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Jennipher Eisenstein @mijemorkysav🔁@burgessdave #tlap thanks for a great chat!
Myralda Cantu @Dnew5thMathSci🔁 Animals come to life in their habitat!! #tlap @McIntireElem #fpslearn
Stella Pollard @Stella_Pollard🔁 Shout out to @burgessdave and everyone involved in a great #tlap chat tonight! ✌🏽
#tlap Alissa Meltzer @pondyprincipal🔁 A7 You have permission to rest.
#tlap Dave Schaller @dpschaller🔁 Eight more days to touch the life of a child! #engage #tlap #beUNcommon
#tlap Jason Clark @MrClarkIsChill🔁Not a 100% sure where I'm heading with this but we'll find out as I read on #TLAP @burgessdave
#tlap Amy @afrey79🔁 Follow your dreams @michelelkelly @JoyKirr #shiftthis #kidsdeserveit #aussieed #tlap #LLAP
Johanna @scienceullrich🔁Big changes ahead? Here are 5 Steps to Help Your Crew Embrace Change:
MsSLNorth @MsSLNorth🔁Reading. It can change a life. It can improve a life. It can save a life.
Nick Schumacher @nick_schumacher🔁I wanted to brag you up about this on I have been telling everyone I know about this accomplishment!
Karly Moura @KarlyMoura🔁@MrAguina Hey Nick!!!! =) Just got to see you in #TLAP =) #TOSAChat
Margie @TheRealMargie🔁Q6: Summer FUN: Forget all the rest of this for a second. Seriously...what are you going to do just for FUN? Details! Make me jealous
Principal Teacher @staci_erickson2🔁A6- lake trips! We have our own boat and spend lots of time at the lake! 😀 #tlap
Victor Embrey @victor_embrey🔁[New post] Waiting for a Hero: Students need your super-powers everyday!
Principal Teacher @staci_erickson2🔁A7- do something for yourself. Spend extra quality time with your precious family . #tlap
Kristi Hinze @KristiHinze🔁Welcome to ! Introduce yourself & tell us where you're from. Been here before? Please reply to someone joining the chat & welcome them!
Kristen Witt @KristenWitt13🔁 A3: Get creative! Schedule an #eduhike #coffeeedu #patioPD #photowalk etc. Get together, get active, talk edu! #tlap
Chase Palmer @maverickbear🔁Mindsets to teach our students! via
Jason Bretzmann @jbretzmann🔁 A3 More time for twitter chats, voxer discussions and meeting F2F and summit hopefully a Patio PD too
Andrew Martin @andrewmartin003🔁 I am also using @flipgrid for reflection and advice for next year's class. #tlap #edtechchat
Brandi Metts @bmetts35🔁If you've got the pieces, has worked up some official Fidget Spinner instructions for you:
Green Valley Middle @GVMSVikings🔁Q2 Avoid burnout! Take time for you this summer! How will you intentionally find time for self-care this summer?
jcorippo  @jcorippo🔁 is more than half full! Sign up asap to ge the awesome IC sandwiches!! Sessions:
Kris Byam @IWasHerky🔁@burgessdave Thanks for the inspiration! Should be fun, QR code treasure hunt will be great. I'll share more next week. #tlap
Elisabeth Bostwick @ElisaBostwick🔁Thanks so much for sharing this, ! Let's continue to foster this!
Kris Byam @IWasHerky🔁 @IWasHerky Amazing! Love it! #tlap
Jennifer Hogan @Jennifer_Hogan🔁 #ALedchat #tlap #edchat

Please join us @10:00pm central for #akedchat

Nick Schumacher @nick_schumacher🔁#ALedchat #tlap #edchat

Please join us @10:00pm central for #akedchat

Angie Ariza @TechAngieAriza🔁10 Benefits Of Inquiry-Based Learning @trev_mackenzie @sylviaduckworth #gisdlearning #sciencematters #tlap
Cori Orlando @CoriOrlando1🔁@cathylw2 I wrote a tiny bit about the power of it here: #tlap
Dan Ryder @WickedDecent🔁Q7: Summer Advice! Here's your chance! What is your best summer advice for educators? Share it here!!
Dan Ryder @WickedDecent🔁Q5: Let's Get Physical! Set some goals NOW! How will you address your health & fitness this summer? (Try community, btw)
Crystal Paek @paekcrystals🔁Thanks for the Qs @burgessdave they were perfect reminders that I need care and wellness too #tlap
jcorippo  @jcorippo🔁A3: So excited to present & hang w my peeps @ Looking forward to connecting peeps together!!
Dave Burgess @burgessdave🔁@MrsHayesGVES WE got your back!! #tlap You can do this! :)
Dave Burgess @burgessdave🔁@IWasHerky Amazing! Love it! #tlap
Dave Burgess @burgessdave🔁Got my books for my staff! Kicking it off with a treasure hunt, golden coins and me in a pirate suit.
Dave Burgess @burgessdave🔁@MrsNelsonSpH Glad to have you as a part of it! #tlap
Meghan Johann @JohannMundy🔁It's gonna be awesome! And Dave has already graciously donated some books to giveaway!
Tamara Letter @HCPSTinyTech🔁 @HCPSTinyTech No late pass required!! Always welcome! #tlap
Dave Burgess @burgessdave🔁@HCPSTinyTech No late pass required!! Always welcome! #tlap
Mrs. Hayes @MrsHayesGVES🔁Thanks @burgessdave for a great #tlap chat tonight. Now I have to survive 3+ more weeks til I can #summerlap!
Chanmi Chun @mrschun🔁Just had kalua pork for dinner right from my instant pot. Teachers/mommas best kitchen tool! Got to try the cracklin' chicken soon!
Dave Burgess @burgessdave🔁@TracyMailloux @JoyKirr Glad you are enjoying it!! #ShiftThis #tlap
Tara M Martin @TaraMartinEDU🔁Thanks for an AWESOMESAUCY (spicy-awesomesauce of course) chat tonight, Mr. Pirate!
Keep ROCKIN' it PEEPS! LOVE th e
Dave Burgess @burgessdave🔁@brandee_brandt Really appreciate you being here, Brandee!! #tlap


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