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#SIFF2017 Steven D Yee @notanerd🔁Bad Black - Best. Midnight. Ever. Ugandan insanity topped with veejay that put rifftrax to shame. #SIFF2017
#SIFF2017 FilmWonk @filmwonk🔁‘Silicon Valley’ Showdown: “The Big Sick”, “Entanglement” (#SIFF2017)
#SIFF2017 Pan Pacific Seattle @PanPacificSea🔁Join us for the Seattle International Film Festival! #SIFF2017 #TheSIFFening #SIFFLounge #visitseattle 📷@SIFFnews
#SIFF2017 Paul Carlson @PNicky32🔁#SIFF2017 day 4 suggestions!
@stepthemovie @8borders8days #BrigsbyBear
#SIFF2017 classicmovieblg @classicmovieblg🔁About to see the first Secret Fest screening of #SIFF2017 and that's all I have to say about that. #shhhh
#SIFF2017 Clinton McClung @ResidentClinton🔁Commando Jesus and Ebola Hunter (@colonelmortimer) at Big Black. Hooray for @Wakaliwood! SUPA ACTION! #SIFF2017
#SIFF2017 Scott Iwata @ScottIwata🔁Lunch between shows #SIFF2017 (@ Roti Cuisine of India in Seattle, WA)
#SIFF2017 Christopher Rufo @rufodox🔁Having a blast at #SIFF2017 with my lovely wife @skprufo!
#SIFF2017 Filmmaker.MBA @FilmmakerMBA🔁Having a blast at #SIFF2017 with my lovely wife skprufo!
#SIFF2017 Adam Gehrke @AdamGehrke🔁At the first #SIFF2017 screening of STEP. I hear the standby ticket line is huge! Good thing this screens mon at 4p
#SIFF2017 Christopher Rufo @rufodox🔁Explore virtual reality at #SIFF2017. Great #films in the Filmmakers Lounge. @SIFFnews
#SIFF2017 Filmmaker.MBA @FilmmakerMBA🔁Explore virtual reality at #SIFF2017. Great #films in the Filmmakers Lounge. SIFFnews
#SIFF2017 steve schwartzman @shlomobruce🔁Weekend one #SIFF2017 is coming to an end. #allancarr #grounchomarx @kevanfunk #stepislife
#SIFF2017 SIFF @SIFFnews🔁It's a packed house for the #SIFF2017 screening of @stepthemovie! #stepislife
#SIFF2017 Aileen fowler @rgnwater🔁 It's a packed house for the #SIFF2017 screening of @stepthemovie! #stepislife
#SIFF2017 Farayi Chiro @MasikaTech🔁'Freedom is to make a decision...' 8 Bourders, 8 Days #SIFF2017 👊🏿✊🏿👍🏿 #refugees
Nilanjan Datta @papdatta🔁 Who's ready to go to @LeftNutBrewing?
Special s/o to @MoonshineATL for sponsoring our after party! #SIFF2017
Dustin Anglin @dustinanglin🔁Brigsby Bear is the quirky love child of Room and Be Kind Rewind. It's remarkably sweet and innocent, feel-good and fun. #SIFF2017
Mike Ward @ShouldISeeIt🔁Super psyched to see one of my top 3 most anticipated movies at "STEP"!
Vulcan Inc. @VulcanInc🔁Seattle premiere of begins now!
Director attending tonight & tomorrow for QA after film
Elliot Cossum @BUDDYREADSwPHD🔁I'm not bawling uncontrollably because of how amazingly touching @BrigsbyBear is, I am not! #SIFF2017 @SIFFnews @thelonelyisland
SIFF @SIFFnews🔁Director Amanda Lipitz at Uptown for her film STEP at the Uptown. Get ready to dance
Brent McKnight @BrentMMcKnight🔁Why yes, I do plan to spend the most beautiful Seattle afternoon of 2017 so far in the dark watching a Hong Sang-soo movie. #SIFF2017
PerkiGiver @NatrinaLawson🔁 a feature film I played one of the leads in, is premiering at Here's me next to the animated version of my character 😍
That guy named John @abouttoreview🔁Super psyched to see one of my top 3 most anticipated movies at "STEP"!
Todd Mathison @ToddMath🔁@ScarecrowVideo, you NEED to get a copy of "Bad Black" whenever it comes out on DVD, CD-R, or VHS. #SIFF2017
Visette Boutique @visetteboutique🔁Congrats on receiving the Mayor's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film!


Farayi Chiro @MasikaTech🔁On the standby line for 'Step' #SIFF2017
janice headley @copaceticxo🔁#siff2017 film 3: 'the trip to spain' w/ @realstevecoogan & @robbrydon // beautiful scenery, hilarious dialogue, but uh, that ending tho...
josh @joshc🔁BEACH RATS even for the most beautiful, straightest-acting gaybro, Coney Island summer is a crisis of compartmentalization #siff2017 4⭐️
Thunderbird @tbirdent🔁Q&A with the crew! We had a great time at the world premiere of the film at !
Paul Carlson @PNicky32🔁#BrigsbyBear at #SIFF2017 - cld not miss this Sundance hit!
Have 3 SIFF movies to watch tonight - never a dull moment
jaci of azkaban @letterboxed🔁My favorite Secrets have good stories as to why they're Secrets, & Beth is off to a strong start on her first year! #SIFF2017
Marcus Gorman @marcus_gorman🔁The Bar #siff2017 (@ Egyptian Theatre in Seattle, WA)
Dustin Anglin @dustinanglin🔁SIFF film no. 4: Brigsby Bear. Mostly here to watch Mark Hamill have a speaking role :) #SIFF2017
Seth Sommerfeld @sethsommerfeld🔁If you're looking for doc on musical creativity go with 'A Life in Waves,' not 'Bill Frisell, a Portrait.' The latter is v ungood. #SIFF2017
Seth Sommerfeld @sethsommerfeld🔁Saw 'A Life in Waves' and now I'm pretty much in love with electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani. Such a soothing music doc. #SIFF2017
Cealiea @ceaprice🔁In SEATTLE!! Drinking @stumptowncoffee and about to watch the new @alexdelaIglesia film, The Bar! Woooo!! #SIFF2017 #PNW
Lynn Rosskamp @Ratsnhats🔁Beth rocked her first Secret Festival film! We're in good secret hands. #SIFF2017
Wilhelm Fitzpatrick @rafial🔁Good first Secret Festival, now time for some French animation at #SIFF2017 :
Ryan Rosendal @RyanRosendal🔁All the cool kids get in line early for the new Álex de la Iglesia film. #SIFF2017
Christian Vind @ChristianVind95🔁Fam! Your girl is animated! Come see me as Optima Prime in Wallflower, a top pick of !
SkylineFilmFest @SkylineFilmFest🔁Going LIVE at approximately 6:30 pm for a Q&A with our UNG student filmmakers! Join us! #SIFF2017 #gafilm
Sophia @OphieWan🔁I died and then bought my tickets real quick. #SIFF2017 bringing in the Sheroes! #legend #SiSePuede
KCTS 9 @KCTS9🔁🎬: Vampire Cleanup Department Tues, Investigating Paradise Wed, The Last Family Thurs & more! 💫
Steven D Yee @notanerd🔁My movie timing for #SIFF2017 is bad, now Pho'ing it up while waiting to see my #StormCrazies
KUKAN Documentary @FindingKUKAN🔁@SIFFnews Thanks @SIFFNews Thrilled to be heading to Seattle next week for our Northwest premiere. #SIFF2017 looks awesome!
Robert Speewack @Rob_Speewack🔁YOU DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING. 🎥
#secretfestival #SIFF2017 #dontaskdonttell @ Egyptian Theater
Marcus Gorman @marcus_gorman🔁Beach Rats #siff2017 (@ Egyptian Theatre in Seattle, WA)
Steven D Yee @notanerd🔁No, I can't tell you what we saw, they will kill me before I could kill you, you won't see this elsewhere :) #WhyIGoToSecretFest #SIFF2017
Lauren @LaurensMulligan🔁The Unknown Girl was good. Not the Dardenne's best but their sense of direction makes up for the subpar screenplay #SIFF2017
Steven D Yee @notanerd🔁The Church of Secret has a new pastor, Beth did not disappoint and it looks like flock will be happy for the rest of #SIFF2017
John Helde @johnhelde🔁Looking forward to the premiere of @CRAZYWISEFILM today #SIFF2017
Film Movement @Film_Movement🔁 film 1: 's 'after the storm' // all his films make me cry. 💗 and he actually came to the fest all the way from japan!
Film Movement @Film_Movement🔁Q&A with legendary Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda after the screening of AFTER THE STORM
Dustin Anglin @dustinanglin🔁SIFF film no. 3: ***REDACTED***FOR SECRET EYES ONLY*** #SIFF2017
Marcus Gorman @marcus_gorman🔁Secret Fest film #1 #siff2017 (@ Egyptian Theatre in Seattle, WA)
Janet Sternberg @JanetPhD🔁Lots of Love for and in Seattle! Still time to see it on Wednesday
Kathy 📼 Fennessy @kcfennessy🔁Commando Jesus and the Ebola Hunter at the premiere of BAD BLACK. I think might've been at this screening, too.
Lauren @LaurensMulligan🔁Excited to finally see the Dardenne's newest film #TheUnknownGirl #SIFF2017
SIFFCast @SIFFCast🔁Get more 🎬 with podcast interviews by 🎙️, select lineups & at 💫
KCTS 9 @KCTS9🔁Get more 🎬 with podcast interviews by 🎙️, select lineups & at 💫" target="_blank">
Paul Carlson @PNicky32🔁today is the last chance to catch the sweet British animated film 'Ethel & Ernest' at #SIFF2017
Ryan McCandless @Ryanamcc🔁Bad Black (A): Exciting low budget genre film from Ugauna that gets to the heart of why cinema can be so incredible and joyous #SIFF2017
Ryan McCandless @Ryanamcc🔁Brigsby Bear (B): Really charming, well acted crowd pleaser about the way we connect and units through art #SIFF2017
Ryan McCandless @Ryanamcc🔁The Fabulous Alan Carr (B-): Typical but entertaining documentary on a fascinating producer #SIFF2017
Ryan McCandless @Ryanamcc🔁Yesterday at #SIFF2017 saw Fabulous Alan Carr, Brigsby Bear and Bad Black. All three films were good to great
Irish Reels Film @IrishReels🔁Lots of Love for and in Seattle! Still time to see it on Wednesday
Seattle Screen Scene @SeattleScreen🔁75 Words on Bill Morrison's DAWSON CITY: FROZEN TIME, from #SIFF2017:
jaci of azkaban @letterboxed🔁Also showing today: Ethel & Ernest again, super charming, and The Man, which I liked okay. Plus Menashe & Step looked good to me. #SIFF2017
jaci of azkaban @letterboxed🔁My #SIFF2017 today: Secret, Beach Rats, The Bar, Yourself & Yours, & Bad Day for the Cut. Allll Egyptian, hope the AC works.
Scannain @Scannain_com🔁A big hit at Sundance, screens tonight at 9pm ...
Irish Reels Film @IrishReels🔁A big hit at Sundance, @BadDayForTheCut screens tonight at 9pm #SIFF2017 @sixmilehill @ChrisBaugh23...
Melissa Tamminga @oneaprilday🔁 Here is @oneaprilday on SAMI BLOOD, which plays the next two Wednesdays at #SIFF2017:
Paul Carlson @PNicky32🔁#SIFF2017 films on standby 5/21:
'The Trip to Spain'
'8 Borders, 8 Days'

Limited tix for:
'Heal the Living'

Greg Salvatore @litdreamer🔁 This may be my 21st festival, but it's also the first time a director has asked me to pretend I'm dying of ebola. #SIFF2017
Paul Carlson @PNicky32🔁. screens today (5/21) & (5/22) at - dir Amanda Lipitz scheduled to attend!
Capsule review:
Seattle Screen Scene @SeattleScreen🔁But the must-see #SIFF2017 film today is Hong Sangsoo's YOURSELF AND YOURS. It plays again tomorrow and Wednesday.
Seattle Screen Scene @SeattleScreen🔁What I haven't seen yet that looks good at #SIFF2017 today: BEACH RATS, THE TRIP TO SPAIN, HELLO DESTROYER, PENDULAR, and IVAN TSAREVITCH.
Seattle Screen Scene @SeattleScreen🔁The Dardennes' THE UNKNOWN GIRL plays today at #SIFF2017. @ebmorgan1 reviewed it last year in Vancouver:
Seattle Screen Scene @SeattleScreen🔁Chef Nic Tse stars in COOK UP A STORM, playing tonight at #SIFF2017. It's OK.
Seattle Screen Scene @SeattleScreen🔁Here is @oneaprilday on SAMI BLOOD, which plays the next two Wednesdays at #SIFF2017:
EUTransNews @EUtransnews🔁. Check out this link to all the films directed by women at - then go!

Kim McNeill 🌿 @joiedevivre9🔁AFTER THE STORM is one of 's best films (tender, quiet, funny) & I loved getting to see him yesterday.
Janet Sternberg @JanetPhD🔁Teaser from our documentary screening at Seattle festival today 19 May as well as 20 and 24 May

Maria Churchill @pDLWKw7QJosT1Jt🔁Anjelica Huston will join us at on 6/7 for an on-stage interview & World Premiere of her film TROUBLE!


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