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#tytlive#tytlive#tytlive#tytlive Karth @mittoo🔁 Retweet if these pictures of yemeni people breaks your heart.

Like if it doesnt

Jackie McCaffrey 🐦 @jackiemccaffrey🔁There is a fundamental problem at via where you have been undermined by on these Russia stories. Meanwhile he wen t+
The Young Turks @TheYoungTurks🔁On #TYTlive:
Trump has stuffed the USDA with a bunch of campaign volunteers who have no experience.
#tytlive ♥Roocifer♥ @germanBruin🔁Clean-Cut White Guy Accused Of Killing Blacks - Francis Freaks Out

@TheYoungTurks #tytlive

Tharpa @Morgwr🔁Horrible show last night. It was a train-wreck. Unwatchable fucking CRAP. It's not your fault tho { }
Mesha Harvey @mrsjbarrow🔁Every single NFL team has at least two quarterbacks who are not as good as

Kris Fowler @fistofjustice🔁Clean-Cut White Guy Accused Of Killing Blacks - Francis Freaks Out

≡💡PEACHY QOO ≡ @yamatoejam🔁 here it is @AnaKasparian #TYTLive
Vance @CascadiaHermit🔁Everything we've experienced in the past year could have been avoided... if James Comey would have indicted HRC. #TYTLive
Climate Change @Climate_ch🔁 Devastaing multiple weather events with increasing frequency: explain that, climate change deniers!!!
FloGermanOutpost @FloBunz🔁@cenkuygur Don’t You think it’s time to get to talks with 🇰🇵? Sanctions didn’t work for 30 ys and mainly hurt the citizens, not Un #tytlive
cool james @vincent_masabac🔁 Poor United Statesians are realising in 2017 that US politicians are owned by donors. #tytlive
Donald @canativeobt🔁BernieCare vs ObamaCare vs TrumpCare via @YouTube #TYTlive #TYTPolitics
kalifani-cas9 @kalifani6🔁Skeptics Who Fell For #Trump's Promise To Protect #LGBTQs (#DaveRubin, Sh0... #tytlive @StephMillerShow #p2 #resist
Donald @canativeobt🔁Why is the EPA Dodging Jordan's Questions?!?!?!? via @YouTube #TYTlive #TYTPolitics
Brendan/Zonia @stotch🔁It was great having @BenMank77 back on #tytlive, today. Was going through mank withdrawal for a while, there. Nasty business, that.
OldTurk 🗽 @_oldturk🔁@RedactedTonight were you watching #tytlive tonight? Otherwise I'm curious whether you know what she was talking abt
Eric Whitney @EricExtempore🔁 #tytlive #tyt4streamys Voting.
Mara QTπ @MrsQuags🔁One of the most puzzling questions of our day, @cenkuygur @TheYoungTurks, how does shoptyt not have any #SuperLastThing merch? #tytlive 🤣
Donald @canativeobt🔁Die Trying - The Battle For ALS Treatment (VICE on HBO: Season 4, Episod... via @YouTube #TYTlive
🌹🌿🌹🌿 @SuperTwaddle🔁 If Trump manages to thwart tax cuts with bungling like he did w/ Obamacare, that'll make him the most effective dem prez in years
Meteb Al-Rasheed @MetebAR🔁Which means is legitimate/legal president! but sane!
Victoria Wolf @wolfiemouse🔁Which means is legitimate/legal president! but sane!
Jared Schnabl @JaredSchnabl🔁 @jimmy_dore my impression of @billmaher "These kids and their damn video games and Jill Steins" #RealTime #tytlive
NostraScience @NostraSkepticMe🔁Only prediction which ever comes true is that yet another Christian prophecy about Jesus returning flops. #tytlive
Michael Trammel @DarthxSkywalker🔁@jimmy_dore my impression of @billmaher "These kids and their damn video games and Jill Steins" #RealTime #tytlive
Mark Tosiello 🏨 @Kikarasu🔁I'v u read Kim Jong Un's reply, he totally Pwnd the infant "president" and correctly told him 2 use more restraint. B iff's a moron
Erik Husoe @EFHusoe🔁MS-13's Active Members Are Laughing At Trump's Crackdown (HBO) #tytlive @Jimmy_Dore
Mark Tosiello 🏨 @Kikarasu🔁See? Told 'ya. #TYTLIVE
Mark Tosiello 🏨 @Kikarasu🔁Then Duckworth gets her ass primaried. Simple as that. #tytlive
Timmy2Joints🌹🍁🇺🇸 @Timmy2Joints🔁Flint Had a Lead Crisis in Its Water. Now It Has a Fertility Crisis.
Donald @canativeobt🔁Flint Had a Lead Crisis in Its Water. Now It Has a Fertility Crisis. @JordanChariton #TYTlive #TYTPolitics
NostraScience @NostraSkepticMe🔁No one being voter disenfranchised by racist GOP & endangered by bigoted cops is obligated to stand for a national a nthem.
NostraScience @NostraSkepticMe🔁Bernie is the future! Old DNC had a fulcrum balance that fell somewhere beyond their center-right sellouts on into t he GOP fringe.
Bud Askins @Bud_Askins🔁#tytlive William Ruckelshaus' ban of DDT resulting in billions of malaria deaths pales in comparison to James Comey's swaying 2016 election.


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