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The 74 @The74🔁 and districts, working separately and together, are remaking education in Texas. twitter.com
ST Math @JiJiMath🔁Hey friends--curious about ? Wondering why we get so much love on our page from teachers? See what all the fuss is about-- Sign up for our next webinar!
Texas Tribune @TexasTribune🔁For the second time in the last year, the State Board of Education has rejected a proposed Mexican-American studies t twitter.com extbook:
Eric Johnson @JohnsonForTexas🔁You can’t reform the property tax system without addressing the school finance system. twitter.com
Texas SBOE @TXSBOE🔁Thanks for hosting this important @TXSBOE meeting, @Region7ESC #txed twitter.com
Eva-Marie Ayala @EvaMarieAyala🔁As committee gets underway, members acknowledge that many DCS issues/challenges are still unknown. Key among them is twitter.com what assets there are to liquidate to pay off buses/debt
Alice Linahan @AliceLinahan🔁#Txed #Txlege The Dustin Marshall’s of the world need to be taken out of office by the voters. Accountability is... fb.me
Eva-Marie Ayala @EvaMarieAyala🔁Much of focus been on busing, bulk of DCS biz, but some schools also used agency for crossing guards, school resource twitter.com officers and others
Meredith Akers @meredithakers🔁Join us tonight, 8:30 CST, for . Tonight's topic: Being Thankful. Stop in and bring a friend!
Corbett Smith @corbettsmithDMN🔁Dissolution Committee holds 1st meeting to oversee wind down of Dallas County Schools . Area supes & former TEA commish Mike Moses on deck
Eva-Marie Ayala @EvaMarieAyala🔁Dissolution Committee holds 1st meeting to oversee wind down of Dallas County Schools . Area supes & former TEA comm twitter.com ish Mike Moses on deck
travis longanecker @tlonganecker🔁Good work @muhtayko ! #txed #TXLS twitter.com
TASBO @tasbo🔁This means that about 2% of kids in Texas public schools are homeless (either accompanied or unaccompanied). That's a twitter.com staggering number.
Casie Wenmohs @casiewenmohs🔁Gov. has named his appointees to the TX Commission on Public School Finance via
Venissia Villarreal @Venissia🔁Love my district! This is what our #TXEd public schools do... we take care of our community💜#GoPublic #TXLege twitter.com
Tom Spall @Tommyspall🔁Yes, please!!!! That's awesome! Thank you for sharing! Love our CSI program!!! and are doing incredible things f twitter.com or !
Scott Milder @smilder🔁Texas has some of the BEST public schools in the nation, but we can do better. Under Dan Patrick’s voucher, public t twitter.com ax dollars would go to urban private schools while rural families are stuck paying. RT to say NO THANKS!
Texans Care @putkids1st🔁"16,000 youths in...TX schools...identified as unaccompanied homeless...Combined with accompanied youth, the number o twitter.com f homeless youth grows to more than 113,000 in the public schools"

Thanks for highlighting this, &

Zachary Davis @genki0akuma🔁 Isn’t it amazing how upset some are for teachers to exercise their right to vote? #BlockVote #TxEd
Paul Wagner @pwagnerlcisd🔁Join us tonight, 8:30 CST, for . Tonight's topic: Being Thankful. Stop in and bring a friend! twitter.com
Texans4PublicEd @Texans4E🔁Isn’t it amazing how upset some are for teachers to exercise their right to vote? #BlockVote #TxEd
Tom Spall @Tommyspall🔁This is so true! Those little acts make the most difference. It just takes one person to get the ball rolling!!! twitter.com
Tracy Young @TracyYoungTX🔁Whitmire: 7 Ways #CharterSchools & Districts Are Remaking Education in Texas @The74 the74million.org #txed #txlege
Kasey Bell @ShakeUpLearning🔁My VIP Google Trainer Course is open for limited enrollment! My shakeuplearning.com #gsuiteedu #edtech #txed #txeduchat
TASBO @tasbo🔁Texas AG rules on authority of appraisal district to detach property from a school district and transfer to... twitter.com
Texas Educators Vote @TxEdVote🔁Take the Oath to Vote in every election & think about the 5.4 million kids in TX public schools. Share w/ 10 friends twitter.com & family.
Parna Bissell @BissellBooks🔁Incorporate everyday Spanish words seamlessly for readers with this series from . twitter.com
Inga M. Cotton @SACharterMoms🔁NEW THIS MORNING: State concerned about giving STAAR reprieve to Harvey-affected schools
Jeff Mann @Mann4Edu🔁 Interesting food for thought! Check it out @Mann4Edu @jksmith93 #txed #msmathchat #csisdchat medium.com
Dave Plymale @suptrdave🔁Officials consider waiving school accountability ratings vicad.co via @Vicadvocate #TxEd
Kathy wood @Kwood50603Kathy🔁 Details on why they won: mystatesman.com #txed twitter.com
Lynn Davenport @lynnsdavenport🔁In 1992 @DrPegLuksik asked “Who controls our children?” facebook.com
#txed #txlege #prophetic #CBE #OBE #edtech
Wendy @93UTBMG🔁Local taxpayers/voters want high-quality schools. Until funds appropriately, that falls to local taxpayers.
Keith Butcher @ka_butche🔁 I can not stress this enough. #TxED #Leadchat twitter.com
Evan Payne @EvanPayneGCISD🔁This is SO exciting! might be interested in what your students are doing with their !!! twitter.com
David Thompson @edlawethics🔁Proud of @sofiabahena_ @DraSonyaMAleman @EAlemanJr #txed @UTSACOEHD @UTSA twitter.com
KilleenISD @KilleenISD_🔁Killeen families will save thousands in college tuition after school board tonight approved plan to offer science, t twitter.com echnology, engineering, math (STEM) academy for all KISD high schools. Students can earn two years of college credit before they leave HS.
TAKS to STAAR @STAARtest🔁ICYMI: More on the “testing charade” from an assessment authority at Harvard Graduate School, weighing in on “the fai twitter.com lure of high-stakes accountability tests — and what we can do to change course.” Bonus—video:
Lori Gallegos @lori_gallegos🔁The academy starts tomorrow with - Priming Your Campus for Innovation!
Ashlea Turner @AshleaPTurner🔁 "F stands for flood, not a failing district" -- Region 3 ESC executive director. #txlege #txed
KilleenISD @KilleenISD_🔁Killeen board approves architects/engineers for new middle school on Warriors Path in Harker Heights, new elementary twitter.com school on Morganite Lane in Killeen. Elementary school will open in 2019, middle school in 2020. Build from existing budget, not potential 2018 bond issue
Beth Hammett @BethHammett1🔁 When investigative journalism makes a difference...
chron.com @ChronicleMike @amatos12 #txed #txlege #sped
KilleenISD @KilleenISD_🔁Killeen school board approved engineering firm to replace failing retaining wall at Pershing Park Elementary. Crumbli twitter.com ng wall will be removed and replaced by May. Superintendent Craft said decision is a matter of safety for students, parents and community members.
Garrett Girouard @garrettgirouard🔁Hey friends--curious about ? Wondering why we get so much love on our page from teachers? See what all the fuss is twitter.com about-- Sign up for our next webinar!
Fred Angel @fredangelmont🔁All of us in are sick & tired of I️t too.
ALL educators must for reps who value & support public schools.

KilleenISD @KilleenISD_🔁Killeen ISD board tonight honored Maddie Luster, a national champion in Taekwondo! Maddie is a student at twitter.com and she was part of a team of six students from across Texas that won the gold medal at the first Taekwondo team HS championship
TAKS to STAAR @STAARtest🔁Remember the Atlanta standardized test cheating scandal back in 2009? Current repercussions (video): video.edweek.org #txed #txlege
TX School Choice @TX_SchoolChoice🔁Thank you for sharing your insight at the Texas School Finance Summit


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