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#TheseCutsHurt#TheseCutsHurt love @onlythemuddy🔁 #SNAP plays a huge role in feeding people with disabilities clsphila.org #TheseCutsHurt
B.I.E. Felicia @FeministaJones🔁//twitter.com/HungerFreeCtr/status/924994144317181954" target="_blank">twitter.com
B.I.E. Felicia @FeministaJones🔁RT if you or someone you love has relied on Section 8, public housing, HUD funding, or other housing subsidies #TheseCutsHurt
#TheseCutsHurt enigma4ever @watergatesummer🔁 #TheseCutsHurt people with lots of money wanting to keep it all for themselves
#BlackWomenBeing @LeslieMac🔁My family used food stamps when I was growing. This critical support helped my Mother take a paycut for better opport twitter.com unities.
DAWG @wvdawg🔁Oh and this is why those with hunger experience need to be at the table on food policy discussions.
Malissa Wilkins @AfroVelvet🔁 Cuts to #SNAP will leave over 42 MILLION people without food assistance #staywoke #TheseCutsHurt #FarmBill
Barb's Burgers 🇭🇹 @barbs_olie🔁RT this if your family has ever used WIC to feed infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers
Real Food Chain @RFChain🔁 Programs like #SNAP and #Medicaid enable low-income families to use #FoodasMedicine to improve health. #TheseCutsHurt
faye kempe @bratcore🔁 Charity alone will not address hunger. We must have strong programs to keep families healthy and fed. #TheseCutsHurt
The Burnt @arieltmma🔁 71% of SNAP households have earned income #TheseCutsHurt #SNAPWorks
Leighayn @LeighaynC🔁: new data on food insecurity On a recent episode of ’s “Wha rewire.link t Else Happened?”
KG @kayyleighjo🔁bump: #TheseCutsHurt
oluko🐘✨ @indie_sunshine🔁 You shouldn't have to "work" to be valued as a human being.

People who can't work are still people. #TheseCutsHurt

Rachel N @little_foot_xX🔁 When my husband went through cancer treatments #snap helped feed us #TheseCutsHurt
Jennifer Spoeri @JenniferSpoeri🔁 Proposed cuts to HUD would be devastating to Philadelphia clsphila.org #TheseCutsHurt #Housing
EerilyQuietRiot @quietriot10🔁 Access to #SchoolBreakfast mean better academics for students! #TheseCutsHurt philly.com via @phillydotcom
Tiffany Perkins @TiffanyPerkins3🔁#TheseCutsHurt I graduated at the height of the recession and SNAP made it possible for me to contribute to my family home.
klhoughton @klhoughton🔁Medicaid kept Youngest Daughter in school.

School lunch program made certain both had one full meal every day.


Craig Zelizer @CraigZelizer🔁Senate budget calls 4 $653B cut in programs, incl. SNAP. Why that's a bad idea
Elizabeth Wakefield @ewakefie🔁 #TheseCutsHurt 23,000 of our active Military receives SNAP
Suzanne Flierl Krull @Suzanne_Krull🔁Checkout to read 1st hand accounts of how safety net programs like & help families & make our country better
Suzanne Flierl Krull @Suzanne_Krull🔁 when you're homeless and trying to maintain employment, provides essential support.
Gizmo Mathboy @gizmomathboy🔁 is critical for older adults who are facing food insecurity. clsphila.org
Diane Sullivan @FoodChoices4All🔁Former foster parent, needed to feed three young mouths. I couldn't have cared for them without it!
Conscientização @CCGPhD🔁 #TANF allowed me to focus on school instead of growing up too fast by trying to provide for my mom. #TheseCutsHurt
Will Thomas @WillCThomas🔁 We invite you to share your personal stories about how these programs have helped you & your family using #TheseCutsHurt
Spooky Lawyer @wwwunh🔁 For every 100 poor families in Pennsylvania, only 31 families receive cash assistance from TANF. #TheseCutsHurt
🙃🙃 @TianaHelenaDoll🔁If you live with disabilities and have relied on safety net programs, share why people with the most need
Ms_Twisted_N_Turned @Ms_TwistdNTurnd🔁 I'm 100% disabled & very poor. Still, they cut my food stamps to $15 a month because my pension went up $2. 😰Eating is hard
Becky Little @MsBeckyLittle🔁2. WH staffers concerned for Gates' family. Where is that concern for families who need #Medicaid #SNAP #TANF #WIC #CHIP? #TheseCutsHurt
amanda @_zazzles_🔁 [#TheseCutsHurt #SNAPMatters] Fearing cuts to SNAP, NJ group launches campaign nj1015.com @nj1015
amanda @_zazzles_🔁 Joe talks about the desperation that comes with being hungry. SNAP provides food and peace of mind.
Elizabeth LowerBasch @elb09🔁"Welfare reform" cut huge holes in the safety net. & TANF must be reformed to help families in need.
Jennifer Redwine @pookietooth🔁 From birth to age 18 Medicaid provided medical care for myself and 4 siblings while in #FosterCare #TheseCutsHurt
Little stone cottage @ltlstonecottage🔁Thank you Rep. 4 the support!
An important message about how Connecticut families
Joshua McGee @McGeekiest🔁When I was disabled, I was so poor that I couldn't afford a can opener. Food stamps bought me pop-top beans so I coul twitter.com d live.
Ghost Moff Snarkin @N7IRL🔁Renters struggle to keep up with rising housing costs. Who benefits from cuts to housing assistance?
Gizmo Mathboy @gizmomathboy🔁Expanding SNAP access for older adults could mean "inpatient hospital cost savings of $19 million"
WitnessesToHunger @Witnesses_Natl🔁Renters struggle to keep up with rising housing costs. Who benefits from cuts to housing assistance? #TheseCutsHurt docs.wixstatic.com


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