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#security#security#security TOLOnews @TOLOnews🔁Taliban and #Security Forces Celebrate #Eid Together
michael @blurpesec🔁Your favorite crypto protection extension, , got some hefty updates! ❤️

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Microsoft Imagine @MSFTImagine🔁Monitor your dorm room with this facial recognition system that you can build on your own using Microsoft Cognitive twitter.com Services and :
Spiros Margaris @SpirosMargaris🔁 says isn’t a ,

but tokens based on Ether can be

tcrn.ch ttps://twitter.com/i/web/status/1007521817261690882" target="_blank">twitter.com

NY Nite Owl @SoarForFreedom🔁
Thinking of you & praying for you,🙏

As parents~we are w/you in the fight to"!"👍
You show amazing passion,honoring the memory of🌸Meadow,while helping w/EVERY🇺🇸student's ,& we🙏Ty!

Cliff hudge @RazorcliffH🔁The overriding ambition of Capital Technologies & Research is to drastically reduce and, if possible, eliminate all m twitter.com onthly fees to users.
, , , , ,
MyCrypto.com @MyCrypto🔁Your favorite crypto protection extension, , got some hefty updates! ❤️

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IT Empathy @ITEmpathy🔁's Greatest Potential Is Driving In The Enterprise via


Cliff hudge @RazorcliffH🔁Due to high demand, we've decided to start the crowdsale on the 1st of July 2018 (00:00 GMT +00:00)! Get ready to participate!

IT Empathy @ITEmpathy🔁10 amazing startups you can't meet in . via inc.com
Amitav Bhattacharjee @bamitav🔁"GDPR Changes Highlight the Impact of User Tracking" infoq.com
Amitav Bhattacharjee @bamitav🔁" functions are a crypto-gold mine for miscreants • The Register" theregister.co.uk
Robert Stroud CGEIT CRISC @RobertEStroud🔁What are the Top 6 skills of 2018? {Infographic}

[via ] cc:

Matthew Hobbs @StormLarsson🔁 on the top problems.


Amitav Bhattacharjee @bamitav🔁"GDPR compliance stymies hypergrid travelers –" hypergridbusiness.com
Peter V Daniels @danielsvpeter🔁Canonical Releases Kernel Update for 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) Users on 2 Devices
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @WiFiHockey🔁Cyber challenges have altered the business landscape, shining a spotlight on initiatives and giving a seat at the executive table. Are you ready?
Jill Sanderson @Sanderson_Tech🔁A great on the top problems. cc MT
Reinforce Lab @reinforcelabtwt🔁13 Best Investment Courses for


Reinforce Lab @reinforcelabtwt🔁 of Investment Course 2018


Reinforce Lab @reinforcelabtwt🔁10 Best Blockchain Courses, Training and Certifications Online [2018]


Ella Stewart Care @ellastewartcare🔁Dr. Allen Power suggests that involves more than just physical safety for those living with Dementia. It also includes supporting both emotional and security
Nicu Olah @eprocentteam🔁At Capital Technologies & Research, one of the goal is total transparency of the investments & expenses of the compan twitter.com y that it’s fully regulated under the Romanian laws.
HackerPom @InfoSec_Pom🔁25 most recent Security Github repo updates for 2018-06-17 00:30:59. Check replies for repos! for dail twitter.com y updates!
R Ghaznavi-zadeh @RGhaznaviZadeh🔁Experts released a free decryptor for Everbe Ransomware
TechVisor @TechVisorNL🔁Symantec: Symantec Wins Best Endpoint Security at SC Awards Europe 2018 - tinyurl.com twitter.com
Infinity Crypto Wealth @DrJADelgado🔁Would publicly state is not a if consensus hasn't been reached at the ? Hope puts this whole debate to bed ASAP.
Cíat Ó Gáibhtheacháin @talideon🔁EXPERTS NEEDED!

"..in , algorithmics; software development; infrastructure; , data analytics."


*this* is what's stacked against Facebook et al?!

Cant decide if it's laughable or embarrassing..

SİSTEMCOİN @zezosi6334🔁Happening now! for 4 x
enter here:


Rob Harris @Rob_Harris_IoT🔁A great on the top problems. cc MT twitter.com
Nikhil @nikhiljoshi289🔁Eid Mubarak🌙
May the blessings of allah fill your life with pleasure & open. All the doors of success now & always.

To know more. Visit

Jeff Hardy @jeffreyjhardy🔁Don’t get kicked in the S, as in – That “S” is not enough for . Everything you need to know

hienhuynhdeaaa @hienhuynhdeaaa🔁Official Huobi Pro list of Social Media Channels shown below.

Beware of sca medium.com m accounts who are NOT on this list, offering airdrops, giveaways tokens and asking for your personal information via tweets.

Ronald Potter @CanadaColonel🔁what's the worst job in space, ever?

#ImperialEmpire #StormTroopers
#Federation red shirt #security guards


FlexLockInventor @frank1569🔁Last tweet for today: since we have no ad budget🙄, I put a bunch of FlexLocks on eBay at basically cost, try n gener twitter.com ate some word of mouth buzz.

Jennifer Ciavattone @techmarketerjc🔁Go beyond CSP-native tools with the capability and efficiency of your existing and solutions extended across the landscape.
TMJ-LAJ Security Job @tmj_LAJ_secure🔁Want to work at Pechanga Resort & Casino? We're in , CA! Click for details: twitter.com
Felicity Mills @Felicity_Mills_🔁 on the top problems.

cc twitter.com

ComSec @comsec🔁Using BlueTooth, Wi-Fi & Cellular Devices Can Impact Your Security & Privacy. Our Cyber TSCM Services Detect Vulnerab twitter.com ilities
TechVisor @TechVisorNL🔁Rapid7: Rapid7 Wins Best Security Company Award at SC Awards Europe! - tinyurl.com #Rapid7 #security #cybersecurity


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