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ryan @Ryanjs3🔁 Lmao South Park on 😂😂😂
South ParkSouth Park Eric Smith @Stryker1063🔁 Oh my God, there's a hairy redneck wearing an @steveaustinBSR tee in the new South Park episode! 😂😂
Gwen Simmons @lipoptiore1971🔁south park pussy tori spelling naked
South Park りお @wurara🔁 South Park screwed with people’s Amazon Echos and Google Homes last night
South Park Suntansea @suntansea🔁 South Park is avoiding Trump, but still hasn't learned its lesson:
South Park Liam Hoofe @LiamHoofe🔁 South Park Season 21 Episode 1 Review – ‘White People Renovating Houses’
Rotten Tomatoes @RottenTomatoes🔁South Park is back!!! Are you excited? #SouthPark21
South Park @SouthPark🔁The first episode of South Park premiered August 13, 1997. Welcome to #SouthPark21
Kristian Williams @kaptainkristian🔁Ironic that a video detailing how adspace on South Park became some of Comedy Central's most valuable is deemed unsui table for advertisers.
Osyp Lebedowicz @OsypL🔁 South Park triggers @amazonecho and @GoogleHomeworld
Show Me Your Tweets @jamesmaynardd🔁South Park season 21 prediction:
Fucking lame
Chris Smith @ChrisSmithTree🔁Who else’s Alexa’s keep going off every time Cartman says something on the Alexa during this South Park episode 😂
KhathuTha🐐 @TheLoneVenda🔁TODAY IS THE DAY 🙌! Make sure you tune into ​122 tonight @ 21:00 CAT for South Park | 24 hours express from the US ✔️.
Josie @Josie_Fille🔁 I don't trust any boys but I especially don't trust boys who like South Park
Honey @HoneyLiciousYT🔁Ugh...really disappointed with the latest south park episode. I just want it to be about the main boys again. Getting sick of this
Mazhar Shehzaad @MazharShehzaad🔁 It f*cks me up that 21 year olds have never lived in a world without South Park.
jackshit @jackshitkiddo🔁i still need to finish the last season of south park then start thr new one
Super Rugby Fans @SuperRugbyFans🔁Leinster players Isa Nacewa and Jamison Gibson-Park denied entry to South Africa due to visa issues
♛ Delusion ♛ @ItsDelusion🔁I drank grape gfuel a few hours ago and now I'm wide awake watchin South Park :D

what are yall up to at this unorthodox hour?

stephen hand @railronin🔁 South...
Sarah Jones- Huddson @sjhuddson14🔁@Alyssuhhhjones_ your grey anatomy and South Park shit
Park Tavern @Parktavern2🔁🏉 Chichester V
📍 Oaklands Park
🗓 Saturday 16th September
⌚️ 3pm KO
🏆London 1 South
South coast derby
Be there!

Korgman @TheKorgman🔁Alexa took our jobs. South Park is back!
Saltinnee @Saltinnee2🔁⚡️ “South Park messed with people's Amazon Echos and Google Homes”

Noah @Noah683🔁 We have an Alexa and a Google Home and South Park repeatedly screwed with both of them tonight.
Valérie de Maulmin @v2maulmin🔁A stunning new sculpture park by Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand opens on the French Riviera.
Jet @Sheck_o🔁 south park is the most genius show ever and even more genius bcuz ppl just think its foolish.. its the lil b of cartoons
#FamousLastWords @ComedyCentralAF🔁TODAY IS THE DAY 🙌! Make sure you tune into ​122 tonight @ 21:00 CAT for South Park | 24 hours express from the US ✔️.
John Mbuwa @JohnMbuwa🔁I liked a @YouTube video South Park Live 24/7 1080pHD - South Park Full Episodes
Chloe Cameron @kt5iJJubEncfgtT🔁 I love South Park
hook$ @hooksventura🔁can’t wait to get off & watch the new south park
Alex Orians @ALEX_ORIANS🔁 kicked off with a scathing episode on white supremacy, home improvement shows, and... Alexa.
Senior Man 🐻 @Seyi__🔁@Dxski_ LMFAOOOOOO South Park is mad!!!!!!!!!! The first episode ehn!
кιиg @ER0S3G🔁 South Park the goat 😂😂 😭
brandon john smith @brandonjohnsmi4🔁@deplorable_kevG @thusspokelaura South park been doing this since the 90s where u been
KarinIntheUSA @Karin7165🔁 South Park premiere just ripped blue collar entitlement
Kerry Peters @Kezzer99🔁Champions! I just guided Park South to 1st place in The Prem [Pro App]
Rollermiam @Rollermiam🔁Ironic that a video detailing how adspace on South Park became some of Comedy Central's most valuable is deemed unsuitable for advertisers.
Old Habits BriHard @BriHardGaming🔁Who the fuck mixed the audio in the new South Park episode?
Fernanda Romano @fefaromano🔁 messed with people's and devices in hilarious fashion
GMTR Hooch @gmtrhooch🔁Just posted! Lets Play South Park The Stick of Truth ep3
milmul @Milmul13🔁We can't wait to play South Park: The Fractured But Whole on the monitor as it releases Oct 17! RT if you're excited
Lizeth Holloway @LizethHolltm🔁 New South Park and Broad City 😎
HPERISCOTH @HPERISCOTH1🔁‘South Park’ screwed with people’s Amazon Echos and Google Homes last night
Sakhile® @sakhilerusty🔁Auckland Park 😔 😢 😭 💔 South Africa is lawless, Criminals have taken over. Ladies stay safe.

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LucindaLC @LucindaLC🔁South Park takes down white supremacists in scathing season 21 premiere
Visit Felixstowe @VisitFelixstowe🔁: Jack Wilkinson's Prom Walk this Sun. In aid of . Starts 1030 @ South Kiosk, Martello Park. Register on 07743 858645 .
UK Entertainment @_UKent🔁'South Park' Season Premiere Takes on Charlottesville and the White Working Class
Entertainment News @15MinuteNewsEnt🔁'South Park' Grows Up At 21 With Subtle (!) Swipe At White Supremacists #Entertainment
Jake @BoogAndBoojie🔁South Park is great
Charlotte Annelise @charannelise🔁I'm so happy that South Park is back, that is one out of two shows I actually care about
edgar allen peri @luci_bot🔁ITS HE i dream of south park and do you are you are toast.
Brian #DVDBunker @Hurstcules🔁 damn South Park weak premiere
Urban Dick Bot @UrbanDickBot🔁retarded soulja boy fan: look at me, i listen to a guy that sounds like timmy from south park
David Gulli @DavidGulli🔁South park triggering my Alexa unit all the way though the episode with Alexa commands is both brilliant and evil. #southpark
Terry Snow @TheTerrySnow🔁South Park never disappoints...
Gemma Houston @GemmaHoust9bv🔁 bro, if you watch south park with me then don't ever expect to walk out my life 😅💗
flora matic @floramatic1🔁Loving In Tandem Tour At South Park Alabang

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Logan Smith @LvnLaVidaLogan🔁So the new South Park was garbage. Really had my hopes up with that one 🤦‍♂️
Mike Jones @MikeWJones🔁The new South Park episode was the perfect sattire mixed in with low brow humor. Hilarious and on-point.
Sickly Beard @SicklyBeards🔁Sick Beard: Started Download: South Park - 21x01 - White People Renovating Houses
Book Man @35mmbookman🔁 @AfroMiscreant They're almost ALL that, huh? Like the only one that's not Quirky Irreverent Family is fucking South Park.
Big Poll Chev @ThisIsChev🔁I love playing a new game and literally losing track of time. I don't even watch South Park and Stick of Truth has been great.
Stefan Constantine @WhatTheBit🔁SOUTH PARK IS BACK
lil-mut @ygmutzy420🔁Anyone else geek so hard at last nights new season of South Park?
Trilllizard @trilllizard420🔁i wouldn't write that much about fucking south park even when i was a dumbass teen obsessed with it lmao


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