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US PS ICD @ICD_PS🔁Stay Tuned & Follow us on Facebook to learn more about #IslamicFinance
Adam McClendon @Adam_McClendon🔁For whose glory are you living today? "Not to us, Lord . . . but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness" (Ps 115:1).
PlayStation #GodofWar @PlayStation🔁Totally Digital officially kicks off today! New release lineup revealed, with PS Plus pre-order discounts up to 20%:

And save up to 50% on digital-only sale titles!

PlayStation #GodofWar @PlayStation🔁Omensight joins PS Store Totally Digital program starting tomorrow: The next game from creators of Stories: The Path of Destinies
Peter Jones @cassiemonoo🔁You know that you are insulting Europe while you denigrate the institution that represents their will to act respo nsibly in all of their interests.
What is your foreign policy for the continent that surrounds us?
How do you suggest we magnify our power?
They have the Eu.
✨ mambobam ✨ @mambobam🔁It's ! For the chance to this summer-ready top just follow us then favourite and retweet!
Can't wait? Buy it now:
(You have 24 hours to enter, full T&Cs available on our website)
GRAVITY DAZE2フォトコン @daze2fan🔁The Golden Week sale on the US PS Store includes Gravity Rush Remastered at a 60% discount (70% if you have PS+)! With Gravity Rush 2's price down to $19.99, this is a perfect time for newcomers to discover these unique games!
⚘lesley-anne smith⚘ @lesley_62974🔁I'm a member of the Labour Party. We don't have a "Party Line". I think you may be confusing us with some other Parties with which the current leader does seem to have some affinity. PS I feel no shame for holding the perfectly legitimate opinion that Corbyn is a crap leader.
p. confusa @KRZYWYLAS🔁Some sources for further reading:

- Rising Above the Ruins in France, by Corinna Haven Smith ()

- Displaced Her itage, ed. Convery et al. ()

- Parent G.-H., 2004. Trois études sur la Zone Rouge de Verdun... ()

Daniel Arevalo @daniel846741318🔁Happy Blessed Wednesday Friends Families Us All

TaylorEsquire @TaylorEsquire🔁Happy Wednesday You All and Us All

Greg follows Jesus @BlessednFlorida🔁Just showing you what I learned from “Logos Scholar” ,Michael Heiser, who actually likes to teach us regular folks. Ps 82 who has been taught as judgment in men but are not. Caught his eye. Elohim is a plural that speaks of heavenly address. Sons of God (angels) created not born
Daniel Arevalo @daniel846741318🔁Happy Blessed Wednesday Friends Families, Us All

Virginia Fella @Virginia_Fella🔁From my devo this morning

“His great and steadfast love helps remind us that we are not our hurt, our past, or our sins. We are beloved sons and daughters.”
Ps 103:10-14

Clear View Retreat @betterrelating🔁Not to us, Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory because of your faithful love, because of your truth.
Ps 115:1
Ed Webrity @EdWebrity🔁PS... There is no such thing as an "assault rifle", any more than an assault knife or assault bat, or assault fist. All of which are utilized in more murders than rifles in the US.

Facts don't care about your feelings.

NemiPLays @NemiPLays🔁Lots of exciting new titles make their debut at PS Store today including The Swords of Ditto, Dead Secret, To Leave and more. Full list of new titles here:
HSBC India @HSBC_IN🔁@i_am_nawal Nawal, we do not offer DM on this handle. Kindly let us know how can we assist you. ^PS
Champagne Canines @Champagnecanine🔁 Hi all CC have now opened their 1st shop. Could you support us by liking and sharing. Many thanks from all at CC ps how about some pupperoni pizza for your 4 legged friends lunch as a treat or maybe some doughnuts yum yum 🐾 🐶 🐾
Jax @Jax6655🔁PS Bob, I am just noticing that you are a former police officer, so of course you will trust that your brothers in arms are doing the right thing. What you fail to understand that many of us have evidence that some - increasingly more- will do just the opposite.
Ehesan Kabir People© @MrEhesanKabir🔁Yes that is true Dhallywood music Prince Hridoy Khan composed Aaj ker ai Nishi for me as US 2012 Electoral anthem of mine,PS : He and Bieber i launched together,two at equal height this that 2016 version of the Anthem
ISAAC RUTA @isaac_ruta🔁Table setup is our pride...make your day memorable with .
For bookings and inquiries, WhatsApp or call us on: 0704222060.
Ps,Retweet our next client might be on your TL, Thanks😊.
Martyn Coton @FirstAid3🔁Our new Chair is elected and sits in the chair . Excellent so many businesses have joined tonight and over the last week. Many of our new members made it to tonight’s launch event. We have a team!
Ps Thanks to for feeding us with
THECYBERBEAR @thecyberbear2🔁You can get 30% off Yakuza Kiwami right now as part of 's Golden Week sale. PS Plus users can get an additional 10% off.
Choi Rhae @O0Rhae🔁B💕B is for BigHit and Billboard, I love friendship 😂❤️

Ps: Billboard don’t disappoint us 😂😅

미사키 @00mi_army🔁I just love how they end it with Crystal Snow. And until we meet again, please stay happy as you wish us.
Ps: It was so cute that Namjoon said “I like you all” in Japanese at the end when the Army bomb cover the stage.

Susan Gemperline @GemperlineSusan🔁Forever I will sing the goodness of God!
God keeps God's promises of bringing newness of life out of our frozen , hardened hearts. God's love draws us forward from death, to life and to love.

🐟 Shinku 🐟@Texas Showdown 2018 @Shinku_DZ🔁NA PSN's Golden Week sale has many great deals including (PS+ prices) Persona 5 for $27, Monster Hunter: World for $45, Nier Automata for $30, .hack//G.U. Last Recode for $30, Utawarerumono for $25, DanganRonpa 1+2 for $20, Breath of Fire IV for $3, & more
David Clater @SpawnofJustice🔁I'm a member of the Labour Party. We don't have a "Party Line". I think you may be confusing us with some other Part ies with which the current leader does seem to have some affinity. PS I feel no shame for holding the perfectly legitimate opinion that Corbyn is a crap leader.
Deejay Babacar @djbabacarpablo🔁GOOD afternoon , My people ...

I might be wrong and naive but I believe that Music has the the power to United us , to Rise above all the indoctrination, prejudice, hate and...

michael adams @mikey_adams4🔁Any of you boys fancy getting the gang back together to help get us out the National League?🙄

Cannot believe the club has been utterly destroyed.
PS: Bring Cook with you🙏🏻

GAME Bracknell @GAMEBracknell🔁oh you certainly know how to spoil us. 15 months PS Plus for the price of 12, a bargain that everyone can get behind !! Grab yours today so you don't miss out!! Why not pre-order Spiderman whilst you're at it...just sayin'
Lite Camping @litecamping🔁 Sorry to see you unfollow. Please follow back and let us know how we can assist you locate affordable lightweight hi king & camping gear. Thanks. PS - your account appears to be restricted due to unusual activity.
NETELLER @NETELLER🔁@aman7247 Hey Aman, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so we can locate your account and enable it for you. Thank you! ^PS


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