The most moving and heart-wrenching of all the stories I've read yet, I think.

These fires are a national tragedy twitter.com .

#winecountryfires Ron Bartlett @BartlettBacchus🔁#winecountryfires just east of the ridge that overlooks Oakville, Rutherford & Yountville. #Napa #wine #country
#winecountryfires Laura @Laura78703🔁 "New starts" north of Kenwood (this is looking north to east). #sonomafires #winecountryfires
KPIX 5 @CBSSF🔁Famous Valley welcome sign, looking west at (7 min. timelapse) cbsloc.al ttps://twitter.com/i/web/status/918929924823703552" target="_blank">twitter.com
Michelle Williams @Fiery01Red🔁Please Read: Journey Through Fire: Stories from California palatepress.comtwitter.com
Consulado Mexico SF @ConsulmexSFO🔁Petaluma needs u! If you're interested in helping the victims from #winecountryfires, check this link 👇🏼@gemijose docs.google.com

Nikki 🎀 @calicoley89🔁@latimes I really think this is a low priority since there’s 1000s of people who don’t have a home. #winecountryfires
Lizzie Johnson @lizziejohnsonnn🔁Death tolls on #WineCountryFires at 38, and the search is still on: Sonoma County: 20, Mendocino County: 8, Napa County: 6, Yuba County: 4.
Kathryn Grace @YayYaysKitchen🔁 We all want to help. Here's how #SF #winecountryfires #napafire #sonomafires #NorthBayFires twitter.com
RBollinger @rbollinger73🔁⚠️Fire Update⚠️

Speak out! @Anna_ohlala🔁The Fire Is Roaring Over the Ridge. It’s Time to Go. nytimes.com #winecountryfires #wildfires #emergency #disaster #loss #death
Carrie @carriebristol🔁Everyone please repost!!! Donate whatever you can! Lift everyone up in prayer as well! twitter.com
sommeliersusie @sjonzac77🔁 The Heroic Efforts of @Sarah_Stierch During the #WineCountryFires. RT @tomcwark fermentationwineblog.com #Sonomafires #NapaFires
Jim McCasland @textifyer59🔁They survived six hours in a pool as a wildfire burned their neighborhood to the ground
Jim Sullivan @JimSullivanPC🔁The latest The Renee & Jim Daily! paper.li #winecountryfires #winecountryfire
kathi d. @kathid_d🔁In Sonoma, only 2% of residents had signed up for emergency alerts
J.D. Morris @thejdmorris🔁Day 5 of for ... I'm kind of stumbling toward the weekend, but the newsroom remains a great place to be.
Grace Point Church @gracepoint_vc🔁Our prayers go out to all of the first responders and those affected by the #winecountryfires. csbc.com
Erin Ailworth @ailworth🔁CA Gov. Brown on : "Just unbelievable. It's a horror that no one can imagine." twitter.com
Mary Shank Rockman @marysrockman🔁Still hoping & praying for safety of my home and our neighbors Thankful for bravery of @CalFire #WineCountryFires twitter.com
🌠DwRh✴des ☮ @_dwrhodes_🔁Dear Lord, some heart wrenching photos coming out of the wine country.

#winecountryfires twitter.com

Bruce Wilson @brucewilsonco🔁 First responders please come take a break on us this weekend in Corte Madera. #winecountryfires twitter.com
Pacific Catch @pacificcatch🔁First responders please come take a break on us this weekend in Corte Madera. #winecountryfires twitter.com
On The Left Coast @MLCzone🔁Governor Brown speaks to the media about . Senators Feinstein and Harris are here as well.
Juan Carlos Alfonso @juankalfn🔁Please Read: Journey Through Fire: Stories from California … palatepress.com
🕸️MercurialMiss🕸️ @MercurialMiss🔁What could have caused ? Cost-cutting. Neglecting maintenance for profit.

Jackie Ward @jackie_ward🔁10,000 fire fighters are working on putting out these fires. 5,000 law enforcement, 2,000 national guard, etc #winecountryfires
Catherine Ho @Cat_Ho🔁The good samaritan game in is strong. Been offered coffee, facemask, place to stay. SUV driving around w/supplies twitter.com
Holly Stewart @oprylamb🔁Mondavi still has workers picking their grapes in conditions dangerous to their health
Wall Flower @CreateGreatArt1🔁Help! Has anyone found this cat (named Chris) in ? Please RT.
Speak out! @Anna_ohlala🔁They survived six hours in a pool as a wildfire burned their neighborhood to the ground #winecountryfires #wildfires apple.news
Peter Basso, J.D. @pjbsso🔁Updated... List of wineries damaged or destroyed in the Wine Country fires mercurynews.com
Jackie Ward @jackie_ward🔁Governor Brown speaks to the media about #winecountryfires. Senators Feinstein and Harris are here as well. pscp.tv
bootsie5 @bootsie5🔁Over 3K people in Santa Rosa were evacuated before dawn today. Sonoma 10% contained.
News Hound @kamgharana🔁Here are the heroes, lost homes and businesses, evacuated family members and animals of the .
Kurtis Alexander @kurtisalexander🔁Fire flares back up on Santa Rosa's east side, many evacuating for second time: sfgate.com twitter.com
Jackie Ward @jackie_ward🔁When presser starts, I will be streaming it live right here. #WineCountryfires
Jackie Ward @jackie_ward🔁Waiting for to give remarks and take some questions at 2pm. will also be here. twitter.com
Samuel Mercado @SamMercado12🔁Interviewed a couple tonight who spent six hours in this pool, while fires raged around them.
OneWorld*OneTable @ChefLarryEdward🔁This picture really makes the fire hit home. Not going to lie, this caused a tear.


HiRiseLA @theHiRiseLA🔁Safari West Employee Recovery Fund surpassed $30k. Marching towards $50k!
Mate Varga @mdvarga🔁Safari West Employee Recovery Fund surpassed $30k. Marching towards $50k! twitter.com
Jack Tarpon @JackTarpon🔁 which has scored 25,000 acres and destroyed 125 structures reported zero containment
San Francisco DEM @SF_emergency🔁We all want to help. Here's how #SF #winecountryfires #napafire #sonomafires #NorthBayFires twitter.com
RD Country @RedDirt_Roots🔁Here's an outline of how the community meeting in Santa Rosa will go.
Jessica Wolfrom @jessicawolfrom🔁: capturing the blazes burning through Northern California this week. See more:
Owen Thomas @owenthomas🔁Some fires are increasingly contained. Others continue to spread. Track them all here: projects.sfchronicle.com #winecountryfires
Laura @Laura78703🔁
Mitt Romney: The government has underfunded wildfires protection
Laura @Laura78703🔁 How the #winecountryfires struck at Gundlach Bundschu, one of California’s oldest wineries sfchronicle.com
Brenda Gott @BrendaGott🔁
Updated 10/14 - Li mercurynews.com st of CA Wineries Damaged or Destroyed

Laura @Laura78703🔁❗ drop off location❗ Please stop by during business hours to drop off you donations before this Sunday.
Laura @Laura78703🔁💟Can you help?🥫🥫🥫 Food needed for Santa Rosa homeless shelters! 🌎🌍🌏
Laura @Laura78703🔁We sent two reporters to the heart of the . Here's what they saw. bizj.us
Laura @Laura78703🔁Just announced during latest briefing that the death toll is now at 37, likely to rise. Sonoma fire alone claims 20 lives.
Dry Red Wine Tips @DryRedWineTips🔁Dry Red Wine Magazine is out! paper.li #winecountryfires #wine


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