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#uselesschilibowl Marj Oszman🇺🇸🌎 @TurntableKittah🔁 That feeling you get when someone askes "Is Tony Stewart at the Chili Bowl?” #uselesschilibowl
Ok No Fender Network @ONFN71🔁Monday: @cbnationals #determined

Current situation: scheduled for ‘O’ main hot laps...


Tonya Barnes @Kellam123🔁 Haha who's this dude? #uselesschilibowl
#uselesschilibowl#uselesschilibowl Ok No Fender Network @ONFN71🔁 This man just won a heat race at the Chili Bowl. #uselesschilibowl
Brooke Rowden @BrookeRowden🔁 Save your vans with a duck & a connect. #uselesschilibowl
#uselesschilibowl John Lofquist @john_lofquist🔁Saturday @cbnationals and I park next to this gem. @jetsonwagon #uselesschilibowl
Christopher Bell @CBellRacing🔁This time of year is always great. I’m excited to see what wins tweet of the year. A look back at last years 👇😂 twitter.com
Modifiedcrazy @modifiedcrazy🔁Who is holding Kyle Larson's head on @MAVTV?? #uselesschilibowl
Derek Schuett @DerekSchuett🔁Caught the chili bowl flu in Florida. #uselesschilibowl
Jason Keefer @jason_keefer🔁"What does this win mean to you" or "What would a win mean to you" please come up with something a little more origin twitter.com al......
Collin W @CollinRayeW🔁It’s 10:30 in the morning and people are already drunk. #uselesschilibowl
Morgan Moore @badgurlmorgs🔁true love wakes up at 5:45am so I don’t have to, to save seats for today’s festivities. i guess i’ll keep him ;) twitter.com
Preston Ballard @PrestonBallar13🔁My 2 sisters and I went out to eat with our Dad and let him pick... he picked twin peaks 🙄😂
Ok No Fender Network @ONFN71🔁If put half the effort in a car, that he does in week festivities, he would be an elbows up hard charger, prelim ni twitter.com ght winner and maybe your next Golden Driller...
Big Shirley @BigShirley007🔁This time of year is always great. I’m excited to see what wins tweet of the year. A look back at last years 👇😂
Chris Blair @ChrisBlair4B🔁Don’t let the ‘18 distract you from the fact that Al Bundy, in the Polk High Panther , threw a slider in the ‘17 Z-M twitter.com ain to pass nemesis ‘Spare Tire’ Dixon & earn a transfer. He eventually fell short in the O after a tangle with
GillConstructionllc @GillConstruct🔁SO to our local racers... let them know your following them! #uselesschilibowl twitter.com
Kathleen @khifan🔁Woke up this morning with a question weighing heavily on my mind... Did @beberly18 finally make it to @cbnationals? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #uselesschilibowl
Hunter Fischer @FischerRacing24🔁 My favorite of the day @cbnationals today is Hunter Fischer #uselesschilibowl
Elijah Jones @JonesMedia17🔁120th in Points after Nights 1 & 2. 98th after night three. Now 34th and in a money spot after night four heading int twitter.com o the finale.


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