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#WannaCry yuuji @yuuji_K1🔁 Counterhacking community fights back with free #WannaCry decryption tools
Thomas W Scherzer @Thomas_Scherzer🔁@InfoSecHotSpot all #WannaCry victims running @Windows 🙃
#WannaCry Liliana Villanueva @villanueva_lil🔁Read the new May 2017 @Ixia_ATI newsletter with #WannaCry #EternalBlue info #Ixiacom
#WannaCry NeoRenfield @NeoRenfield🔁The flaw in all #ransomware, really. #WannaCry #bitcoin #extortion #cybersecurity
#WannaCry Stephen Bavington @sbavington🔁Read the new May 2017 @Ixia_ATI newsletter with #WannaCry #EternalBlue info #Ixiacom
#WannaCry Craig C. Nelson @craignelson1🔁Read the new May 2017 @Ixia_ATI newsletter with #WannaCry #EternalBlue info #Ixiacom
#WannaCry Inna Littwin @InnaL🔁Read the new May 2017 @Ixia_ATI newsletter with #WannaCry #EternalBlue info #Ixiacom
#WannaCry Handsum Ransom @HandsumRansom🔁Protect yourself from #WannaCry #threat. If infected, u may not be as lucky
#ransomware #CyberAttack #infosec
#WannaCry Ayylmao1337 @vlinderbom🔁 When ransomware guys provide better customer support than most companies 😂#WannaCry
#WannaCry Billy Zoellers @DDAFBilly🔁 Timeline: Customer protections for #WannaCry
#WannaCry Handsum Ransom @HandsumRansom🔁➊ne day, #AI will avenge us!
#ransomware #wannacry #cybersecurity #cybercrime
FOLLOW❤#RT➊simple #prevention advice
The Hacker News @TheHackersNews🔁 Ransomware Decryption Tool Released; Unlock Your Files Without Paying Ransom ef="" target="_blank">
Matthieu Suiche @msuiche🔁Updated blogpost ! I confirm wanakiwi decryption tool for #WannaCry also works with Windows 7 too !
Action Fraud @actionfrauduk🔁Alert: We have fresh reports about this fake BT email that takes advantage of the global ransomware attack
Handsum Ransom @HandsumRansom🔁 #WannaCry able to infect #Linux via #WINE - #infosec #ransomware
코코넛 @ccoconutt🔁 Ransomware Decryption Tool Released; Unlock Your Files Without Paying Ransom
msofia7 @msofia7🔁BREAKING: Updated blog with new info on how our customers are protected and how quickly the attacks spread
✨Vineetha Paruchuri✨ @pvineetha🔁The Internet of Wilderness of Mirrors... why an APT used stolen APT tools released by another APT.
Flexera Software AU @FlexeraAU🔁 preys on a vulnerability that had a patch 2 months ago.
Franco D. Despecho @FrancoDespecho🔁 infection distribution by the Windows version. Worst hit - Windows 7 x64. The Windows XP count is insignificant.
World For World @worldforworld🔁In wake of attacks, cybersecurity chief discusses internet safety & zombie refrigerators
Cyber$hell @cybershellsec🔁Next attack will be more deadly than May 12, 2017.

– working to reignite

Franco D. Despecho @FrancoDespecho🔁Sad but true - & Windows XP
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Chadwick Vargas @ChadwickVargas🔁 #WannaCry Exploit Now Being Used to Spread Spy Trojan
Camille Stewart @CamilleEsqICS-CE🔁//" target="_blank"> #CyberSecurity #cyber
Securing-IT @Securing_IT🔁It will not end so quickly! More Groups Found Exploiting SMB Flaw Weeks Before
Franco D. Despecho @FrancoDespecho🔁 Updated blogpost ! I confirm wanakiwi decryption tool for #WannaCry also works with Windows 7 too !
John Gordineer @johngord🔁 alone won't stop threats like . My TechCouncil blog on the dark side of encryption:
Franco D. Despecho @FrancoDespecho🔁Reasons why didn't affect consumers:
- Spread via SMB only (NAT, ISP Block)
- XP is immune
- Win7/10 updates every month
Appy @CyberAppy🔁 used a public exploit code & combined with a worm functionality. is key:
Manteo Group @ManteoGroup🔁 "5 #security lessons #WannaCry taught us the hard way" via @DarkReading #ransomware
Ben Ten (0xA) @Ben0xA🔁 Decryption Tool Released; Unlock Files Without Paying Ransom

Sean Kennedy @seankennedyuk🔁#WannaCry Exploit Now Being Used to Spread Spy Trojan
australtech @austral_tech🔁F5:"5 #security lessons #WannaCry taught us the hard way" via DarkReading #ransomware
₹ajiv 🇮🇳【$R$】 @raj_sri🔁Beware of High-tech Extortion 😤
Lost my all Data😢 hv 2 pay now 😱 2 recover all Data. 😢

CIO Asia @CIOAsia🔁"The odds of getting back their files decrypted is very small," said Vikram Thakur of @symantec. #WannaCry
Handsum Ransom @HandsumRansom🔁Uiwix Follows 's SMB-Targeting Lead via
F5 Networks @F5Networks🔁"5 #security lessons #WannaCry taught us the hard way" via @DarkReading #ransomware
Sonny Weight @SonnyWeight🔁The three bitcoin wallets tied to ransomware have received 293 payments totaling 48.25751965 BTC ($94,777.83 USD).
Justin R. Andrusk @jandrusk🔁BBC News - and the hall of fame
AIS @AIS_Now🔁#Microsoft released a patch that would have protected against the #WannaCry #virus in March.
arcadianart @ArcadianArt🔁Reported: US & UK Trident nuclear subs, each able to destroy every big city on Earth, run on Windows XP. ?

Man In Dark Shades @ManInDarkShade1🔁If you have been affected by , DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR PC, and try WanaKiwi ransomware decryption tool
Giliprogre 🇪🇸🇻🇪 @Giliprogre🔁! Partial solution to decrypt infected files. Don't reboot machine & try it w/ following instructions:
tbmdow @tbmdow🔁 #WannaCry #FRENCHMAFIA @benkow_ @adriengnt @gentilkiwi @msuiche are like the 4 ninja turtles!
Man In Dark Shades @ManInDarkShade1🔁 The latest Hacker News Paper ! #wannacry #security
Handsum Ransom @HandsumRansom🔁 isn't just infecting computers but also infecting medical devices
TheCyberSecurityHub @TheCyberSecHub🔁BBC News - #WannaCry and the #malware hall of fame #cybersecurity #security #infosec #cyberattacks #cybercrime
Man In Dark Shades @ManInDarkShade1🔁 This #Ransomware Decryption Tool Can Unlock Your #WannaCry Files For Free
Shawn Tierney @scomanswers🔁Identify the computers missing the Patch using this custom solution we created.
Man In Dark Shades @ManInDarkShade1🔁 ransomware decryption tool 'WanaKiwi' works ( if you're lucky) on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2003, 2008 PCs
Mike @siwinski🔁The researcher said that in Ukraine, already has an infection rate three times that of ....
User Not Found @misconfig_exe🔁Awesome presentation by guru Eric Chien today at -
Brisk Infosec @briskinfosecusa🔁What’s your security pain point? Brisk InfoSec security solution can solve it@
CYRUS Sullivan😀 @cyrussull🔁#Almost every #PC 💻🖥 #hit by #Wcry 😭 #WannaCry 😭 #ransomware #virus #malware #runs #Microsoft #Windows 7 @daily dot
Kike AC. @soyKikeAC🔁: decryption tool works on Windows XP to 7, including Windows 2003, Vista and 2008 and 2008 R2.

tony lipsey @tonylipsey🔁 #Bitcoin, the time is now. #Cryptocurrency #Litecoin #Cyberattack #WannaCry #RansomWare $BTC $LTC
Ableprostaff @ableprostaff🔁Nearly all victims were running Windows 7, according to security firm Lab
Ableprostaff @ableprostaff🔁Nearly all victims were running Windows 7, according to security firm Lab
Rangi Kemara @Te_Taipo🔁@radionz Win XP (SP3) not infected by #WannaCry
B.W. @Wrecksdart🔁New SMB Worm Uses Seven NSA Hacking Tools. WannaCry Used Just Two
Doris B Gonzalez @DorisBGonzalez🔁How did manage to affect so many devices? Michelle Alvarez, IBM's Threat Researcher, answers on Quora:

Christina Ayiotis @christinayiotis🔁Congress Questions Software Bug Hoarding, WannaCry Patches and Modern Pirates @Nextgov #VEP #WannaCry #Ransomware
CyberWarrior @CyberDomain🔁At request an INTERPOL Purple Notice outlining features and actions to take sent to all 190 member countries


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