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#uciesports Nikki Crenshaw @Gaiazelle🔁 love the side by side video compilation @alt254 just offered us of a very discrete moment #UCIesports
AnyKey 💚 @anykeyorg🔁.’s myths of at :
#1 Women are not into esports.
#2 Women’s leagues are sexist.
#3 Chat doesn’t matter.
Amanda C. @NovemberMeaning🔁 The Play That Caused the Hype. #UCIeSports
Bonnie/Beaux Ruberg @MyOwnVelouria🔁 The Play That Caused the Hype. #UCIeSports
AnyKey 💚 @anykeyorg🔁.’s myths of at cont:
#4 It will get better on its own.
#5 It will never change.
#6 It will never get better.
Zandre Taylor @Kataclismik🔁Hey , if you'd like to read the chapter and I wrote about and it's online at
AnyKey 💚 @anykeyorg🔁 You can watch the #UCIeSports symposium.
College Esports Hub @college_esports🔁 great when academics start weighing in with needed critique to disrupt the esports, and collegiate, hype train #uciesports
M. @ravetilucray🔁Follow to see updates from the Esports Symposium at where our Director of Research is Keynote speaker!
ReFiG @refiggames🔁how do we intervene for more meaningful involvement of women in gaming? considers @
ReFiG @refiggames🔁 what role will the industry play in moderating sexist (and racist) behaviors from players? #UCIeSports
Matt Knutson @MWKnutson_DH🔁@tboellst The NBA doesn't actually own the game - difference between sports and videogames (one that Boluk/LeMieux identify). #uciesports
T.L. Taylor @ybika🔁It can mis-situate center/periphery/augmentation, or horizontal, that are better understood as co-constructed. #uciesports
T.L. Taylor @ybika🔁I could be wrong but I think @tboellst's point about cultural construction hits on why I've always been uneasy with term meta #uciesports
Matt Knutson @MWKnutson_DH🔁@tboellst Engaging/challenging the centrality of zero-sum competition in esports. #uciesports
T.L. Taylor @ybika🔁.@tboellst notes the original meaning of "meta" is "alongside." lateral rather than the above etc. wow, had no idea! #uciesports
Jocelin Jimenez @jimenezjoce09🔁A key issue for the #eSport Industry is to the sportification of video games and gaming @UCIeSports #UCIeSports
Matt Knutson @MWKnutson_DH🔁@tboellst - Metaphor and definition matter so much: framing the discourse in/around esports. #uciesports
T.L. Taylor @ybika🔁Love that Kurt Squire gives a shout out to mixed gender sports in colleges and how that might be a helpful waypoint for us. Yes! #uciesports
Nikki Crenshaw @Gaiazelle🔁Flutie Effect: successful college sports team = increase in # of applicants and college rank. what does this mean for eSports? #UCIeSports
Marci @mtrevwrk🔁Theres a gap to what videos games do & what we think they do, giving us an opportunity to understand disconnects in any industry #uciesports
T.L. Taylor @ybika🔁great when academics start weighing in with needed critique to disrupt the esports, and collegiate, hype train #uciesports
Matt Knutson @MWKnutson_DH🔁Now Tom Boellstorff and Kurt Squire are discussing the morning's scholarship. UCI: embarrassment of riches in games scholarship. #uciesports
Nikki Crenshaw @Gaiazelle🔁discussion between @ksquire and @tboellst now! #UCIeSports
Nikki Crenshaw @Gaiazelle🔁so sad we need to skip over Valve's exploitation of free labor from players. this talk is too good! #UCIeSports
T.L. Taylor @ybika🔁.@alt254 on how players "surf a tide of data" in these games. Neat handling of the movement btwn conscious action & virtuosity #uciesports
Bonnie/Beaux Ruberg @MyOwnVelouria🔁Have to run to a meeting, but thank you to #uciesports organizers & speakers. It's been a great morning! @ybika @constances @alt254 @pkrapp
Bonnie/Beaux Ruberg @MyOwnVelouria🔁Wondering: what new ways of thinking emerge if we frame eSports through performance rather than competition? At @alt254's talk #uciesports
Nikki Crenshaw @Gaiazelle🔁wow. seeing @alt254's breakdown of what happened in these 17 seconds is sort of surreal. very well-tailored to non-DOTA2 experts #UCIeSports
AnyKey 💚 @anykeyorg🔁Follow #uciesports to see updates from the Esports Symposium at @UCIrvine where our Director of Research @ybika is Keynote speaker!
Bonnie/Beaux Ruberg @MyOwnVelouria🔁Instead of using a sports framework for eSports, what if we used dance framework? @alt254's deconstruction could be choreography #uciesports
T.L. Taylor @ybika🔁this is a beautiful presentation. now he has a video of Dendi's hands in play/action as he continues to unpack the moment. #uciesports
Bonnie/Beaux Ruberg @MyOwnVelouria🔁Really interested in larger stakes of @alt254's talk. Is detailed reading of eSports' performances about artfulness? Legitimacy? #UCIesports
T.L. Taylor @ybika🔁.@alt254's talk reminds me a lot of hearing @Liebenwalde unpack a virtuositic move @followgrubby sprung many years ago #uciesports
Matt Knutson @MWKnutson_DH🔁LeMieux: What the hell happened here in the Turn of the Tide? Examining microtemporality in sophisticated esports metagaming. #uciesports


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