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#travelpics Erick Redcloud @eredcloudπŸ”A4 Yes Kashmir is a disputed area between India and Pakistan, they just want their own freedom #travelpics
#travelpics Westin Grand Cayman @WestinGCaymanπŸ”A5: The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage. Wish for Courage. #travelpics
#travelpics Christine Pappin MCC @ChrisPappinMCCπŸ”A5: that #Abraham #Lincoln legacy become a reality #Freedom #equality #TravelPics
#travelpics Fun In Fairfax @FunInFairfaxπŸ”@AntiTourist A4 Not really, though wish things were better here in the US these days #travelpics
#travelpics Creativity with Kay @creativitywithkπŸ”A2 Freedom is allowing me to think outside the box and expressing it #travelpics
#travelpics Fun In Fairfax @FunInFairfaxπŸ”@AntiTourist A5 wish this was a better pic, but FDR sums it up for me #travel #travelpics
#travelpics Christine Pappin MCC @ChrisPappinMCCπŸ”A6: visited #WashingtonDC this year so here is a #Freedom #travel photo #Travelpics
#travelpics Westin Grand Cayman @WestinGCaymanπŸ”A6: Oh boy. Ok, I may have to share a few.... #travelpics
#travelpics Holly @_LDNmuse_πŸ”@AntiTourist Out at sea #travelpics
#travelpics Bink @louisbinkπŸ”@AntiTourist A6 America's Pastime - Opening day Texas Rangers baseball #travelpics
#travelpics Westin Grand Cayman @WestinGCaymanπŸ”A6: or this one...#TravelPics
#travelpics Erick Redcloud @eredcloudπŸ”A6 I don't have any from 2017 but here is a good one from some time back during Canada Day #travelpics
#travelpics AntiTouristTraveler @AntiTouristπŸ”A6. To me, this little boy in Africa, experiencing water near his home for the first time, is freedom. #travelpics
#travelpics HH Lifestyle Travel @HHLifestyleTravπŸ”@AntiTourist A6: Somewhere over the Atlantic ;-) #travelpics
#travelpics Westin Grand Cayman @WestinGCaymanπŸ”Thank you #travelpics family for a great Monday morning! Have a great week!
#travelpics Burford's World A2 @BWArchives02πŸ” Fountain in the park
#Riga, #Latvia
#Travel #Photography
#TravelPics #Europe #Nature
#travelpics Burford's World A2 @BWArchives02πŸ” Brass band in the market square
#Riga, #Latvia
#Travel #Photography
#TravelPics #Music
Alison Ballinger @AlisonBallingerπŸ”Early morning walk along the river in ,

Burford's World A2 @BWArchives02πŸ”The love padlock bridge and the Freedom Memorial

Burford's World A2 @BWArchives02πŸ”Summer in ,

Burford's World A2 @BWArchives02πŸ” with your coffee in central ,

Heidi Siefkas @HeidiSiefkasπŸ”A6 This is one of my fav from an in this summer "Heidi visiting the Land of Heidi" twitter.com
Burford's World A2 @BWArchives02πŸ”That's not a queue, THIS is a queue. People in a park waiting for a burger!

Burford's World A2 @BWArchives02πŸ”A little touch of Japan in , , on the Pilsetas Kanals

TheAdventureCreators @AdventureCrtrsπŸ”@Touchse @travelpicsCHAT Thank you! #travelpics
TheAdventureCreators @AdventureCrtrsπŸ”@AntiTourist Thanks Kathryn and cheers all for another fab #travelpics chat - looking forward to next week already πŸ˜ƒ
TOUCHSE @TouchseπŸ”So true, when you look outside the plane's window, see blue skies, you feel that freedom and excitement of traveling! twitter.com
TheAdventureCreators @AdventureCrtrsπŸ”@FunInFairfax @travelpicsCHAT Thank you! The landscape here makes it hard to take a poor pic! #travelpics
AntiTouristTraveler @AntiTouristπŸ”Thanks for being here! From Transylvania, over aaaand out! #travelpics
TOUCHSE @TouchseπŸ”Not my best for sure, but thought of it as 4 me it really resonates freedom; road to unknown somewhere, in the middle twitter.com of Austria

Erick Redcloud @eredcloudπŸ”Thank you all for a great #travelpics and now it is time to go have lunch... until next time!
AntiTouristTraveler @AntiTouristπŸ”I'm so glad you could join us today. Thanks for sharing your stories and photos! #travelpics
#travelpics CHAT @travelpicsCHATπŸ”Thanks for joining us here on #travelpics today! Next week we will see you in an all-new country (hopefully). See ya next time!
Westin Grand Cayman @WestinGCaymanπŸ”@explorabella @AntiTourist Reverse Selfie technique is on point! Great photo and words! #travelpics
Fun In Fairfax @FunInFairfaxπŸ”@AdventureCrtrs @travelpicsCHAT what a beautiful pic! #travelpics
Kate L @explorabellaπŸ”A6: The world is your oyster. It has a lot of beautiful things to offer. It's up to you to discover and experience it twitter.com .
TheAdventureCreators @AdventureCrtrsπŸ”A6 - This. Where nature maks you feel so small and insignificant but so free and liberated. twitter.com
Fun In Fairfax @FunInFairfaxπŸ”A6 The represents freedom of the press. The other building used to do the same. twitter.com
#travelpics CHAT @travelpicsCHATπŸ”Last one: Q6: Give us your best freedom-themed travel photo taken in 2017. #travelpics
HH Lifestyle Travel @HHLifestyleTravπŸ”A5: I wish everyone was free to live without fear (of oppression, war, discrimination etc). Oh, and for more vacatio twitter.com n days! ;-)
Creativity with Kay @creativitywithkπŸ”A6 Enjoying the views in nature and breathing the air, feeling the breeze and enjoying the sunshine twitter.com
Creativity with Kay @creativitywithkπŸ” @AntiTourist A5: Acceptance and appreciation. Accept for who they are, and appreciate what they can offer. #travelpics
#travelpics CHAT @travelpicsCHATπŸ”Q6: Give us your best freedom-themed travel photo taken in 2017. #travelpics
Creativity with Kay @creativitywithkπŸ” Q6: Give us your best freedom-themed travel photo taken in 2017. #travelpics
Creativity with Kay @creativitywithkπŸ”A5 I travel wearing the veil. I hope I don't face anything traumatic while I travel anywhere. twitter.com
Erick Redcloud @eredcloudπŸ”When in Venezuela I meet some of the most amazing people, its a shame their government is concerned about power twitter.com
Creativity with Kay @creativitywithkπŸ” Q5: Tell us a freedom-themed wish you have for yourself or for our world. Be creative! #travelpics
Westin Grand Cayman @WestinGCaymanπŸ” @WestinGCayman This quote! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ#travelpics
Creativity with Kay @creativitywithkπŸ” Q2: Show us what freedom means to you. Interpret how you like! #travelpics
AntiTouristTraveler @AntiTouristπŸ”Wow--this is rad! #travelpics twitter.com
TheAdventureCreators @AdventureCrtrsπŸ”A5 - Quite simply, I wish everybody the freedom to just be. That is all. Sorry, no funky pics to accompany this repl twitter.com y!
#travelpics CHAT @travelpicsCHATπŸ”Q5: Tell us a freedom-themed wish you have for yourself or for our world. Be creative! #travelpics
Erick Redcloud @eredcloudπŸ”A5 Freedom is also going through a #travelpics session without a mention of food that will make me hungry... oops i failed
Erick Redcloud @eredcloudπŸ”A5 Freedoms to me right now is being able to walk around anywhere in the world not having to worry about the color of your skin #travelpics
PlanitTravelPodcast @Planit_PodcastπŸ”A5: We hope everyone in the world can have access to education & libraries - like this beautiful one in ! twitter.com
Amberpark @amberparkcoupleπŸ”A5 Somewhere with no borders, barriers and freedom to travel whenever, wherever and with whoever you want twitter.com
TOUCHSE @TouchseπŸ”I have quite a few options, I'll decide this week, but islands, for sure and then to Miami & NYC
πŸ™ŒπŸ˜Ž twitter.com
AntiTouristTraveler @AntiTouristπŸ”Well put. #travelpics twitter.com
TOUCHSE @TouchseπŸ” A5: One form of freedom is freedom to be yourself. Just the way you are. Not everyone can. I wish they could. twitter.com
#travelpics CHAT @travelpicsCHATπŸ”We're on Q5: Tell us a freedom-themed wish you have for yourself or for our world. Be creative! #travelpics
Seema @sl2016_slπŸ”I was in HongKong last month, hoping to get to Vietnam & Cambodia nxt year. Nt sure when, aiming for Apr time. twitter.com
Westin Grand Cayman @WestinGCaymanπŸ”@philatravelgirl @travelpicsCHAT @spg No problem at all! #travelpics
Between England&Iowa @englandandiowaπŸ”@FunInFairfax @AntiTourist @VikingRiver @CharlesMcCool Wow! Sounds it!! #travelpics
Erick Redcloud @eredcloudπŸ”@Touchse @sl2016_sl @AntiTourist Where in the Caribbean? Islands or mainland? #travelpics
TheAdventureCreators @AdventureCrtrsπŸ”@explorabella @AntiTourist Make sure you include the Cantabrian coast of northern Spain. So unspoilt and beautiful, gr8 seafood #travelpics
Was any of the above right? πŸ˜‰
#travelpics twitter.com
TheAdventureCreators @AdventureCrtrsπŸ”@FunInFairfax @eredcloud @AntiTourist It's OK if you're in the water! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ #travelpics
Fun In Fairfax @FunInFairfaxπŸ”Greenwich, Edinburgh, Shetland + Orkney Islands then above Arctic Circle + 6 ports in Norway. It was incredible! twitter.com
TheAdventureCreators @AdventureCrtrsπŸ”Absolutely! I see it all the time. Fab to see clients actually enjoying doing things they were afraid to try! eg cany twitter.com oning
TOUCHSE @TouchseπŸ”@sl2016_sl @AntiTourist Are you going to Asia soon? When? Where? I'm going after my #Caribbean & US trip, in Oct-Nov.! #travelpics
#travelpics CHAT @travelpicsCHATπŸ”Remember: All the #travelpics questions can be found up at AntiTouristTraveler.com
#travelpics CHAT @travelpicsCHATπŸ”Q4: Have you ever been to a place that didn’t respect freedom? Share a photo if you’d like. #travelpics
TOUCHSE @TouchseπŸ”I'm out . FYI I'm co-hosting (w/) tonight's chat about 'PTSD In The Workplace' at 7pm ET. Open to all
AntiTouristTraveler @AntiTouristπŸ”A4 It's hard to respect cultures that are restrictive to certain people-like women. Even in India (let alone Saudi Arabia), ugh. #travelpics
Amanda @veraviseπŸ”Yikes! Yeah, this was a mission trip late at night..they knew they had a bus full of tourists who needed to cross the twitter.com border
Erick Redcloud @eredcloudπŸ”Not a fun situation, I have been through that many times, being bald helps as I look but only a little twitter.com
Between England&Iowa @englandandiowaπŸ”Cool! i've never seen the Thames Barrier up close, only from afar! Where did your cruise go? twitter.com
Westin Grand Cayman @WestinGCaymanπŸ”@philatravelgirl @travelpicsCHAT @spg HAHA. Best tweet today in this chat. Well done. #Travelpics
TheAdventureCreators @AdventureCrtrsπŸ”@travelpicsCHAT A4 #travelpics - thankfully not. TBH I would avoid such places
Westin Grand Cayman @WestinGCaymanπŸ”Yes, agreed. Cultural respect is one thing, but being free to be who you are in a personal decision. twitter.com
AntiTouristTraveler @AntiTouristπŸ”Driving into Romania we were barely let into the country! Car registration troubles (out of our control). twitter.com


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