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#selfworth Sonney Valen @SonneyV🔁You gotta know at the end of the day that you are shizznit !! #SelfLove2018 #loveyourbody #loveyourself #selfworth
Dr Berni Sewell @Selfworthcoach1🔁Hot off the press: The 3 eye-opening truths that will make you immune to criticism goo.gl twitter.com
#selfworth URTheFutureCharity @URTFCharity🔁Search for what u most need! #URTFC #SelfWorth #Opportunities #Education #Commitment #QualityOfLife
#selfworth LoveConfidentWomen @HauteDerriere🔁If you cross that line where she has to choose, understand you'll lose. #SelfWorth #LoveYourself #quote
Melissa Rapoport @MelissaRapoport🔁Measure your success by your own standards not those belonging to others. Comparisons = unhappiness! #loveyourbody #health #selfworth
Beyond Illusion @Beyondillusion1🔁Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed and rearranged to relocate us to the place we are meant twitter.com to be
V*traVels#driVe @Veroniquemilady🔁If you cross that line where she has to choose, understand you'll lose.
Starry-eyed Jayhawk☆ @hawks4mealways🔁A year ago. I struggled. Just daily things were tough. Now I enjoy dancing each Friday night, in a powerful challeng twitter.com ing job, and know my more than ever. Hang in there people!
SSBazinet @SSBazinet🔁 amazon.com
Being hunted to extinction!
A new kind of human!


SSBazinet @SSBazinet🔁 amazon.com

How far would you go to save your soul?
🔹MICHAEL’S BLOOD🔹First in series!

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Hungryandartsy @Hungryandartsy🔁@Writer_Carrie You don't need that shit, stay strong and forget the surperfical twatface! #staystrong #selfworth 🖤🖤🖤
HUBERT LEITENBAUER @byH_Leitenbauer🔁Graciousness of mind is the essence of elegance & that allows & Truth to engender our sense of & ❤️🌹❤️
Jess @fargo_priestess🔁Waiting can only be done for so long before it is truly done in vain. If He Wanted to Be with You—He would Be. twitter.com via
Ron Walker @authorronwalker🔁@Regranned from cultivatedconsciousness - … instagram.com
Karem Diane @karem_diane🔁A man who's disloyal once will always be disloyal. Don't lie to yourself and let the fear of being alone forget your twitter.com self worth.

Spiritpreneur LIfe @SpiritpreneurMe🔁"Taking action is the fusion of masculine and feminine energy needed to give birth to your vision." - Abiola Abrams

#selflove #selfworth

Thompson & Co. PR @ThompsonPR🔁 that physical activity is one of the most cost-effective ways for a child to improve their ?
Tiffany Jenkins @bubblyartistx🔁This is so true. 😮 twitter.com
kanika agarwal @Kanika_KNclan🔁It's very important not to force your opinions on others.
Derrick Benn @benn_derrick🔁Stay in your Element!
Bold As Love @Lloydy_bach🔁@scarsandscares Good, I'm pleased that you're thinking that. #selfesteem #selfworth
Ellie Bianca ✨ @EllieBiancaUSA🔁Don't be one either. Spread love like mayo. #...
Pelé The God MC @LaVilleMagique🔁Don't be one either. Spread love like mayo. #... twitter.com
Spiritpreneur LIfe @SpiritpreneurMe🔁"You have a sacred mission. You have a calling. You were BORN to ROAR!" - Abiola Abrams

#selflove #selfworth

White Rider ⚡️ @whiteridernow🔁You are worth more than what the #world is currently telling you are worth @ mytweetformula.com #selfworth
ccsexi @ccsexi🔁I used to think that sticking up for yourself was disrespectful. Because sometimes people dont want or realize the t twitter.com ruth. But in reality, sticking up for yourself is RESPECTING yourself and your worth.
lisa💛 @lisathegoddesss🔁 Exactly #SelfWorth 💗☝? twitter.com ?
Danielle Warnock @dwarnock23🔁Keep your head held high no matter what happens. You’ll be alright. If the moment hurts, do not fall victim to its p twitter.com ain. Look ahead. Focus on what can be. Focus on your dreams. You’ll make it. What matters most is how you walk through the fire.. 🔥 💋💙💦
Thomas Kenyon @TMichaelKenyon🔁Positive Self-Talk. #selflove #selftalk #selfworth lnkd.in
SSBazinet @SSBazinet🔁 amazon.com
"I've had a lot of worst moments, but this was a chart-topper!"
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SSBazinet @SSBazinet🔁 amazon.com
Arel's saving his soul no matter the cost!
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Josh Langham, LPC @jglangham🔁Remember you ARE worth it! #selfworth
SweetHeart 💛 @Lorena_Reyes32🔁Nothing’s better than hearing someone tell me my standards are too high. 💕 #selfworth #BoldandBeautiful
Habitude™ Wellness @HabitudeCanada🔁Wayne Dyer was an American philosopher, self-help author, and a motivational speaker. His books are among the best s twitter.com elling ones of all times.
SSBazinet @SSBazinet🔁 amazon.com
Arel thinks he's ready to date...oh my!
5th book in series! Coming soon!
Spiritpreneur LIfe @SpiritpreneurMe🔁Just as our bodies have cycles, the cycles of Mother Nature are also important. Certain times may work better than o twitter.com thers for creating new ventures. Trying to plant summer fruit in snow won’t yield a harvest no matter how badly we want it to. - Abiola Abrams

Chris Smith @ChrisSmithMusic🔁Getting my on...
SSBazinet @SSBazinet🔁 amazon.com
Being hunted to extinction!
A new kind of human!


DoyleTobin @DoyleTobin🔁If someone doesn’t have time for you because they are always busy. You are not on their important list and you should twitter.com move on.
James Wraieth @GhostlyCowboy🔁 amazon.com 24 of my most personal poems.


NuISMS @numoney🔁1.19 friday babble
whole vid@ NuISMS.com
CounsellingTraining @AcademySPACE🔁Calling all young Sheffielders! What does mean to you? Watch the video & follow the link to the survey - let's capture as many views as poss
MG Vaciago @mgvaciago🔁In this world dominated by social media, it's important to remember.


The Gatehouse @Gatehouse_The🔁Women's Empowerment Group led by thegatehouse.org f="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/954388877648777216" target="_blank">twitter.com
HealthwatchSheffield @HWSheffield🔁Calling all young Sheffielders! What does mean to you? Watch the video & follow the link to the survey - let's ca twitter.com pture as many views as poss
temitope wright @proudly_woman🔁Had this discussion with my friend yesterday. I would never ever ever do it. It's about my and . But she had a cont twitter.com rary opinion
Tracey Petrillo @mistypee🔁You're the fucking best. I just bought yet another copy of this book for one of my friends who needs a reminder! Kee twitter.com p rockin' lady! Thanks for being real.
Kaiology @Kaiology🔁Today, be mindful that the only thing that effects you is you.
Erika Beasley @ebeaz731🔁Self Consciousness #selfworth #selfconcious #madeingodsimage #iamworthit #iamsomebody #beazylivin #erikab pscp.tv
Jennifer L Moudy @jenniferlmoudy🔁Stand out!
You'll thank yourself later for it.


SofiaMilan @SofiaMilanBooks🔁If the man with more medals than many countries could feel this way and have the courage to talk about it, have twitter.com for yourself and others who are struggling.

I adore you even more for this, ! 🙏🤗

Michelle Cramer @mc_abundantly🔁I feel like I'm arriving at something this year. That this journey to abundance is bringing me to a place of freedom twitter.com in who I am and who I'm meant to be. And it's glorious.

Brook Alyson Heath @BrookAlyson99🔁I’ve been hoping for a miracle to come up with the $4,500 tuition that it would take for me to receive my Health and twitter.com Life Coach Certifications, so that I could continue to change & better the world, one woman at a time💗
Spiritpreneur LIfe @SpiritpreneurMe🔁"You are beautiful. How can I say that without even seeing you? Because I have yet to meet an ugly woman who is turne twitter.com d on and tuned in to her radiance. Each of us has the capacity to be our most bombshell beautiful at any moment." - Abiola Abrams


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