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#schoolchoice Families Empowered @FamsEmpowered🔁Come on down to our #StrongerTogether event at Minute Maid Park and celebrate #schoolchoice!
HSS - Houston @HSSHoustonK_8🔁@HarmonyEdu is enjoying the @schoolchoicewk rally happening now! #IChooseHarmony #schoolchoice
#schoolchoice Fdn for FL's Future @AFloridaPromise🔁Our own @DebbieMortham celebrates #SchoolChoice with Speaker of the Florida House @richardcorcoran in Pasco County!
#schoolchoice Saginaw High School @saginawhstx🔁 Picture yourself here! #DiscoverEMSISD #emsproud #schoolchoice
Marco Rubio @marcorubio🔁I support because all children deserve the best possible education. The jobs of the 21st century require quality edu twitter.com cation and trapping kids in a failing school prevents them from reaching their full potential.
Benjamin Watson @BenjaminSWatson🔁Watching my wife present all that she has taught our two girls this semester to the Maryland homeschool review agent twitter.com was a sight to behold. I could not be more proud of all that she has done for our kid’s education. Simply amazing.
US Dept of Education @usedgov🔁Trevor, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, was determined to let nothing get in the way of his academic success. He found twitter.com an educational experience tailored to his individual needs that rekindled the spark of learning excitement.
Brian John Keitz @KeitzBrian🔁“I love my school, yes I do!” Awesome energy at Reyes Maria Ruiz Leadership Academy for their celebration! 🎤🎶👏
The Playful Walrus @PlayfulWalrus🔁Still a good question. #schoolchoice #prochoice #education #liberty fb.me
CSF @CSFNational🔁Spotlight on CSF's Buffalo partner . BISON Sixth-grader Anna says, "I like working hard because I want to go to a goo twitter.com d high school and college. I want to do something with science when I'm older and you need good grades for that!"
D C Mac @DeanMcClish🔁I support because all children deserve the best possible education. The jobs of the 21st century require quality education and trapping kids in a failing school prevents them from reaching their full potential.
Hoosie Taylor @HoosieTaylor🔁 Thank you, @GovChrisSununu, for fighting for #SchoolChoice in New Hampshire with #SB193! #nhpolitics #LeadRight
NPRI @NevadaPolicyRI🔁More evidence that works. Corey DeAngelis Independent Women's Forum Independent Institute
Andrew Brey @andrewthebrey🔁Getting lots of petitions in support of at Celebrate Youth in Pasco County! twitter.com
Jason Hayes @jasonthayes🔁As week comes to a close, read how choice has grown over time and why it matters

Education Post 🎓 @edu_post🔁Parents don't just want #SchoolChoice. Their voices need to be heard and heeded in the schools, says @daddyswatch.
Independence Inst @i2idotorg🔁Sadly, National School Choice Week is coming to an end :( But it's not over yet! Come help 's Ed. Policy Center clos twitter.com e out in style. There will be food, prizes, and great information about all of the resources available to parents through







NH School Choice @NHSchoolChoice🔁 Thank you, @GovChrisSununu, for fighting for #SchoolChoice in New Hampshire with #SB193! #nhpolitics #LeadRight
icee @ZiembaDenise🔁I support because where a child happens to live should not limit his or her access to a great education.
RI School Choice @RISchoolChoice🔁Join us TONIGHT in as we welcome an all-star panel to talk about the importance of . Plus: free pizza, door prizes, and 1 free drink for the first 50 people! RSVP:
Mackee M. Mason @mackeemason🔁I’m so pro that I gleefully accept your right to send your kid to a failed school. The problem is, most of y’all who are so called PUBLIC school supporters don’t send your kids to one. Phonies. ‘What about the kids left behind?’ You mean the ones YOU LEFT?
Susan @SusanASAMOM🔁 empowers families. That’s why making it available to everyone should be a priority for all of us.
Justin Michael Cowie @jmcowie1🔁 op-ed in the Cumming Patch on school choice is a common sense conservative approach for educating Georgia's children twitter.com .
Lisa Snell @LisSnell🔁Saving Kids From Government Schools: New at Reason reason.com #schoolchoice #schoolchoiceweek
Lisa Snell @LisSnell🔁WATCH: The Case for School Choice in 2018 reason.com #schoolchoice #schoolchoiceweek
Pastor A.B. Harris @pastorabharris🔁 Might Be the Only Answer to the
... the average public school $12,760. The typical parochial-school tuition.. is so low that even a very modest form of school choice will yield enormous savings

Lisa Snell @LisSnell🔁State Legislators Want to Repeal Charter School Law Before Any Charter Schools Have Opened reason.com twitter.com
SalasRamirez,PhD @SaveCPE1🔁Proud of the extraordinary speaking about the and how gives them acces to our children’s info and exposing the cor twitter.com ruption of marketing
RMFFIndy @RMFFIndy🔁This week, we joined & others in celebrating National Week. Every Hoosier child, regardless of income, should have twitter.com access to the school option that best fits their needs. cc:
Fordham Institute OH @OhioGadfly🔁Open enrollment has been associated with learning gains, esp. for urban, minority youth. But many suburban districts twitter.com surrounding Ohio’s big 8 cities are denying access to those students who need it most.
PublicSchoolOptions @pubschoolops🔁A champ, Speaker of the House , w/ PSO prez twitter.com
Paul Smith @WaywordKnight🔁To boost support for , we need to expand best-practices that boost charter school performance. via
Lisa Snell @LisSnell🔁 Reason feature: Are Microschools the Next Big Thing?: New at Reason reason.com ="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/957296176096620544" target="_blank">twitter.com
FLCharterSchAlliance @FlCharter🔁Our own celebrates with Speaker of the Florida House in Pasco County!
HI School Choice @HISchoolChoice🔁Hawaii’s rally featured in NSCW broadcasts. Kids are the stars!
Derek Lewis @Lewis4schools🔁Big shout out for and the expansion of 529's for K-12 from at event in Greenville today!
Tammy Williams @Mimipuppy🔁We Choose Tazewell Middle School - National School Choice Week - We Choose Public Schools!
Joyce luffman @luffman_joyce🔁 includes all options - traditional public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, online, and home!
Mackinac Center @MackinacCenter🔁As #SchoolChoice week comes to a close, read how choice has grown over time and why it matters
CSF @CSFNational🔁As comes to an end for 2018, take a look at how CSF celebrated in New Hampshire!: twitter.com
CJ @KidsNotMarkets🔁The Proselytizers and the Privatizers
How religious sectarian school voucher extremists made useful idiots of the cha twitter.com rter movement
Lisa Snell @LisSnell🔁The Key School Finance Question: Are Dollars Allocated Based on Students? reason.org via twitter.com
Clem Kadiddlehopper @ClemSkelton🔁Poor People and People in poor counties get hurt by Period!

Just one more way for the to step on the little guy... twitter.com

Your corporate donors love it though.. they can make lots of money stealing from people who need help the most.


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