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Virtuoso Assistant @VirtuosoAssist🔁@semrush A1. I'd research relevant long-tail keywords with low competition + high search volume #SEMrushchat
#semrushchat R.Ananda Krishnan @anand11113🔁 Q3. Which metrics should an SEO focus on when measuring the quality of organic traffic? #semrushchat
#semrushchat R.Ananda Krishnan @anand11113🔁 Q4. What must-have tools (apart from GA) should SEOs use to accumulate data? #semrushchat
David Rosam @davidrosam🔁Moral of the story... It's hard work when you join #semrushchat late
#semrushchat SEMrush @semrush🔁Q3. Which metrics should an SEO focus on when measuring the quality of organic traffic? #semrushchat
SEMrush @semrush🔁Q1 Recap: Start most campaigns with an in-depth site audit, looking to at spider traps, badly implemented canonicals twitter.com , inconsistent URL structures.. this will help you to build a good foundation to grow upon
SEMrush @semrush🔁Q5 Recap:

📌Indexation and impressions
📌Crawl and log errors
📌Mobile compatibility
📌Site Speed on Mobile and Desk twitter.com top
📌 coverage and impact

Writer's Ink @WritersInkCopy🔁One of the major ones is definitely time on page. If they're not staying, your UX or content isn't speaking to them. twitter.com
Heather Harvey @Fizzle_Up🔁I missed another chat today so I've got lots of catching up to do! I will definitely NOT be missing tomorrow tho twitter.com ugh! What a line up!
Postali @Postali🔁We're now working on the recap. Check out last week's recap Content Writing Bootcamp with !
Gus Younis @GusYounis🔁Good #SEO discussion going on with #semrushchat - click the hashtag and check it out.
tagdef @tagdef🔁Wonder what #semrushchat means? Look it up on tagdef.com
Simon Swan @Swanny_s🔁@semrush Interviewing your audience #SEMrushchat
Jacques @jacquesbot42🔁You're so sweet. #semrushchat
CHRIS ◦ MITCHELL @RacerChris09🔁Q1. What would be the first SEO tactic that you would implement on you or your client's website in 2018?
J. DeGrasse-Baumann @jdegbau🔁A4: Search Console is a highly undervalued tool for SEO-specific data, especially with the recent updates. I also thi twitter.com nk is one of the most beneficial tools if we're counting that as "data" in this circumstance - esp. w/ API integrations.
e10 @e10inc🔁@semrush A great question! We're loving all the responses from so many professionals #semrushchat
Omi Sido @OmiSido🔁I would definitely recommend and server log analysis. Knowing how the Googlebot is seeing/treating your website hist twitter.com orically....that's gold!

Emma Labrador @Emma_Labrador🔁A4: I put together a list of SEO tools that I use on a regular basis

(sorry I am late to the party)

Virtuoso Assistant @VirtuosoAssist🔁@semrush Thank you @semrush: I still have so much to learn but #SEMrushchat has given me some great bite-sized tips 🔥
𝓓𝓸𝓾𝓰 𝓡. 𝓣𝓱𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓼, 𝓔𝓼𝓺. @ferkungamaboobo🔁I think it is, in a perfect world.

A dentist would have "[Geolocation] Dentist" as their h1 on their main page - it' twitter.com s the most relevant term for biz

I think we got away from natural language as an industry, which hurt h1 relevance leading to design over semantics

David Rosam @davidrosam🔁@s_narmadhaa @simoncox Yup. I'll go back and read more later.


David Rosam @davidrosam🔁@simoncox Absolutely! I thought I'd contribute, rather than read 'cos I can go back over the Tweets in full at some other time


Narmadhaa @s_narmadhaa🔁@simoncox @davidrosam True. Even if you join on time.
I'm still scrolling...
Virtuoso Assistant @VirtuosoAssist🔁@semrush A3. I'd take a look at time spent on pages & bounce rates #SEMrushchat
Simon Cox @simoncox🔁@davidrosam I’d even go as far as saying that it is impossible to read everything and catch up!


Parth Suba @parthsuba77🔁A1. The first tactic that I would look into is to optimize the mobile website and it's page load speed. If I conside twitter.com r the second one it would be de-indexing the duplicate web pages.

David Rosam @davidrosam🔁@semrush A late hug, but a hug, nonetheless :-)


Dawn Anderson @dawnieando🔁Thanks for the lovely chat all. Have a great week #SEMrushchat
Rohan Ayyar @searchrook🔁I don't mean this in the "if you don't have bread, eat cake" way, but how many times do we actually experience this " twitter.com accessibility" benefit in the real world?
Narmadhaa @s_narmadhaa🔁@davidrosam Yes. Quite impressive! #SEMrushchat.


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