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Star Lord 6-10 @DongleActionHD🔁@mahogany_woulds for thinking the Titans had a shot to beat the Patriots.....
The Titans Ike Faria @IkeFaria1🔁 Did the Titans ever have a chance?
The Titans Hamza @Hamza_631🔁 TOM BRADY & THE PATRIOTS DOMINATE THE TITANS 35-14!!
#TENvsNE #GoPats #NotDone
B L A K E @_bro680x🔁 Patriots lead the Titans 21-7 at halftime #TENvsNE #GoPats #NotDone
Tony X. @soIoucity🔁*Titans accidentally blink while on the field *


Tennessee Titans @Titans🔁OH MY GOODNESS!

scores his first touchdown on a one-handed catch in the AFC Divisional Playoffs!

Jason Isbell @JasonIsbell🔁Titans just got penalized because my wife and I parked in the wrong spot at the studio yesterday
Northeast Cards @NorthEastCards🔁 Marcus Mariota says he's 'embarrassed' by playoff loss to Patriots - Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota tal ks after a loss to the New England Patriots in the Di
Chase Minton @minton_chase🔁@Titans made it to the second round of the playoffs. That’s the first time since 2003. So I’m not upset with that.
Get Cam some weapons!! @Tha1EJ🔁No team should have to fight the other team and the damn refs. #Titans #TENvsNE #Patriotpenaltysmatter
Eli ㊙️ @EliCCole🔁The Titans are pure shit.
Mike James @MikesOnline🔁 The Titans have been given a 15 yard penalty for existing.
Babe Ruth Cards @baberuthcards🔁 Marcus Mariota says he's 'embarrassed' by playoff loss to Patriots - Tennessee Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota tal ks after a loss to the New England Patriots in the Di
I sort of want people to start calling me GG again @Llamaswithclass🔁 if the Patriots are called the Pats how come the Titans aren't called the Tits
Mozzarella Fellah @TheWahooo🔁The Patriots didn’t look distracted on Saturday night.

"Being on the field, it’s a great place. That’s where you go prove it,” Brady said.

Seattle Patriot @seattle_patriot🔁The ' 8 sacks of Marcus Mariota in the divisional round win over the are the most ever for New England in a postseason game and tied for second most all time in an playoff game.
T @trsynsh🔁His stats aren’t good. He had good numbers in the Pac12 because no one plays defense in that conference - but even i n college, when facing other power 5 schools in big games his td/int ratios sucked. I think he’s mediocre, frankly.
TinyHandsMcGee @8over3🔁I gotcha. Funnily enough my dad who cursed me with Bengals fandom hated the Oilers bc old AFC Central. I became a se mi Titans fan for maybe 2 yrs when I first got to WKU in 99 but felt like I was cheating on the Bengals and couldn't fully convert. Lol.
Daniel Hayes @DanielHayes1986🔁The Tennessee Titans had a good season. I believe we will make some changes during off season with the coaching staff and get ready for 2018

scores his first touchdown on a one-handed catch in the AFC Divisional Playoffs!

Travis Haire @Oatsdbl🔁VICTORY!!! Your New England Patriots advance to their 7th straight AFC Championship game with a dominating 35-14 win over the Tennessee Titans!


98.5 The Sports Hub @985TheSportsHub🔁PHOTOS: Scenes from the #Patriots' 35-14 divisional round win over the Titans
Paulina @paulinaburrito🔁Oh look the Titans folded like a lawn chair. Shocker.
Thomas Overton @TommyOvertonLaw🔁Officiating in Titans game was pathetic!First half bad calls really changed the complexion of the game!Shame on you NFL!
sweetkate @sweetkatess🔁 SPECIAL ELECTION JAN 16! Patriots to the Polls!

Find polling place:
Spread word w/' Circle:

Dextzer @Dextzerr🔁Not even arguing over that anymore. Titans were completely ripped off the game the moment New England saw that one h anded touchdown catch when there was clearly defensive pass interference that was never called. That's the moment everything flipped penalty wise. I'm arguing 1/2
Raytwy @Raytwy🔁@TheMetsGuru @Titans Ban the NFL DON’t watch them, there is some that still does not honor our flag. Ban them
615 @nukebomb25🔁The Titan season is over but I had the opportunity to spend tons of time around that team, a great group of men and a classy organization. Can’t wait to see what moves they make this off-season
John Hernandez @JHernandez_AZ🔁 Is that enough to reverse the "vote of confidence," or do we have to wait for Marcus to be horrible through 3 games next year? That play calling was embarrassing. So is Mularkey. So is being a Titan fan in the West. Love Dick LeBeau.. but we need new blood.
Cardinals: 8-8 @rmcmanus03🔁While Derek Carr, Andrew Luck, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, Jared Goff and Jameis Winston are sitting at home, our 24-year-old franchise QB is throwing TD passes in the divisional round.
Chris Lane @iamchriislane🔁 Going to @fglhouse to watch the Titans Game tonight!👌🏻


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