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JP Shoggoth Sherman @jpsherman🔁@Carolyn_Lyden and that's when i'd set something on fire. :) #seochat
miCorazon.ツ @fiorazonajoc🔁Thank you friends - It's time for me to return to work. is out for a while (New Baby! Congrats!), see you next Week!
Carolyn Lyden @Carolyn_Lyden🔁@dr_pete @bill_slawski @dhavalgshah @ferkungamaboobo Me, RN... #seochat
Jenny S. West @jennyswest🔁@jpsherman @Carolyn_Lyden 💯 GIF use @jpsherman #SEOchat
Bill Slawski @bill_slawski🔁I showed them how to do an invisible Sameas to tell Google they were a different entity; & then Google bought them fo twitter.com r Android Pay
Dr. Pete Meyers @dr_pete🔁...for re-brand vs. incremental improvements, that can be lower risk, higher impact, and much cheaper, but somehow ar twitter.com en't sexy.
Dr. Pete Meyers @dr_pete🔁Oh, yeah -- no argument. I've just seen too many of the other variety, and it's frustrating how easy it is to get mo twitter.com ney...
Blogging Community @blogging_tip🔁 Q1: Fill in the blank - Selling SEO to a prospect or to your bosses requires _________ #SEOchat
Bill Slawski @bill_slawski🔁I wanted to point out that sometimes there are legitimate reasons to rebrand, other than making it look like you're d twitter.com oing someting.
Dhaval Shah @dhavalgshah🔁 'like' is not the only expression we got. ^ is real example of irony. twitter.com
Doug R. Thomas, Esq. @ferkungamaboobo🔁I mean, yes, there are a million bad reasons to rebrand and redesign & skepticism is good. But lots of good reasons t twitter.com o slash & burn
Dhaval Shah @dhavalgshah🔁IMHO that is a different case altogether. One is doing something just sake for showing work and another is responding twitter.com to a PR issue.
Dhaval Shah @dhavalgshah🔁It was great chatting with you all. Time just flew. Would be going through it again. Really useful info here. #SEOChat
Bill Slawski @bill_slawski🔁Had a client who rebranded because a middle eastern para-military group appeared on the world stage with the same n twitter.com ame (Isis)
Simon Cox @simoncox🔁Super useful this week (not just me then…), thanks to and everyone who took part!
Dhaval Shah @dhavalgshah🔁 @TVYLORTOMITV See you next Thursday at 1pm EST! #SEOchat
Simon Cox @simoncox🔁@beaupedraza @BRAVOMedia1 Or they don’t and you sit there like a tag trying to get the word to magically appear.
Debi Norton @BRAVOMedia1🔁@beaupedraza @TVYLORTOMITV Thank you for another lighting fast #seochat - Enjoyed it!
Boooo M. Pedraza 👻 @beaupedraza🔁@TVYLORTOMITV See you next Thursday at 1pm EST! #SEOchat
Taylor @TVYLORTOMITV🔁Fun chat today, everyone! Thanks @beaupedraza! #seochat
Boooo M. Pedraza 👻 @beaupedraza🔁@BRAVOMedia1 Yes, thank you. Sometimes the words just flow without reaching the brain! #SEOchat
tagdef @tagdef🔁Wonder what #seochat means? Look it up on tagdef.com
Dhaval Shah @dhavalgshah🔁Sad but true.
(PS: To earn quick mil, launch a design business, and find those foots to massage.)
#SEOChat twitter.com
Simon Cox @simoncox🔁Good point - corp i used to work for had separate monitoring software solution to do this so server team would spot i twitter.com ssues quickly

Boooo M. Pedraza 👻 @beaupedraza🔁Thank you #SEOchat friends - It's time for me to return to work. @MatthewAYoung is out for a while (New Baby! Congrats!), see you next Week!
Paul Thompson @thompsonpaul🔁@dhavalgshah Where the visitor is compared to server, their bandwidth connection, mobile or desktop, actual server load... #seochat
Dr. Pete Meyers @dr_pete🔁@bill_slawski @dhavalgshah @ferkungamaboobo @Carolyn_Lyden Sadly, often a multi-million dollar proof #SEOChat
Dr. Pete Meyers @dr_pete🔁Sorry, went straight from webinar to a call :) I think too often re-brand becomes a way to prove the CMO did somethin twitter.com g
Debi Norton @BRAVOMedia1🔁@beaupedraza Sell the VALUE. #seochat
Carolyn Lyden @Carolyn_Lyden🔁@bill_slawski *you (ugh, I hate typos!) #seochat
Paul Thompson @thompsonpaul🔁A6 and you can monitor all important pages of site. Set up Custom Alert for when speed deviates too much. #seochat
Dhaval Shah @dhavalgshah🔁I know some of the words. #SEOChat twitter.com
Paul Thompson @thompsonpaul🔁A6 Makes a HUGE difference compared to synthetic testing - geo, device, bandwidth, browser... All have big impact #seochat
Carolyn Lyden @Carolyn_Lyden🔁@bill_slawski And gives your the compressed images straight from the page!!! #seochat


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