@BlakeRyanM 🔁 " Because you'd be in jail ! "

Best version! 😅😅😅
#debate #ThugLife #Trump to #Clinton!

#trump: #trump

@andrewmacfnz 🔁 Got a few drops left...think #Trump needs it more than me.

#trump: #trump

@richal444 🔁 #Debate
#Trump not taking any BS from the #Hillary supporters disguised as moderators.

#trump: #trump

@golfnovels 🔁 My cartoon in today's @thetimes. #TRUMP

@brenz1 🔁

@golfnovels 🔁Wow!

@katpurnicous 🔁@fortyseventogo is #trump planning on strutting around inside the UN Security Council should he visit it ? lol he's ridiculous

@golfnovels 🔁Fact:

@Mashton_Bunny 🔁So sick of people saying 'it's what men do' regarding the

@kentuckyheart55 🔁Doesn't Seem Hillary Clinton Thinks To Highly Of Blacks Or Muslims.
Take A Look It's Highlighted In Blue.

@rafshmatko 🔁I think that Mr. Trump will go down in history as a great person and a great reformer!

@SilhouetteFit 🔁#pussygate is over cucks #debate #trump #RncCucks twitter.com

@LeslieMarshall 🔁...he &

@treisiroon 🔁Read whole thread by @Shakestweetz on Pence's actions to circumvent voters' choice. #GlendaRitz #Education #Trump

@elizgw 🔁Wow!

@PMDcreative 🔁For

@mansimehra 🔁Today I rejected a shaadi.com candidate not for the wrong answer but wrong question."R u a #Trump supporter?"🙄#stupidquestion😑

@TheCallYA 🔁🎶....and then I go and spoil it all by saying Something Stupid like I love yooouuu....🎶

@rafshmatko 🔁Brothers and sisters, veterans and workers, America and the whole planet is waiting for

@visibrainEN 🔁 is still "winning" in terms of number of mentions on twitter.com

@andyjdale 🔁Who will be the next USA President ? Hillary Clinton #Clinton Donald Trump #trump

@Americanoid 🔁@zainabnc Actually there are many dark savages assaulting and raping women in Europe. Do you know any of them? #Trump

@TronicsMod 🔁I hope either

@eat_sleep_film 🔁@johncbussey @nevpierce I think #Trump has his locker room at a film stupid making cheap porn. Probably treats it as tax deductible too

@rafshmatko 🔁Winning

@kcarruthers 🔁Wow!

@jackamundo77 🔁💥💥

@rafshmatko 🔁Americans For

@chris_crossont 🔁 Las Vegas Sun poll.

@TrixieUpNorth 🔁

@SLayravia 🔁

@Cyrillus_Kaktus 🔁 Seriously considering revoking America's independence. It's not going well. #trump

@rafshmatko 🔁Legendary

@Gypsydragup 🔁


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