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#tspotter Intel Crab @IntelCrab🔁Enough snow up here in #Clarksville to recover our driveway. Still coming down. #tspotter
Sothia Chhoeum @sothiachhoeum2🔁 More snow in TN today!
#tspotter #Snow @nashseverewx
#tspotter RuthSevereWx @RuthSevereWx🔁 Surprise snow is filling in yesterday’s tracks #tspotter @RuthSevereWx
#tspotter Trish Mathisen @trishcooksbooks🔁Surprise snow is filling in yesterday’s tracks #tspotter @RuthSevereWx
Carolann @88olpgirl🔁 More snow in TN today!
#tspotter #Snow @nashseverewx
NWS Nashville @NWSNashville🔁Still needs some snow total reports from the following counties: Perry, Wayne, Hickman, Lewis, Giles, Grundy, Van Bur twitter.com en, Morgan, Picket, Macon, Robertson, and Cheatham. Thanks! Pictures are always appreciated.
NWS Nashville @NWSNashville🔁[815 pm] Dangerous travel conditions tonight due to ice and snow on the roads, with most interstates closed and dozen twitter.com s of accidents! Travel is NOT recommended around the metro area and areas to the west and north
NWS Nashville @NWSNashville🔁Highest snowfall report we've received so far is 5" in New Johnsonville, TN (Humphreys County). Have you gotten more twitter.com than that? Tweet us with a photo and use !
Mike Davis @w1arn🔁The low temperature at NW Wilson Co CWOP Station AU986 near Hwy 109 and Academy Rd was 2° twitter.com
Eddie de Pool @dark7string🔁 drove from Hartsville to goodlettsville and the roads were great except old highway 25. Still a bit slick and icy o twitter.com n that road. I imagine most side roads will be that way.
❄️Shelbyville Weather❄️ @ShebvulWeather🔁@NWSNashville Family members in Morgan County reporting 1.5” (Deer Lodge). #tspotter
William @ShadowGarage🔁#tspotter #stealthsnow still falling. WTH? @RuthSevereWx.
Carolann @88olpgirl🔁Update: in Spring Hill
And yeah - that’s apparently pretty unusual around here.
Nick Williams 🏈💻🥓 @Java_Nick🔁- I-65: clear

- I-65: clear
- Old Hickory Blvd: patchy
- West Park Drive: solid ice, use extreme caution twitter.com
- Maryland Way: patchy

Nick Williams 🏈💻🥓 @Java_Nick🔁South Franklin road report:
- Kittrell: clear (assume privately done)
- Columbia/31: super messy/passable
- Snowbird twitter.com Hollow: solid ice, use extreme caution
- Goose Creek: super messy
- Goose Creek @ 431 intersection: solid ice (slid into intersection)

RuthSevereWx @RuthSevereWx🔁 Murfreesboro off of Indian Park Dr, these are a little more than flurries a little less than snow. Maybe...light snow?
Chris Haas @realchaas🔁I have abruptly realized that this is our first winter as homeowners... we don’t own a snow shovel. Not sure it would twitter.com have helped much, once I swept the driveway flurries had already coated the sheet of ice I uncovered
Joelle @joellem🔁 idk if your radar is showing this, but it's snowing in north Lawrenceburg again. Visibility of a half mile, but smal twitter.com ler flakes compared to yesterday.
Shawn F @stfitts87🔁Snowing in several parts of Cville this morning. @Montcoseverewx #tspotter
Amelia Gorz @meladanielle🔁 Murfreesboro off of Indian Park Dr, these are a little more than flurries a little less than snow. Maybe...light sno twitter.com w?


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