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Travel Weekly @TWtravelnews🔁TODAY IS THE DAY! is at 3 ET (Noon PT) and we'll be chatting live with top editors of and of course . twitter.com -- Travel trends straight from tweets of editors of major travel pubs -- Join us!
CharmaineLouise NY @CharLouNY🔁The latest The Luxury Lifestyle Daily! paper.li #luxurylifestyle #twchats
Travel Weekly @TWtravelnews🔁If you have time, head back to the entire thread to catch some of the best in travel trends. Inspo from friends + fo twitter.com llowers of
Travel Weekly @TWtravelnews🔁EVERYONE! Join us next month for our next , where we kick off . Where will you go, who will you go with? More at twitter.com
GelnnePatt @GelnnePatt🔁 Q8: Which travel app is getting the most use on your phone? #TWchats
LeisureCoin @LeisureCoin🔁Q3: Antidotes to "overtourism" -- Tweet a popular (but crowded) city for travelers, then tweet a possible alternative
Skyler M @mychiller🔁The Mychiller Evening POST is out! paper.li #twchats #opinion
Houston Food Fetish @hfoodfetish🔁@TWtravelnews @CNTraveler @AFARmedia @NatGeoTravel @TravelLeisure @lovewonderlust I’ll be joining next week! #TWChats
RODRIGO BOTERO @aramaza🔁A2: Safari, safari, safari: I feel like everyone's going this year! Whether the Big Five in South Africa or gorillas in Rwanda, it's taking off in a way I didn't imagine a few years ago.
Nancy Schretter @kidtravel🔁Selfish love for hotels part 2: I rounded up 6 U.S. hotels that treat dogs like the royalty they are >>
Bianca Mendoza @biancamendozam1🔁EASY WAY TO GET FREE #FOLLOWERS
🛰 tinyurl.com 🛰
#MichaelCohens #TWchats #JamieVardy @WeWillWin1904 @BruceSinclairLV
かた @asuka2_deck🔁A5: On shore excursions allow for a glimpse of every day life in the cities our ships visit. Our Crystal Motor Coach transports guests to a new world of experiences and adventure.
Susan Robison @susan_robison🔁A3: Seattle and Vancouver, BC, are popular tourist destinations, but a quick sailing up north can lead you to quaint Alaskan towns abundant with glaciers, fjords and wildlife.
Fletcher Newbern @FletcherNewbern🔁A1: A big travel trend this year is off-the-beaten path destinations. Travelers are interested in unique, culturally rich locales, making our to a popular pick for 2018!
Fletcher Newbern @FletcherNewbern🔁A5: Check out a local market and try the local cuisine! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and embrace the around you.
GelnnePatt @GelnnePatt🔁 Q10: What's one thing you like to splurge on when you travel? And what's something you scrimp on? #TWchats
Carmen Roig Crystal @CarmenRoig4🔁A1: Solo travel. Cruising is a great way to dip your toes into traveling independently while still in the company of fellow globetrotters.
Sarah Fagen @Fagen_Travel🔁Q4: The market is being flooded with options - which can make picking a vacation stressful and confusing! That's where a remarkable travel agent can come in handy!
Kevin @KpHeaney🔁This bird is the best karaoke singer, cover band, and impressionist.
TCI News @TCI_News🔁A5: To experience local culture and community, visit the , a non-profit organization with a mission of reducing the number of homeless potcakes on Turks & Caicos.
Filipino Journal @FilipinoJournal🔁The latest The Filipino Journal Daily! paper.li Thanks to @setitgood @VirginRadioWPG #twchats #wpgpoli
Anya von Bremzen @vonbremzen🔁 A6 Memorable because of the incredible scene @vonbremzen portrays afar.com #TWChats
Cox & Kings Americas @coxandkingsusa🔁A11: has customized itineraries with some of the world's most interesting modes of transportation beyond planes, trains and automobiles
GlastonburyRetAdv @GlastonburyAdv🔁A4 We encourage travelers to foster a global community of understanding and caring. Our expedition leaders in help to sustain healthy oceans by sharing enthusiasm for the ocean, local people, and nature.
Spain Property @spain_property_🔁The latest The Spain Property Daily! paper.li #twchats #metoo
Bruce Oliver @BruceOliverCT🔁Dog-Friendly Hotels Where They Treat Your Pup Like a VIP afar.com #twchats
G7 Electronics @g7electronics🔁My cell phone is my best friend. It's my lifeline to the outside world.
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meredith grey✨ @Sequoiabriana🔁 🙌🙌 More on how travel can heal hate afar.com : #TWChats twitter.com
meredith grey✨ @Sequoiabriana🔁A4, pt 1: Conscious travel comes to mind. How do you explore amazing, untouched destinations that are now more accessible, and preserve them? I think the one-upsmanship of travel only makes it worse. How do we go further, but do so responsibly?
Success Branding @SucBra🔁My most popular story recently has been on "Instagram Agents" -- young travel advisors who are changing the way folks think of travel agents and changing the rules of marketing and branding.
Evan Schoepke @gaiapunk🔁The latest The Gaia Punk Daily! paper.li Thanks to @mbolender @biofriendlyblog @thinklady #twchats #carbonfarming
Wanderlust Hearts @WanderlustHrts🔁If you're looking to experience a place like a local, you're going to need tips from locals themselves! Start up a chat with your hotel staff, bartender or barista - you never know what hidden gems they'll uncover.
Erin Kirkland @akonthego🔁@HALpartnerSHIPS @TWtravelnews Lots and lots of multigen travelers coming to Alaska! #twchats
Erin Kirkland @akonthego🔁@momfari As long as it's not a tent, yah? LOL #twchats #adventuring
CartujoPiloso @CartujoPiloso🔁A9: Holland America Line is fortunate to host many journalists and influencers, all of whom we're extremely grateful for as they inspire others to Savor the Journey with HAL!
CartujoPiloso @CartujoPiloso🔁A3: Beautiful , Croatia, is a rising hot spot, but for travelers looking to escape the bustling crowds, the charming, coastal town of , Montenegro, is equally as stunning!
59NationalParks.com @59NationalParks🔁A1 More and more people are taking a break from their screens to . At we devoted our March/April issue to it and launched this digital detox campaign


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