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#txed 💞Jennifer Baxter💞 @jenn_baxter🔁 I love what @simonsinek has to say about our need for each other. #TXed #TeacherMyth
Eric Johnson @JohnsonForTexas🔁 drain money out of already underfunded public schools. It is BAD public policy. 📚
Mark Wiggins @MarkWigginsTX🔁This section is all you need to know about voucher. child would surrender federal rights and protections.
#txed Sandy Kendell @EdTechSandyK🔁 There’s no such thing as a limited school voucher. They will always be back for more. #txed #txlege
Julie Chang @JulieChang1🔁Houston parent of sped child gives scathing testimony: don't use my children as a pawn for your political schemes #txlege #txed
Randy Pittenger @randypittenger🔁Unclear how ? The illustrates all the ways kids can be rejected.
Coby Norman @CobynormanCoby🔁 drain money out of already underfunded public schools. It is BAD public policy. 📚
Alamo Heights ISD @AHISD🔁 Awesome @BasharaDana #txed
Cindy Clifford @cindy8000🔁Cities need a strong system. Vouchers are not the answer. Read my testimony against SB 2
Michael Kuhrt @Kuhrteous🔁@EstesForTexas please vote no...against vouchers! @tasanet #txed #dotherightthing
Carolyn Foote @technolibrary🔁FACT: Each year, public schools admit an additional 80,000 students while receiving decreased funding.
Shane Hardin @ShaneAlanHardin🔁 Worth repeating: #SB2 voucher is not $270m in new money. It's money stolen from HHSC #txlege #fact #txed
Guillermo Gomez @lfugeoggomez🔁The Senate Education Committee passed a bill that would create a "private school choice" program.
Ryan Penner @ryanbpenner🔁Ed isn't free. The state shirks its duty to fully fund public schools, leaving local taxpayers with the burden.
Michael Seifert @jmikeseifert🔁Here is the testimony IDRA just presented before the Sen Ed Committee:
Rusty Harden @rusharden🔁Congrats to the 16 school boards named regional nominees for TASA's 2017 Outstanding School Board Award:
Cindy Woody @woody_cindy🔁 Thankful to be in @MidlothianISD and excited about the opportunity another year in education will bring. #MISDProud #TXed
EnragedNY❤️Trump @EnragedNY🔁Everyone is talking about our public schools are failing!
Question- why are our public schools seen as...
Todd Herauf, Ed.D. @TeachinTodd🔁"If we don't stand up for what's good & right, we're not helping" Cynthia Miller offers business perspective on advocacy
Wendy @93UTBMG🔁 Thus forcing additional strain on local resources and taxpayers. #TxEd #txlege
Ashlea Graves @AshleaGraves🔁 The House Public Education Committee will meet at 2 p.m. Monday. #txed
Thomas Pickford @PickfordTM🔁Especially at a time when state funding for school facilities has fallen below 10%. Shameful.
Shawna Ford @ShawnaFord1🔁Suppport for public isn't a Dem or Repub issue. It's a TX issue. So thankful for standing up for TX public schools.
Scot Clayton @clags04🔁Drain the #txlege swamp before it drains more of the public #txed funds. @tepsamark @pastors4txkids @drcaseymccreary @EstesForTexas
David Thompson @edlawethics🔁Awesome @BasharaDana #txed
Carolyn Foote @technolibrary🔁. I know you got my message opposing this. Be transparent. What's the for/against count in your office?
Westchester Gasette @WCGasette🔁Kids going to those schools shouldn't receive taxpayer funding!! Good grief!! Over $100,000❓ 🍎 💰
Texas AFT @TexasAFT🔁Texas AFT Pres.@louismalfaro testifies against discriminatory "bathroom" bill #yallmeansall #txlege #txed @AFTunion
Rob Spencer @robleespencerjr🔁Rev. Andy Stoker w/ delivers testimony against special ed voucher on behalf of
Tammy Brogdon @tlkr97🔁A busy weekend at the Capitol, plenty of hearings on bad bills & to speak out against them.
Lynn Davenport @lynnsdavenport🔁@Randy1116 @mwhiteker @DinahMillerTX And WHO is funding behind the scenes. Lots of talk of camels nosing in #txed
Coach john Mitchell @VMHSSTRENGTH🔁TX House Public Education Committee posted hearing notices for Mon/Tues. funding bills to be heard:
Kaylin Burleson @busybteach🔁UPDATE: Senate panel OKs private school scholarship, funding commission bills
John Bimmerle @J_Bimmerle🔁Proud to say I have worked in 2 of these districts. Both have always had supportive, dynamic boards elite list indeed!
Jimmy Randolph @60regular🔁Live look-in on how these public kids feel about vouchers, from the Texas coast. mqsullivan


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