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мonα @MonaMerissa🔁 When the apartment building behind yours still has power but you don't
#wawind #wawx
#wawind Ryan McGinnis @ryan_steele_mcg🔁 Peak wind gusts over 50+ mph during Monday's storm
#wawind Christina @chrstnalu🔁 @komonews We will rebuild #SoNorthwest #wawind
tassoula @tassoula🔁Storm appears to be getting its, uh, second ... wind. (Sorry) #wawind
#wawind RedTriage @redtriage🔁 We will rebuild. #Seattle #WAWind #wawx
City Star Brewing @CityStarBrewing🔁 We blow into @CityStarBrewing on Friday, December 8th! No #WaWind in Colorado!
#wawind Morgan Palmer @MorganKIRO7🔁Not as windy today in most spots, which saw peak wind before/near midnight. #wawx #wawind
#wawind Chuck Dalldorf @ChuckDalldorf🔁 Not as windy today in most spots, which saw peak wind before/near midnight. #wawx #wawind
#wawind Deadly Bite @deadly_bite🔁 @jseattle A clearer shot of the CapHill darkness #Seattle #WAWind
#wawind Dockless Bike Fail @DocklessBike🔁 Seattle bike share devastated by #wawind #Seabikes
Jimmy Lovaas @jimmylovaas🔁As I sit in the dark, whining about tonight's power outage, it's probably best to remember that most of Puerto Rico h twitter.com as been sitting in the dark for seven weeks.
NWS Seattle @NWSSeattle🔁Stay safe out there everyone! Over 60K out of power in . Gusts of 65-70+ MPH recorded in parts of the city. twitter.com
Deadly Bite @deadly_bite🔁VIDEO: Wow! This area of is closed because of debris on the road from high wind & high tide.
Gig Harbor Weather @GigHarbWeather🔁6:59am 45°F (H 51/L 45) Dawn/Moderate drizzle/overcast - Hum:89% Wind:SSE 0->17mph Baro: 29.66in Rain: 0.00in twitter.com
fatboi @datboihapp🔁Cum jack off to my NUDE content now at 🎥💦👅 StreamX.TV
Gig Harbor Weather @GigHarbWeather🔁4:59am 46°F (H 51/L 46) Night time/Light rain/overcast - Hum:89% Wind:WNW 2->17mph Baro: 29.66in Rain: 0.00in twitter.com
Gig Harbor Weather @GigHarbWeather🔁2:59am 47°F (H 51/L 47) Night time/Moderate drizzle/Overcast Hum:87% Wind:S 0->13mph Baro: 29.66in Rain: 0.00in twitter.com
Gig Harbor Weather @GigHarbWeather🔁12:59am 49°F (H 51/L 49) Night time/Dry/overcast - Hum:76% Wind:SSE 1->12mph Baro: 29.68in Rain: 0.00in twitter.com
Gig Harbor Weather @GigHarbWeather🔁10:59pm 51°F (H 52/L 43) Night time/Dry/overcast - Hum:66% Wind:ESE 1->30mph Baro: 29.72in Rain: 0.00in twitter.com
Foothills Toyota @FoothillsToyota🔁What a doozy this wind has been! Hope you're staying safe and warm.
#WaWind #PNW twitter.com
Sarah Bernhardt @hulkum🔁From 🌲 🌬️and ☔️ have brought lots of ❄️to our 🗻 looks like it has a Ton of Snow 🌨️ 🤰 ❤️
Morgan Palmer @MorganKIRO7🔁Wind is picking up, especially across the northern waters. Stays pretty breezy (gusts 30-40 most areas) through abou twitter.com t 2 a.m., then slightly less into the AM drive.
Gig Harbor Weather @GigHarbWeather🔁8:59pm 52°F (H 52/L 43) Night time/Dry/overcast - Hum:62% Wind:SSE 5->30mph Baro: 29.78in Rain: 0.00in twitter.com
WA State & Local @CDWGWAGov🔁 @OEMSeattle Love the #tweet @OEMSeattle #wawind #Seattle #SeattleRocks
WA State & Local @CDWGWAGov🔁@OEMSeattle Love the #tweet @OEMSeattle #wawind #Seattle #SeattleRocks
WA State & Local @CDWGWAGov🔁It's getting windy out there! Visit for more inform alert.seattle.gov ation on how to stay safe.
Hannah Templeton @overcastingon🔁Intense gusts of wind out in Kitsap! Be careful #WAwind
Adrienne Z. Milligan @AdrienneZM🔁Whiteout conditions are occurring at Hurricane Ridge. Wind sustained at 34 mph, gusts to 51 mph as of 2 PM.
Adrienne Z. Milligan @AdrienneZM🔁Wind, Waves and small craft
Can lead to mishaps or worse
No kayak worth death.

champion⭐️ @BigDaveTPiR🔁 Sucks not having power ? Think about most of Puerto Rico that hasn’t had power for 7+ weeks ... #WaWind #PNW
KOMO News @komonews🔁WATCH: KOMO Photographer takes you behind the scenes of that crazy video he captured on with KOMO reporter durin twitter.com g Monday's wind storm.


Steve McCarron KOMO @SteveTVNews🔁PSE crew points a spotlight up from their truck as they drive around searching for damaged lines in this Issaquah-are twitter.com a neighborhood.
Puget Sound Energy @PSETalk🔁The winds from last night have slowed down, but our crews haven't. We'll be working through the night to restore elec twitter.com tricity to the remaining 6,000 customers as quickly as possible.


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