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#sbjwcs Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁@laurafrofro @barstoolsports @EKANardini She was at the Four Seasons in Houston!! #SBJWCS @sbjsbd
#sbjwcs SBJ/SBD @sbjsbd🔁Photos from Day 2 of #sbjwcs have been uploaded! Check them out now:
#sbjwcs Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁Win at the next #SBJWCS @sbjsbd by doing a pop up milkshake stand in Dana Point
#sbjwcs Victor Montagliani @VicMontagliani🔁Great discussion at #sbjwcs
with @sunilgulati and @thesoccerdon on reform, #WorldCup and football's evolution
#sbjwcs#sbjwcs#sbjwcs Donte Scott @WalkOn12GoBlue🔁Go Cubs Go! and #GoBlue @TurnkeySports #sbjwcs #sportsbiz
#sbjwcs Adam Jacobs @ajgator🔁Enjoyed my time at the 2017 #SBJWCS & happy to see some old #sportsbiz friends. The view was certainly acceptable.
#sbjwcs WassermanNetherlands @WassNetherlands🔁 Thanks to @BenFischerSBJ for a great conversation about @LA2024 with @ScottBlackmun at #SBJWCS!
#sbjwcs Casey Wasserman @caseywasserman🔁Thanks to @BenFischerSBJ for a great conversation about @LA2024 with @ScottBlackmun at #SBJWCS!
#sbjwcs Darren Rovell @darrenrovell🔁Slide on the Falcons food & beverage prices next year in the new stadium from @SteveCannonCEO at the #SBJWCS
Darren Rovell @darrenrovell🔁Madison Square Garden president Doc O'Connor said today at #sbjwcs that company is looking for esports team to buy (H/T @dkaplanSBJ)
TJ Bullock @TJBullock11🔁George Raveling: In 15 years there will be a 3-on-3 basketball college national championship.
Sen. Brant Feldman @AGMSports🔁A few thoughts on esports at our conference… The gee whiz/reactionary opposition dynamic is gone. Conversation is up a few levels.
Damani Leech @dleech9🔁@MichelleDBeadle Nice job at #sbjwcs earlier today. Well done.
Corey Dunn @CoreyDunn_🔁Slide on the Falcons food & beverage prices next year in the new stadium from at the
theprojectfc @theprojectfc🔁 MLS's Garber @thesoccerdon says talking to Mexican league about a regular series between the two leagues #sbjwcs
Harvey Schiller @HWSCHILLER🔁Never stop growing; great learning from folks like David Stern & lesson for all today
Joe Favorito @joefav🔁Top Sports Execs, Leagues Continue To Be Excited About #esports Possibilities #sbjwcs #sportsbiz via @sbjsbd
SJN_official @SJN_official🔁 Victor Montagliani from CONCAF, on FIFA: “Reform is a journey, it's not a destination.” #sbjwcs
SJN_official @SJN_official🔁 Scott Blackmun, CEO, USOC applauds IOC for considering awarding two OLY Games for '24 and '28 at same time #sbjwcs
SJN_official @SJN_official🔁 Scott Blackmun, CEO, USOC, says $250 mil spent by bid cities in last three OLY bid cycles. #sbjwcs
Eric Fisher @EricFisherSBJ🔁ESPN's Burke Magnus said at #sbjwcs that he was optimistic for good MNF seed, & '17 slate has DAL, PIT, GB, NE, NYG, DEN 2X.
David Grossman @davidgrossman8🔁Well done @laurafrofro ⚡️ “2017 SBJ / CAA World Congress of Sports #SBJWCS” by @laurafrofro

Ben Fischer @BenFischerSBJ🔁…andd trying to bring the social/interactive/fan-player engagement genius of esports to traditional sports."
Ben Fischer @BenFischerSBJ🔁Smartest thing I heard this week: “Even if you’re not investing in esports, you should be taking notes… (cont)
Ben Fischer @BenFischerSBJ🔁And we don’t have to explain the publishers-own-everything dynamic any more. #sbjwcs
Ben Fischer @BenFischerSBJ🔁Appreciate you both making the time. It'll be a big five months, one way or another. #sbjwcs
Robin des foot @Stphane761🔁Great discussion at
with and on reform, and football's evolution
Mark J. Burns @markjburns88🔁Mark Tatum, NBA Deputy Commissioner and COO, on the new NBA 2K eLeague. I'm confused on the wording here (via )
Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁Mr Verlander's feed is the perfect mix of genius + silly. Mental makeup of a pitcher in the show. #SBJWCS
Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁Am a big fan of Oski, the-mascot-bear, so as a positive person, i hope it all works out [photo credit Justin Verlande r]
Khalil P. Garriott @khalilgarriott🔁Adidas Prez Mark King: "We won’t associate w/ athletes that are going to cause our brand something we don’t ... stand for." Wow. #sbjwcs
Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁Go back and watch Mike Bibby when he was on the Knicks. He celebrated win #38 like he got a $2mm bonus for riding pine on TV! #SBJWCS
Khalil P. Garriott @khalilgarriott🔁Longtime Nike exec George Raveling on LaVar Ball: He's “the worst thing to happen to basketball in the last hundred years.” #sbjwcs
Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁Driver feedback matters. Just ask Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers (and the xGM of the @49ers @sbjsbd) #SBJWCS
Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁This funnels nicely into my * for Female Founders* bc I eat at Westin & Sheraton
Marla Striar @MStriar1🔁An impressive group - keep growing. Ceres supports the journey and the climb
Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁Finance geeks at - I wanna eyeball food items and place a NPV (revenue per item per yr; net present value)
Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁Using #thirdPartyDataVerification to "score" potential NFL / NBA draft picks #SBJWCS @sbjsbd
Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁I hope to see the Falcons in Minnesota #sb52
#SBJWCS @sbjsbd
Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁I take Uber pool around PA Like professor @spinuzzi takes buses around UT #SBJWCS @sbjsbd
Victor Montagliani @VicMontagliani🔁Backstage at the World Congress of Sports -- , and .
Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁NBA executives respond well to preparation, too. Like Bob's comments on Draymond's defensive mindset prep @sbjwcs
Eric Fisher @EricFisherSBJ🔁Great two days at the World Congress. Thx for the great conversation on fans, tech, food, & green.
Chris Granger @cgkings🔁Great two days at the World Congress. Thx for the great conversation on fans, tech, food, & green.
Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁Smart to do a "moments" #SBJWCS @sbjsbd
Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁Small innovation. Using the Uber API for algorithm draft picks. Correlate rating w/pick responsibility friends+netw ork
Laura Froelich ✈️🏈 @laurafrofro🔁⚡️ “2017 SBJ / CAA World Congress of Sports #SBJWCS” by @laurafrofro

Larry Chiang @LarryChiang🔁David- your show about "innovations in Ramen" were directly applicable to much innovation
Joe Favorito @joefav🔁I was denied entry lol. Wanted to hear those great ideas for events; more needed! #sbjwcs #sportsbiz
Eric Fisher @EricFisherSBJ🔁Our annual #sbjwcs now done but among the key themes was the role of athlete activism in political/social causes. $
SBJ/SBD @sbjsbd🔁See the top stories that have come out of : The decline in sports ratings, media fragmentation & more.


Dylan Glickstern @djgsports🔁76ers/Devils owner David Blitzer at "the only arbitrage in sports is patience" - great perspective for other businesses too
Brooke Eaton @ThisIsBrooke🔁"People respond to preparation." -@ConnorSchell on how they got interviewees for @OJMadeInAmerica. Also generally good life advice. #sbjwcs
GlideSlope @GlideSlopeLLC🔁With a few months to go until IOC announces, we heard and chat prospect of . Great convo!
Drew Hawkins @DrewHawkinsMS🔁Great 2nd day start at #sbjwcs - Great panel discussion w @caseywasserman outlining his role as chair of the IOC for the '24 Olympics in LA
The Poor Republican @DPoorRepublican🔁Agreed. I like confidence but he takes that to the absurd. Hurting his kids future one idiot episode at a time.
Brooke Eaton @ThisIsBrooke🔁Great 2 days at #sbjwcs. Fun theme: Execs cite their kids as teachers for digital platform trends, infuse learnings into business strategy.
UK Soccer @TheSoccerUK🔁 Excited to hear so much about soccer today @sbjsbd #soccer #sbjwcs #future #sportsbiz
AccelerateSports @AccSportsBiz🔁Excited to hear so much about soccer today @sbjsbd #soccer #sbjwcs #future #sportsbiz
Jeff Yocom @JeffYocom🔁Chris Granger @SacramentoKings on how important having green venue is to fans: #1 thing on fan survey was model of sustainability. #sbjwcs


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