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Viki Rowland @RowlandViki🔁 HAPPENING NOW: Pres. Trump meeting with first responders at BSO #stonemanshooting @WPLGLocal10
#stonemanshooting#stonemanshooting#stonemanshooting#stonemanshooting Sarah Becher @sarahbecher🔁 texts i never thought i’d have to send. today was absolutely surreal. #stonemanshooting
Susan Jacobson @JacobsonSusan🔁 Long line of people here for vigil outside NRA headquarters. #StonemanShooting
#stonemanshooting Education Advocate @Advocate4Ed🔁 “Let’s put the rights of our children above any other right.” - Sheriff Israel #stonemanshooting
#stonemanshooting PRIYANKA @priyankachopra🔁This has to stop! Children should be able to go to school and come back home alive. Heartbroken. 💔#stonemanshooting
Rep. Eric Swalwell @RepSwalwell🔁To every lawmaker in America who supports assault weapons, I ask: is the benefit you derive from allowing weapons of twitter.com war on our streets greater than the losses felt by families who’ve lost a loved one from their use? If not, let’s work immediately to ban them.
Rep. Eric Swalwell @RepSwalwell🔁Turns out the victims’ families and friends are fed up, too. They’re speaking up & are not a shield for those who wis twitter.com h to do nothing.

Poppies on Fire @PoppiesonFire🔁I’m LIVE outside NRA HQ. Hundreds here holding a vigil for , demanding stricter gun laws.
oz62 @oz62🔁Florida Governor Rick Scott has called on the FBI Director to resign over the . While that may be needed, the governor himself should resign as well. He obviously didn't do enough after the Pulse Shooting to protect Floridians from mass shootings.
Woof @nichole9099🔁She survived by "hobbling away" & her first comment was "It's harder to buy a puppy than an AR-15"

Lata Mishra @lata_MIRROR🔁This has to stop! Children should be able to go to school and come back home alive. Heartbroken. 💔
A Woman Scorned @DeepStateAgent2🔁If you were at the NRA tonight, you saw this. A ton of anger and frustration over the status quo.
Softy @itsdestinybabe_🔁Students protest outside South Broward High in wake of Parkland shooting wsvn.com
free will supports #POTUS and #Q @flagforhumans🔁🚨‘Holy CRAP!’ Deputies called to Florida high school gunman’s home 39 TIMES since 2010🚨

Listen. @ttlovatic🔁Watching the news and seeing the videos from the makes my heart hurt. I can only imagine the pain of the people affected by this. My prayers go out to these families and to all of humanity.


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