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#spiritchat Be Reminded @AncientRefresh🔁"We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son...."
John 1:14
#BibleVerse #GoodNews #Quote #SpiritChat
Charles Snell @charles_snell🔁 When we help ourselves, we help others. When we help others, we help ourselves. A7 #spiritchat
Angel Fyre @Angel_Fyre1🔁"Just keep swimming!" - Dory #spiritchat
#spiritchat Tony Vengrove @Tony_Vengrove🔁 A6 we need to listen to others but we have to make our own decisions #spiritchat @SunbonSmart🔁 A4) Don't be so focused on pulling the weeds that you miss the beauty of the wildflowers #SpiritChat
lillian lake @llake🔁 A7 Whatever I give to community, I also give to myself. We are one. #spiritchat
mohammedali @KingsWinners🔁 Thank you all for sharing your love and light this beautiful Sunday morning. I am deeply grateful. #spiritchat 🙏🏽💙✨🌟🌞
Pankaj Bansal @PankajBansalPB🔁 Q5. The 'balance' between heart (compassion) or mind (intellect) is often the toughest. Agree or disagree? Why? #SpiritChat
Pankaj Bansal @PankajBansalPB🔁 Q7. The community (world) needs our contribution. The Self wants us to focus on 'me'. Now what? #SpiritChat
Laura Kelly @sportysg🔁 LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE ~ A truth that can not be suppressed #Charolettesville #spiritchat
Pankaj Bansal @PankajBansalPB🔁 Q6. In (spiritual) practice, 'Self-Reliance' or 'Seeking Guidance'? What is the tradeoff here, if any? #SpiritChat
Mister Mxyzptlk @americanheart01🔁Yes. I got that after reading a few comments. That's why I moved on. Improvement comes through Christ, not oneself.
Pankaj Bansal @PankajBansalPB🔁 'Our own self-realization is the greatest gift we can give to the world" - Ramana Maharishi // #SpiritChat A7
Pankaj Bansal @PankajBansalPB🔁 Q4. How may we leave some room in our life for chance (serendipity), and yet maintain some 'control'? Can we? #SpiritChat
Freon Tee @nviolet97🔁Have you heard about ghost marriage?


ELEVEN @Elevenpsychic🔁#TheLawofAttraction is bringing us positive energy workers together. #spiritchat
Gaylynn Robinson @gmrwatercolors🔁 #SpiritChat 7.2 " A kind act is like a always comes back.
Sadaf Afzal @Patsy_Sadaf🔁 Trading self respect to make others comfortable is not a wise choice. It is self sabotage. A2 #spiritchat
Real Marsha Wright @marshawright🔁 Your legacy is every life you touch - Maya Angelou thru Oprah Winfrey #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha #spiritchat
Michele Mathews @MathewsMichele🔁 A3 Don't give up. Listen for heart direction. All things in their own time. #SpiritChat
Michele Mathews @MathewsMichele🔁Getting back to basics sounds like a doable solution. Chaos comes by over-complicating the simple actions in our daily lives. #spiritchat
Michele Mathews @MathewsMichele🔁Sometimes it's enough to just breathe🌷... #spiritchat
Michelle 🐶💖👻 @CmreddingDoodle🔁 #spiritchat Wow sounds like a great title for a @BrianJCano show this young man is the best ever at what he does! 😃😂😃
Michele Mathews @MathewsMichele🔁 A1 Spiritual food and nutrition makes me feel strong, and nourished, like I care about my body #spiritchat
Michele Mathews @MathewsMichele🔁 A6 Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust and let go...and see what happens #SpiritChat
Maryanne @GhostHost5844🔁#spiritchat Wow sounds like a great title for a @BrianJCano show this young man is the best ever at what he does! 😃😂😃
Nuge @NugeMusic🔁Love each other #spiritchat
Bobby Allyn @Whatever_Is_Is🔁Your legacy is every life you touch - Maya Angelou thru Oprah Winfrey #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha #spiritchat
Bassam Sayad @bassamsayad🔁@AjmaniK New to #SpiritChat from Abu Dhabi. A8) Self doubt is a rusty chain on the spirit. Break it and let the spirit soar.
Cindy T. Graham, PhD @cindytgrahamphd🔁Thx!! I consider people w/this profile the "perpetual philosopher" if you will. There is peace w/coming to the end of questions.
Cindy T. Graham, PhD @cindytgrahamphd🔁 @cindytgrahamphd @AjmaniK What a great perspective. Makes sense. TY #SpiritChat
Cindy T. Graham, PhD @cindytgrahamphd🔁Both exist on spectrum. Distinct but have overlap. Some nonspiritual people with high emotional IQ; some spiritual p eople w/low.
Pathways 2 Wholeness @JanetNestor🔁 On FB? Join our group at Thank you! #SpiritChat
Pathways 2 Wholeness @JanetNestor🔁 A7 sometimes a focus on the "me" is what the community needs... do as I do, not as I say. #SpiritChat
Essvari AI @Essvari🔁A10) I think I just took that action by joining the #Spiritchat & #PeopleSkills chat. Truly inspiring 👏
SolDawn @SolDawn🔁First time here!
Tradeoff? 4 me, solution is gentle redirection: Am I authentic in my words/acts? The answer inspires Solution
Jacqui Eckert @jacqui_eckert🔁 Life is all about give and take. Tradeoff is part of flow, part of life. A1 #spiritchat
Jacqui Eckert @jacqui_eckert🔁 What you give away makes room for something else to come. A2 #spiritchat
Jacqui Eckert @jacqui_eckert🔁 to paraphrase Buddha, "when the student is ready, the teacher comes." are you ready? A3 #spiritchat
Erin Leach @ErinErinleach🔁 is to by helping to starting Coming
Kumud Ajmani @AjmaniK🔁 A6 be in community of love - choose love consciously - seek connection, not isolation #spiritchat
Kumud Ajmani @AjmaniK🔁@joanncorley It is overused quite a bit... often to one's detriment... #SpiritChat
Peter Malcolm @anyidea🔁 is to by helping to starting Coming
Jandis Price @jandis_price🔁 A5. Together we can minimize the evil in human hearts w/ spiritual awakening and growth. #PeopleSkills #SpiritChat
Kumud Ajmani @AjmaniK🔁@letmemoveyou It's like the "two birds in a tree" analogy from the #Upanishad :) #SpiritChat
Kumud Ajmani @AjmaniK🔁 A8 Follow your heart. Trust that the Universe always has your back. Enjoy the journey. #spiritchat
Kumud Ajmani @AjmaniK🔁 Thank you Kumud @AjmaniK and all on #spiritchat for the inspiration to surrender, allow, Be.
Smokey DaFino @KavaScott🔁
Candles, a warm bath and a J will do; they will do just fine as a personal ritual to find your Tao.
Kumud Ajmani @AjmaniK🔁A8: Try it! And research&talk to those "in the water". See if their experience aligns w/what u want.
Mister Mxyzptlk @americanheart01🔁Not sure what #spiritchat is. Please explain. I haven't seen any reference to the actual Holy Spirit or God.
Hoda Maalouf @MaaHoda🔁 @MaaHoda @LinkedIn Great 1 min read on #kindness #KindnessMatters #SpiritChat
Sairee Chahal @Sairee🔁Not long beyond summer, will annuals thrive / yet their ability is unmatched, in bringing days alive! ~
Kumud Ajmani @AjmaniK🔁 Aloha to all. So wonderful to connect and share hearts with you. Grateful. Very grateful. NaMahalo, @ajmaniK :) #spiritchat
Aurora @AurorainAlaska🔁#spiritchat Does this have anything to do with Hillary?
Leia Cator (ˆ◡ˆ)❀ @mscator🔁just beautiful, you two. #spiritchat #honoredtobeapartof
Dawn @dbbstubbs🔁@AjmaniK Q7 Balance Community and help community, you (me) must first be balanced #spiritchat
Consciously Awesome @consciouslyawe🔁LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE ~ A truth that can not be suppressed #Charolettesville #spiritchat
Pathways 2 Wholeness @JanetNestor🔁 A lot of threads are woven here every week... and strengthened outside this space. Both are important :) #SpiritChat
Pathways 2 Wholeness @JanetNestor🔁 A5: We need compassionate intellect. #spiritchat
Pathways 2 Wholeness @JanetNestor🔁 A5: We need character that inspires us to do our best for as many as possible, no matter our differences. #spiritchat
Dawn @dbbstubbs🔁Dive in..If you fail you tried. If you don't try nothing good can come if it. #spiritchat
Pathways 2 Wholeness @JanetNestor🔁A8 I would say: I'd rather have a life of "oh wells" than a life full of "what ifs" Dive in!
Pathways 2 Wholeness @JanetNestor🔁I always leave with a heart full of . Thank you all for sharing your Light. Love to you all. Namaste. ❤️
Pathways 2 Wholeness @JanetNestor🔁 @llake here's a link #SpiritChat
Brenda Hanley @BrendaLHanleyAgreed 🔁//" target="_blank">
Shelley Lundquist @letmemoveyou🔁Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. You can only create change by building in the now. #spiritchat
Essvari AI @Essvari🔁 In this 10amET hour, join #PeopleSkills chat w/@katenasser ~ Today: Inspirational People Skills Quotes / #SpiritChat
Maggie Mistal @MaggieMistal🔁@noelneu @mscator Going to take this to heart Noel. #spiritchat
Never lose hope @InMyHouse🔁 Thank you, everyone for sharing your wisdom and words. They have filled my heart, and centered my mind. #spiritchat


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