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Atsu @MoodyTako🔁 Hey its the voice of Frederick and Validar
The VoiceThe VoiceThe VoiceThe Voice tio cosa. @idiotcxsmic🔁 The most beautiful and sweetie person in this world. His voice is perfect and look like an angel.
Sté Panza @stepanzas2🔁 my wife @OfficialBrianaB has the voice of a fucking angel HOLY FUCK #SPNvan
The Voice tricia; skul @quinseol🔁 all of the quotes in @BTS_twt posters remembering me about the silent voice movie

#BTS #방탄소년단

The VoiceThe VoiceThe Voice airee 🌾🌙 @aireesanc🔁 New Season Of The Voice Premiers on September 25th! #TeamMiley all the way!
The VoiceThe Voice ∀ @_dopecouture🔁 My Muse, "the girl with one voice"
The Voice Gary Loper @GaryLoper🔁#TwitterTip
It takes a couple thousand tweets to find your voice in SM, U will discover the way 4 U and...
Preet Bharara @PreetBharara🔁Where is the voice of the Attorney General of the United States?
Pope Francis @Pontifex🔁When something makes us suffer, let us listen to the voice of Jesus in our hearts: “Do not fear! Go ahead! I am with you!”
Beau Willimon @BeauWillimon🔁Make your voice heard.
Type the words.

"We condemn white supremacy"

Our president won't say it. But we can. And we are millions.

Sté Panza @stepanzas2🔁@OfficialBrianaB being a queen as aways! The perfect song and the perfect voice to hear before going to sleep!
Selena Vargas @AnelesSagrav🔁 On behalf of the Toonami Faithful, we'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to the voice of Honey and Kid Trunks, @AlexisTiptonVA
(((MDMroczkowski))) @MDMJD🔁 Where is the voice of the Attorney General of the United States?
Bryana Fern @bryanafern🔁The difference in Spock's voice when he says, "Jim. Your name is Jim." His whole demeanor settles, clicks. He's home b/c he found his Capt.
SH👀KBOB SH👀KPANTS @galen_🔁when y'all both using your Caucasian voice at the drive thru, and you pull up to discover y'all both black 😂
Ad Ramesh K Sahu @rameshksahu🔁Who started the Marathi newspaper MookNayak, or the Mute Hero in 1920, to give a voice to untouchables in Indian society?
Luke Fram Burton @lukeframburton🔁 THIS is 'white people' oppression:

We used to be the only voice. Now we hold the only microphone.

Baby Rugged @ThatRapperAtlas🔁Hip hop is the otherwise untold voice of the American people in the media
destri r. @destriism🔁I heard someone shouted "Let's get it!!" on the background. Strangely sounds like Hyuk's voice. Been thinking this overnight 😂
Marie White Small @whitsall🔁 I'm proud to hear @11thHour Brian Williams play by play. It's serious business & his voice is the sound of history @MSNBC
straykitten @straykitten1🔁Replaced as the only voice in public discussions.
Replaced as the only bodies in the public arena.
Replaced as the only life that matters.
Erika ╪ ☂️ @MrsBarlow20🔁@pvera75 But the voice inside sings a different song, what is wrong with me?
Jane sharon @Janesharon5🔁 Then the Lord heard the voice of Elijah; and the soul of the child came back to him, and he revived.
I Kings 17:22 @TranscriberUK🔁@BarackObama You are the voice of reason & hope in a mad world, thank you. Wishing you & your lovely family a happy Sunday. ☺
Prexie Mendoza @MendozaPrexie🔁 And there within a mellow breeze that blows
I hear your voice in the sounds of a song


Rosalinda Estabaya @ERosalinda06🔁 When something makes us suffer, let us listen to the voice of Jesus in our hearts: “Do not fear! Go ahead! I am with you!”
evie @stilesndlyds🔁Damon's voice keeps breaking but especially when he says "You know what's real? The way you felt for me."
ً @bouncepinks🔁jyp says rose's ideal type matches the second guest (nice voice + plays guitar) and then miss jennie came out to shield her lmao
Nou. @ignoreppl🔁he blurred her face but he said her name&he didnt distort her voice her family could find this video and u dont know what the fuck theyd do
dean @yooseungwu🔁sistar performing ma boy live WHILE DANCING. hyolyn's flawless high notes?? soyou's silky voice? the sound of talent
Patsy @Patsy07973167🔁Arrest the judge who abetted this turmoil. No more permits should ever be allowed in Charlottesville. You ruined your protest voice.
akvile @EXPLICITAEYEON🔁The deathnote of completed!
1. Oh! (65.5**) ❌
2. The Boys (67.1**) ❌
3. My Voice (86**)❌
김준면 🐰 @oppaisgay🔁i love his brighter-than-the-sun smile bc it's VERY VERY contagious, it makes me smile too. i also love his clean voi ce and his aegyooooo
Patrick J @Pat_RickyM🔁 is becoming a critical political voice for just as he became its famous cultural icon. Humanizing the most dehumanized!
queen bee @abbybirkel🔁Not all Trump supporters are Nazis. But most, if not all, Nazis happen to be Trump supporters. That's the issue. Trump gives them a voice.
Ben @benno_76🔁@sdoc23 Enjoys the sound of his own voice a bit much for my liking
i'm 5SOS trash @Mikey5SOS_trsh🔁Music is more than hitting the right note. It's stories, breaking social norms, pain, giving minorities a voice, nostalgia, and so much more
Reef Allen @RAGLYBOYZLLC🔁Cant wait til I get a voice and stage for my people so I can use it I see why most of the blacks in entertainment and sports stick together
FPL MANIA 🇨🇽 @THEWWFPL🔁Watching @BBCMOTD loving the new graphics. And Sean Dyches croaky voice in HD #phwoaaaar
Brian Sapient @Sapient6000🔁Richard Painter is by far the best voice for the Republican party, now more than ever. This White House is infested with Nazis.

Danielle @DaniRickard09🔁@rejects I miss his voice, his intelligence, his face, his wife, I miss having someone classy in the White House
OnTheHorizon @VanDerWoestyne🔁@ezlusztig the right has always had a voice & whites have never been suppressed State ur true agenda, this is not about freedom of speech.
Poptart @blkkcatt🔁There you go expecting the top Nazi to learn about anything. He does not care. He is THEIR VOICE.
윙훈 @IPNEEDAH🔁 why do i feel like jihoon likes to scream with his high pitched voice at the dorm and fights woojin over nothing
Tsuru-san @tsurugami🔁@nishikidono CRI CUS THE VOICE IS JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL
#WethePeople @kagode12🔁The evil white supremacist are a voice for Republicans now. Firing Bannon, Gorka and Miller would be a good start to clean up the WH
‏ً @sIideonme🔁I hate that my mom discovered that apple voice message shit now she can yell at me from anywhere in the world
Libertine Alice. @msvincentvega🔁Listening to lectures online- lecturer is German and his disembodied voice makes me think of Klaus the fish
Salty humsherra @PahaSotaherra🔁coran: you must guide the paladins, they are still children
shiro: but I'm still a children
allura: you're 25
shiro, his voice breaking: but
Hely Näveri @helymarita🔁 Jeff Sessions: where is your voice? Where is the announced investigation? What the holy hell is wrong with you?


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