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#tlot PortCityPisces @PortCityPisces🔁@RNA2021: @brianschatz trump has no idea what’s happening. #FoxNews #teaparty #tcot #tlot #GOP
#tlot PortCityPisces @PortCityPisces🔁#FoxNews Trump marks one-year anniversary with shutdown cbsn.ws #teaparty #tcot #tlot
#tlot PortCityPisces @PortCityPisces🔁@mcspocky: The Three Stooges of Washington DC
#GOPShutdown #LO FoxNews #teaparty #tcot #tlot
#tlot TenthAmendmentCenter @TenthAmendment🔁An important reminder.

#constitution #education #10thAmendment #freedom #liberty #tlot #tcot

#tlot ┌П┐(•_•) @exposeliberals🔁FISA=abuse memo - Twitter blames 'Russians' goo.gl twitter.com
LP Orange County FL @LPOrangeFL🔁 If the guvment is shut down, we don't have to pay taxes, right?
#tvot #tlot #taot
#tlot Obama Hussein @InObamaLand🔁Comey FBI erased 5 months of texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page goo.gl #tcot #tlot #maga
#tlot ┌П┐(•_•) @exposeliberals🔁Right-Wing News (great site) is shutting down goo.gl #tcot #tlot #maga
#tlot K.I. Haaland @kinganor🔁 Right-Wing News (great site) is shutting down goo.gl #tcot #tlot #maga
#tlot P M Mcdevitt @ssbn601🔁 An important reminder.

#constitution #education #10thAmendment #freedom #liberty #tlot #tcot

Alex Jones @RealAlexJones🔁Writer Adam Levine recently described how it was more difficult for him to come out as a Republican than to come out twitter.com as a homosexual -
Alex Jones @RealAlexJones🔁Steven Seagal Refutes Sexual Assault Claim: MSM Refuses To Air
- infowars.com #tcot #tlot
Alex Jones @RealAlexJones🔁Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called for stronger borders for the European Union to solve the ongoing twitter.com -
null ptr @null_ptr🔁Comey FBI erased 5 months of texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page goo.gl
┌П┐(•_•) @exposeliberals🔁Comey FBI erased 5 months of texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page goo.gl twitter.com
┌П┐(•_•) @exposeliberals🔁 Comey FBI erased 5 months of texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page goo.gl #tcot #tlot #maga
DNC Fail! @dncfail🔁Comey FBI erased 5 months of texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page goo.gl #tcot #tlot #maga
Steve S. Cone @Nay_Anon🔁The call to raise the minimum wage is loudest from those who don't want to be paid what they are worth.#TCOT #GOP #TLOT
Jackie Langley @jackieaxeNH🔁If Shumer refuses to take responsibility for his obstruction and keeps blaming Trump for the its time to get rid of twitter.com the .
Gop2012news @gop2012news🔁Red State: California State Dems: Ya Know Those Tax Savings You Just Got? We Want Half trib.al twitter.com
Gop2012news @gop2012news🔁Fox News: As Hill leaders try to pin shutdown on Trump or Schumer, bipartisan Senate group aims to reach compromise twitter.com
Christel D. Swenson @chris_swenson76🔁Stop the #WaronYemen youtu.be via @YouTube #yemen #tlot #nowar #SaudiWarOnYemen
Veronica Coffin @VeronicaCoffin🔁 Aliens Quietly Being Relocated Throughout U.S. on Commercial Flights jwatch.us twitter.com
Steve S. Cone @Nay_Anon🔁What's the $ figure that distinguishes Rich from Poor.The point where it is taken from one and given to the other?#UniteBlue #TCOT #TLOT
Christel D. Swenson @chris_swenson76🔁I do agree w & on on that clip “: the World’s Gone Crazy” twitter.com
Gop2012news @gop2012news🔁Red State: Democratic Whining Over The Shutdown Is Fun To Watch Because They’re Losing and They Know It twitter.com
IBDeditorials @IBDeditorials🔁Elder: Under the new rules that Dems want to use to Trump, Obama would also have been impeached. twitter.com
┌П┐(•_•) @exposeliberals🔁Virginia-congress members introduce bill to make sure lazy federal workers get paid during shut down (but not militar twitter.com y)
Gop2012news @gop2012news🔁Red State: Senator Lindsey Graham Blames White House Staffers for Stalling Immigration Talks twitter.com
Ken @KennyDDTScholar🔁Early Trump support climbed in areas with recent Latino population growth

“Trump's popularity increased sharply in t twitter.com he wake of his inflammatory statements about Mexican immigrants, new research finds”

Gop2012news @gop2012news🔁Fox News: Newly released texts between ex-Mueller team members suggest they knew outcome of Clinton email probe in a twitter.com dvance
Gop2012news @gop2012news🔁Red State: These Members of Congress are Doing Something Shocking During the Shutdown trib.al twitter.com
Howler Monkey @CogitoBandito🔁105 years ago there was a person much much smarter than Trump or Pruitt!
Zachary Schnapp @Schnapp4Liberty🔁THIS! #tlot #tcot twitter.com
kataisa @kataisa🔁God, what a pathetic bunch of fat, homely, cat-crazy losers. The very essence of the man-hating dyke "feminist" 🤢🤮 twitter.com

PortCityPisces @PortCityPisces🔁: As Trump ends first year, hundreds of thousands protest in the second Women's March. See more: twitter.com
PortCityPisces @PortCityPisces🔁: American voters say 73%-21% that people brought to the U.S. illegally as children should be allowed to stay and ga twitter.com in legal status, according to a Quinnipiac poll
Steve S. Cone @Nay_Anon🔁Trust No One, Not Even Me, Trust Me. #TCOT #TLOT
PortCityPisces @PortCityPisces🔁Schumer tears into Trump: He can't say yes one minute and no the next hill.cm twitter.com
Prayer Soldier @PrayerSoldier🔁A simple prayer: Dear Lord, we pray You will guide our political leaders to unite us as a nation so all may join toge twitter.com ther in what is right and just.
marizar @marizar_ud🔁 U.S. imposes authoritarian model without the help of Russia & China ronpaullibertyreport.com #tlot #ronpaul
PortCityPisces @PortCityPisces🔁: Trump’s 24-year-old drug policy appointee was let go at law firm after he ‘just didn’t show’ twitter.com
Þe Political Hat @ThePoliticalHat🔁 Here is the "News of the Week" compilation of the #news politicalhat.com | #tcot #tlot #tpp #rsrh #AoSHQ
Ron Paul News @RonPaulNews🔁Five Minutes Five Issues: Napolitano Hotline, Imprisonment Rate, Assad Must Go, Charging Clapper, Rising Stocks twitter.com
Political Hat Blog @PoliticHatBlog🔁Here is the "News of the Week" compilation of the #news politicalhat.com | #tcot #tlot #tpp #rsrh #AoSHQ
SelfEvidentTruth @4RealWorldTruth🔁Reason: Shutdown Day 2: Donald Trump Urges 'Nuclear Option.' That's Not a Good Plan. trib.al twitter.com
Nik Nikos @NikCanada🔁NSA "Sincerely Regrets" Deleting All Bush-Era Surveillance Data It Was Ordered To Preserve ronpaullibertyreport.com
Jeffrey Morrison @jeffreymorrison🔁You don’t seem to understand negotiation “: The followup story should be about Lindsey Graham realizing Trump betrays twitter.com everyone and there’s no point in selling out to him. ”
┌П┐(•_•) @exposeliberals🔁Day 2 of - CNN worried gov shut down will cause asteroid to strike Earth goo.gl tps://twitter.com/i/web/status/955158513654771713" target="_blank">twitter.com
Pacific Pundit @PacificPundit🔁Day 2 of #SchumerShutdown - CNN worried gov shut down will cause asteroid to strike Earth goo.gl #tcot #tlot #maga
Obama Hussein @InObamaLand🔁Day 2 of - CNN worried gov shut down will cause asteroid to strike Earth goo.gl tps://twitter.com/i/web/status/955158298507948032" target="_blank">twitter.com
PortCityPisces @PortCityPisces🔁Eric Trump just revealed government shutdown “good for us” politically on FOX News (WATCH) - twitter.com


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