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#sunchat Chris Cline @chrisclinewcps🔁Is College Education Worth It? Thought provoking read #wcpsmd #edchat #sunchat
Salome Thomas-EL @Principal_EL🔁When you are in school administration you are "adding" to the ministry! Leadership is service! You don't can't lead!
#sunchat Todd C. Armistead @tcarmistead🔁 The power of appreciation... #satchat #sunchat
#sunchat Leonie Bennett @leonie_hastings🔁 #3006 Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking. — Black Elk

#sunchat #AussieEd

Eli Casaus @MrCoachEli🔁Do good! All the time, as long as you can! The world needs you!
Kasey Winegar @MissWinegar🔁When is #sunchat coming back? I look forward to this weekly chat! #Back2School
💡uıɯəɥɔnɐəq sıɹɥɔ ツ @meChrisB🔁Thought for life and work
Joe Archer @ArcherJoe🔁Awesome teachers create learning around students instead of trying to force students into learning. #edchat#divergED
Dear Teacher @DearTeacherLT🔁What are your GIF feelings, ?
Beverlee WSD @BeverleeWSD1🔁{New Post} Schools Should Be Places Where the Present and Future Collide
Nicholas A. Ferroni @NicholasFerroni🔁Heading to Chicago to speak to the amazing teachers at the East Maine District. I'll see you and your staff soon, @paulahbeck. #sunchat
Dr. Erik Youngman @Erik_Youngman🔁Reminders to foster , , , , & a .
Spiri Howard @itsmeSpiri🔁Transforming the world one small step at a time..
Kristen Wilson @klws04🔁Did U read this?

Aaron S Blackwelder @AaronSBlackwel1🔁Join & me TONIGHT at 9E/6P for on going gradeless in special education!
Lee Ann Jung @leeannjung🔁Join & me TONIGHT at 9E/6P for on going gradeless in special education!
Kelly Hart @MrsHartSMS🔁We don't need more hours in school, we need to do school differently within those hours.
Lisa Nelson @1in5awareness🔁 w/ R in every classroom, let's identify them early!
TeamTom Education @TeamTomWaters🔁Did I say, Ultimate. Meant to say, Ultimate Bback to School Classroom Checklist. #edchat #sunchat #teaching
TeamTom Education @TeamTomWaters🔁Back2School Classroom Management reminders you can't live without!
#sunchat #teaching via @teamtomwaters
TeamTom Education @TeamTomWaters🔁Authority + cooperative + fair = good classroom manager. #sunchat #teaching via @teamtomwaters
TeamTom Education @TeamTomWaters🔁Students can not learn at optimum levels in chaotic & unstructured environments. #sunchat #teaching
TeamTom Education @TeamTomWaters🔁Your vision in the classroom will make or break your expectations for students. #sunchat #teaching
Dr. Randall Sampson @RandallSampson🔁We are kidding ourselves when we say "data-driven" is not important; data matters tremendously.
Bad 2 Bone @MaddoxMags🔁MORNING!
Wishing our awesome , and all patriots, a lovely and peaceful Sunday. ♡

Toni Mardis @ToniMardis🔁 Please join us! 😀
#HackLearning #sunchat #edchat #geniushour
Joan Spicer @JoanSpicer2🔁Model respect. Model compassion. Model understanding. Teach your students to make a difference.
Arpan Chokshi @mrchokshi🔁"White supremacists are not patriots..we are stronger than you...we are a nation of immigrants"
#sunchat #educolor
David Chalk @teacherchalky1🔁A Level Biology: Modelling protein synthesis teaching activity via @YouTube

#ukedchat #edchat #sunchat #aussieED

TL Willow Boudell @TLBoudell🔁People learn to hate. We need better lessons for a better future. #sunchat
Karen Walker Carr @karenwcarr🔁A colleague (@amy_jeff95 ) is searching for resources for Google Classroom. Help? #sunchat #edchat #geniushour #hacklearning
David Chalk @teacherchalky1🔁Looking for inspiration? Check out my blog

EdTech @EdGameTec🔁Is College Education Worth It? Thought provoking r ead
TL Willow Boudell @TLBoudell🔁Reducing bullying in classrooms will be easier if we can stop bullying by the leaders our students are taught to admi re.
Lisa Nelson @1in5awareness🔁Did U read this?
Lee Araoz @LeeAraoz🔁Please join us! 😀
#HackLearning #sunchat #edchat #geniushour
TL Willow Boudell @TLBoudell🔁I think I need to go back to sleep for a while, then! #Sunchat
Darren Ellwein @dellwein🔁Thought for life and work
Bonnie Nieves @biologygoddess🔁 Please help/RT if you can! #KidsDeserveIt #sunchat #caedchat
Adam Welcome @awelcomePlease help/🔁//" target="_blank">
EdSurge @EdSurge🔁Guest joins our next to discuss Helping Introverts Get Heard in the Classroom
Susan M. Bearden @s_bearden🔁Finland found a proven way to combat bullying. Here's what it'll take to make it work in the US. #digcit #sunchat
Michele Hill @HillMrispo🔁#sunchat Let them lead their own learning!
Michele Hill @HillMrispo🔁#sunchat Imagine if they ALL mattered!
Chris Quinn @ChrisQuinn64🔁Transforming the world one small step at a time..
Harishkumar @Harish_03🔁Do what you love and everything else will fall into place.
AmericanME @AmericanLuvSong🔁MORNING!
Wishing our awesome , and all patriots, a lovely and peaceful Sunday. ♡
GaggleInc @GaggleInc🔁Do what you love and everything else will fall into place.
Adam Schoenbart @MrSchoenbart🔁NEW POST: My Assignment Calendar: Why This Google Doc is a Must Have in Your Classroom at
Dawn Casey-Rowe @runningdmc🔁@nalang1 That's a big one. I remember 2 stories of being told I'd fail as a student teacher. Guess what: They were wrong. #sunchat
DeplorablePatriot @DonnaL12🔁 Gov Mcauliffe welcomes all trannies to his state


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