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She's Gotta Have It jada. @jadadelbae🔁she’s gotta have it.
Thomas Sanders @ThomasSanders🔁Leo and I spent the day just watching She’s Gotta Have It, wearing unicorn and cat onesies, so basically it was the best day ever.
She's Gotta Have It PoPular Society 📸 @PoPulrSociety🔁Check out “She's Gotta Have It” on Netflix bruh! Now, I need like 3 friendz! 😝💪? ?💪
A.PHOENIX✊🏽💪🏽💋 @STFUBitchh_🔁 Just started watching She's Gotta Have It on Netflix.

Anybody else watching it?

Jemele Hill @jemelehill🔁Couple episodes into She’s Gotta Have It. Admittedly, I never loved the movie. Didn’t hate it. Just felt it was a mis sed opportunity there. Now, the series ...
Missy Lynn @missylynn🔁Found a new Netflix show- She’s Gotta Have it.. and I’m hooked. Lol Mars is my favorite 😂 Greer ol’ narcissistic sel f makes me CRINGEEEEE! And Jamie.. just annoying.
Crystal @CrystalBosset🔁Watch “She’s Gotta Have It”……dope series.
A Blues for Nina... @delisedyvette🔁Just finished She’s Gotta Have It.... yes!
Dmilly_ @Dmilly16🔁@ShortyMacShort_ She's gotta have it
Josh Shadid @JoshShadid🔁She’s gotta have it was perfect. ❤️ #spikelee
TC @ChanelHendrixx🔁Made it to work today, finished with my workout...bout to finish “she’s gotta have it” and hopefully sleep by 830. I need sleep bad.
kaitlene @KaitleneK🔁I really enjoyed she's gotta have, it gets a bit corny. I like that Nola isn't 'likeable' all the time
Ny @LookAtPrime_🔁I know I’m not high .. bruh hand looks like ol girl’s ass on She’s Gotta Have It before it exploded at the club.
Timbo Slice @Dolo_Tim🔁“She’s gotta have it” does too much for me
Shan @ShaniCares🔁@JaeFiasco She's Gotta Have It 👀
Jasmine C @JdaasshTv🔁@ShortyMacShort_ *She’s gotta have it* @shesgottahaveit
🇯🇲 How about an Ally follow ♏ @luv_Normally🔁@MsKiara_ I just finished She's Gotta Have It
abby gardner @abbycaadabby🔁netflix: she's gotta have it
Coco🌸 @_Itsdebss🔁Lool this She's gotta have it show is so different
charles @charlesbucu🔁She's gotta have it
Tina Atonio @djpolysensation🔁Already finished watching “She’s Gotta Have It.” Now what am I supposed to do? Also, #TeamOpal 🙏🏽
B Mack @MILANO_MOBBBB🔁 Oh wow @LilKim .... your "Hardcore " squat is being highlighted on "She's Gotta Have It".... lol
BOOK A SHOOT! @alex_tribble_🔁 Raquletta Moss speaking in 3rd person is the funniest shit on She’s Gotta Have It 😂
Moe 🚀 @TheRealMooeee🔁She’s Gotta Have It ... 🤭
Leem @_oldmanLou🔁Back to She’s Gotta Have It
dasola @dasoladina🔁whooooo will look back at this she’s gotta have it reboot n think “yea that definitely captured 2017” this show sounds like it was made by a black twitter account ran by russian bots
Hair Bow Killa @BleuberryX🔁She’s Gotta Have It is good. I couldn’t stop watching. Started and finished the season all today.
Jessie Jet @IheartJessieJet🔁I’m going to try and detox like in she’s gotta have it but not go gay
big nigga szn @lyricalflop🔁whooooo will look back at this she’s gotta have it reboot n think “yea that definitely captured 2017” this show sound s like it was made by a black twitter account ran by russian bots
sha🍫 @sha_not_shay🔁I️ need something to watch on Netflix. I️ can’t get jiggy w/ “she’s gotta have it”
big nigga szn @lyricalflop🔁watching a different world while also watching she’s gotta have it is so telling bc ADW captures the era and black y outh of the time so effortlessly while SGHI tries way too hard
Cortney Marsh🦕 @cmarsh015🔁 “she’s gotta have it” netflix series is inspiring.. definitely a much watch
Little Bear @HeartLittleBear🔁Can someone please tell me who is? Does he/she have any role in the world?

I feel good that it blocked me but I go tta know what's behind the curtain.

👑 Lish @SimplyLicia_🔁I have to rewatch the she’s gotta have it movie before I watch the series.
Spice 🖤 @lovelee_me🔁If y’all haven’t go check out she’s gotta have it on Netflix
IVAN MIZZAYxEARSTYLE @imkbrad🔁Have no interest in watching She’s Gotta Have It.
Angelica-Joy Imaní @AngelicaJoy__🔁She's Gotta Have It was one of the first films that sparked my editing interest as a kid. There's a new series on Net flix based on the original and it's everything!
Lush Magazines @Lushmagazines🔁Can Spike Lee's 'She's Gotta Have It' reboot keep up with the strong TV women he helped make possible?
curlylocs10 @curlylocs10🔁@SpikeLee LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the new She's Gotta Have It series on Netflix....Bravo!!!!👏👏👏👏
K Styles @ByKStyles🔁Highly recommend "She's gotta have it" on #Netflix. #spikeleejoint #loveit
/// @Ojalai_🔁watching she's gotta have it . the main character is really petty
Selassie. @thaddWILL🔁Raquletta Moss speaking in 3rd person is the funniest shit on She’s Gotta Have It 😂
Hamish Dwyer @HamishDwyer🔁@dialmformovies Godless, Mars, She's Gotta Have It, Ozark, Shot in the Dark, Five Came Back, The Tick, Bosch, Good Girls Revolution
TonitheTenderoni @TotallyTonia🔁Bianca in she’s gotta have it needs to get ROCKED on my mother
Cresent @LiveSOUNDgirl🔁just got the She's Gotta Have It soundtrack.. 😌✨
Carrie Bradshaw @TinyToooons🔁K finally about to start she's gotta have it
august🌹 @mabsynthe🔁So I’m only on ep. 1 of “She’s Gotta Have It” and how the fuck does Nola afford that Fort Greene apartment? I’m so tired of seeing young New Yorkers living in conditions they clearly can’t afford lmao
It's JESS! @whosthatgirrlll🔁This “She’s Gotta Have It” Show lol
Arlicia Brown @1beautifulblkqn🔁Got one more episode of She's gotta have it to finish!!
IamDreamMan @iamdreaman35🔁Currently binge watching "She's Gotta Have It (TV Series)" on Netflix (Spike Lee produced). The woman who plays Nola Darling is fine as hell too.
Ashley Baily @aAshleyb🔁I liked a @YouTube video Netflix Premiere's Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It. Here's My Review. (Partial
Post Hoc Malone @PraxisKenzie🔁@kenlowery I dunno he seems to have genuinely taken a lot of the criticism of the rape scene in the original She's Gotta Have It to heart
Some call me JB. @JByronMinor🔁 She’s Gotta Have It, But I Don’t
Donté Bland @Donte1986🔁The little dude from 'She's Gotta Have It' is killing the national anthem at the Cavs/76'ers game. Talented.
Queen 🥀 @fionabluee🔁Everyone needs to watch she’s gotta have it on Netflix
joe getty @jeauxsef_🔁I thought y’all were bugging but nah She’s Gotta Have It really is trash
#defendDACA @_KilaahKaay🔁She's gotta have it 😍✨ the definition of black excellence
#Food4Thought🙏 @_AndreMarquis_🔁The main character in She's gotta have it. Is beyond bad.
Nathália @nahcristine🔁Hey have tou watched " she's gotta have it" on netflix? Very cool! Tell stories in brooklyn and it was created and d irected by Spike Lee.. you should check it out!
$elfish @president_neek🔁 Shemekka from "She's gotta have it" inspired her
Spkng @JockinRonB🔁She’s Gotta Have It would be fire to binge watch with a shorty.
babyface @OG_Destiiny🔁Def recommend She’s Gotta Have It
N. Eaux @Vintage_Sole🔁I think I like “She’s Gotta Have it” more because they always show the music they play. Pick up some classics I forgot
Trill tweets @FahPOV🔁I really hate the way they protraying this light skin nigga on “she’s gotta have it” 😒..always doin this to us
meg♛ @meghanvollmer🔁“she’s gotta have it” netflix series is inspiring.. definitely a much watch
Drayton Jackson @Mister_Terrance🔁You know "She's gotta have it" is fake because it has a black man in it cheating
K. @Keionnaaa🔁She’s Gotta Have It is so good
Jacqueline Kamaie @jkamaie🔁what spike lee has done with "she's gotta have it" i'm here for it. the way he captures brooklyn, the way he gives y ou album covers of songs that are playing, etc. etc. wow. may fail a final for this but it was worth it.
B.R.E.I.S (breeze) @MrBreis🔁What to watch next: She's gotta have it OR Dear white people?
Nikki Dey @ndvdub🔁@Cpav15 She’s gotta have it too
QUEEN YONASDA @QueenYoNasDa🔁@venessarenee omg I found your twin I was watching She’s gotta have it and I swear that Puerto Rican Sista is you
Alesha Pryce @AleshaCharmaine🔁Hmm I was with She’s Gotta Have It up until Episode 5 😒😒😒
spunky girl sidekick @mrsgeedeck🔁@ARamosofficial bathroom scene in She's Gotta Have It. "What time is it?!!!!"
vintage marshall @fly_definition🔁I watched the first episode of She's Gotta Have It and it wasn't very good.
VICE Canada @vicecanada🔁'She’s Gotta Have It' artist shed’s light on the real-life harassment that inspires her work.
yikes @amyriesi🔁Aright, I should b able to leave the library by 2mrw night, who's trynna binge watch She's Gotta Have It w me???
Miss L.A.P @MzPearlyP1nk🔁I wish she’s gotta have it was longer, idk what to watch on Netflix now
Thurston Chevrolet @ExMCMXCIV🔁 My coworker was explaining Nola Darling to me from She's Gotta Have It and I'm she's just Issa in Fort Greene??
giftbyliz @rehsu_liz🔁Just Saw / CyberMonday

Andy Reid Da vid Fizdale All-ACC Bills She's Gotta Have It

giftbyliz @rehsu_liz🔁Click & Link

Andy Reid Da vid Fizdale All-ACC Bills She's Gotta Have It

jailyn m. @jaylowloww🔁I only have 2 episodes left of She’s gotta have it :/
Olivia Pope 🇭🇳 @dvliyvh🔁The art in She’s Gotta Have It 😍😦
McCloud. @_kushxcereal🔁Please quit telling me to watch “she’s gotta have it” on Netflix...I do not wanna watch a movie/show about a bitch w ith 3 boyfriends. Why do y’all watch shit like that? It’s a spike lee joint? Yeah naw.
Natasha “Alyson StanClub” Cabalse @yaaas_natittie🔁 Spike Lee’s reboot of “She’s gotta have it” on Netflix is BOLD. I love it!
. @sm0kersan🔁Have you watched She's Gotta Have it yet? @p0cahontits 🤔
🌸 @badubella_🔁hope she’s gotta have it is good
Kar L. Stine @karyewest🔁I appreciated that scene in "She's Gotta Have It" where the guys were all trying to jump to Nola's defense after her street harassment run in. Brought some stuff into perspective.
Anna😘 @annaorichs🔁if anyone’s watched she’s gotta have it...then you know
Ms.Miller @jnmille_🔁Let’s check out she’s gotta have it..
Sipho @Maestro1520🔁I would have honestly stopped watching it if she forgave him, I mean no one should ever do that to the person they love, I know it's a TV show, but sometimes they just gotta give us some life lessons you know. 😂😂😂
big tymer 🦒 @iMonejah🔁Somebody let me borrow their Netflix credentials for She’s Gotta Have It
dami. @mintygreene🔁I finished she's gotta have it
caroline @lendonit🔁she's gotta have it: fudido d+++
magami @1Magami🔁Free shipping >>

Andy Reid Da vid Fizdale All-ACC Bills She's Gotta Have It


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