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Sarah Sanders: 30.309k tweets talking about this in the last 24 hours

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Alek Kisiel @AlekKisiel🔁 White House press secretary Sarah Sanders calls Jemele Hill's comments 'a fireable offense.'
Sarah Sanders Purebred Stems @PurebredStems48🔁 Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls Hillary Clinton's new book "sad"
Clemson Fan @clemson_fan5🔁 White House press secretary Sarah Sanders calls Jemele Hill's comments 'a fireable offense.'
John the Train Guy @john_train_guy🔁Sarah Sanders owns the WH press corps again!
I think that's an outrageous comment & a fireable offense by ESPN #MAGA

Sarah Sanders Luke Red @LukeRedjayhawk🔁 Sarah Huckabee Sanders always looks like she spent her lunch break making a Talbots salesgirl cry.
Natasha Bertrand @NatashaBertrand🔁Why aren't reporters challenging Sarah Sanders' claim that Comey "broke the law"? The memo he leaked did not contain classified information.
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁Sarah Sanders is now obstructing the probes from the podium at the White House. I hope her & Trump get sued by Comey over this.
ABC News @ABC🔁Press Sec. Sarah Sanders says whether former FBI Dir. James Comey should be prosecuted is something the DOJ "should c ertainly look at."
Gail Levitt @GaillevittGail🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders once again said the trump admin has been fully transparent.

Reaction: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

lcincos @lexicaldrrift🔁 As bad as Sarah Huckabee Sanders is she will always be the third worst Huckabee behind daddy and the dog torturer.
#ImpeachTrump @Ihavenoprez🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders: "anyone who breaks the law should be prosecuted"

Great advice. That's the majority of the WH & trump admin.

Don Huffman @thecircledancer🔁Does " Sarah Huckabee Sanders" think she is so cool to be trending?!
DeplorableTx#MAGA @RickAndKim30yrs🔁 Hillary Clinton slams Sarah Huckabee Sanders who called her book 'sad' - via @FreeBeacon
Potatoe Shark🙈🙉🙊 @RequinPatate🔁I, for one, am SHOCKED that Sarah Sanders continues to make factually inaccurate statements.

Every day.


Justice for Trump @rudnicker🔁 But serious question here people: Sarah Huckabee Sanders has Stockholm syndrome right??? Bc there's no other way....
Vickie 🐾 📚🍷⏳ @vik1958🔁 Sarah Huckabee Sanders talking about the law is White House podium version of a fish explaining how to ride a bicycle
Terri Cursio @gabbyhila🔁LUV. Sarah Sanders, Rips into Hillary for running the most negative presidential campaign, then peddling a book of false & reckless attacks.
NUFF @nuffsaidBK🔁I can't believe Sarah Sanders said that about Jemele Hill. Imagine getting a writeup at your job & The White House says you should be fired.
Colleen @ThorneColleen🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Don't Think Trump Needs To Read Hillary's Book, I'm Pretty Sure He Knows 'What Happened'.

I ❤️ Sarah🤣

Positive Democrats @ncsupport🔁S Sanders. claims Obama never made bipartisan deals. She couldn’t be more wrong.
The WH lies constantly 🤥
Jon Cooper @joncoopertweets🔁ESPN Host Committed 'Fireable Offense' With Trump 'White Supremacist' Tweet: White House Aide | HuffPost
BlogLiberally™® @BlogLiberally🔁Sarah Sanders said Hillary's book is sad. What's truly sad is a preachers daughter defending a pussy grabbing offensive abrasive old man!
DARKO @darkom56🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders WRECKS Crooked Hillary: Her book full of lies is another reminder of why she's not President!
Ibrahim Taman @irtaman🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls for people to be fired for mocking Trump. I defend free speech - Trump and the right want to criminalize it!
DeplorableTx#MAGA @RickAndKim30yrs🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked if President Trump will read Hillary's book and her reply "I think he already knows What Happened"
F. Vyan Walton @Vyan1🔁Sanders Suggests ESPN Anchor Should Be Fired For Calling Trump ‘A Bigot’ via @TPM
Daily Mail US @DailyMail🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls on ESPN to FIRE Jemele Hill for calling Trump a 'white supremacist'
Serafinos✭🐘🚂🇺🇸 @Serafinos🔁Sanders Suggests ESPN Anchor Should Be Fired For Calling Trump 'A Bigot'
Laura @Laura56862964🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders owns the WH press corps again.

"I think that's an outrageous comment & a fireable offense by ESPN."😂👊

djp @djpsom🔁Sarah Sanders calls ESPN host Jemele Hill's anti-Trump tweets 'fireable offense' - CNN Money@SarahHuckabee
Eileen Donovan @eileen_donovan🔁According to Sarah Huckabee Sanders & The White House, if you didn't win an election none of your ideas are valid.

That isn't America.

Jr Meekins @JuniorDaKid🔁Sarah Sanders Calls Jemele Hill's Donald Trump Comments 'Fireable Offense' - Bleacher Report
Robert Cashman Sr @RobertCashmanSr🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders Smears Obama While Telling An Unbelievable Lie About Trump via @politicususa
Laserbeam @BerkeleyGirl63🔁They didn't cover the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or Freedom of Speech at Baptist University
Confused Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Connie Bergman @connie_bergman🔁@billyeichner @MimiLeroch It feels therapeutic for me retweeting your tweet re despising Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Thank you👆🏻
Snowflakeremover @delibber2017🔁Sarah Sanders calls for anchor to be fired during White House briefing via
Carol Gray @my_carol🔁Sarah Sanders calls ESPN host Jemele Hill's anti-Trump tweets 'fireable offense'
Based K @1Everett2016🔁News post: "Sarah Huckabee Sanders: That ESPN anchor who called Trump a white supremacist committed a “fireable of…
Gustav Mahler @GustavMahlerJr🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders Smears Obama While Telling An Unbelievable Lie About Trump via
Dan Kleinman @SafeLibraries🔁Retweeted Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam):

Not-so-free speech? Sarah Huckabee Sanders calls ESPN anchor Jemele...

Pat @patburns1977🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a smug liar in need of an iron. It is amazing that she gets to feign moral superiority as a devil's spokesperson.
The Book Of Mark @IgnantTone🔁Get Sarah Butterface Huckabee Sanders outta here...
BlogLiberally™® @BlogLiberally🔁Sarah Sanders takes a blowtorch to prosecutorial independence and the idea of evenhanded application of the law
Stephanie Barnes @abuvH2O🔁 "Sarah Huckabee Sanders" 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍? ?👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Ed Skipper @EdSkipper🔁At the very time the right is complaining about no freedom of expression Sarah Huckabee Sanders says you should be fired for mocking Trump
Julie Meyer @Mightymouth5413🔁dcexaminer Sarah Sanders: Clinton book tour proves the "reasons that Hillary Clinton is not the president"…


Amanda Brouillette @Amanda_Brew🔁Maybe Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be fired from her job for saying stupid shit all the time
Veronica @_veronicapz🔁 Sarah Sanders can fuck right off
Bonchesva ❄️🇺🇸 @Bonchesva🔁 Sarah Huckabee Sanders may now be on the hook for obstruction of justice in Mueller probe
Jen Blanchard @JenABlanchard🔁Well I think it’s Sarah Sanders’s comments about Jemele Hill’s comments that were outrageous & un-American & a fireable offense. So there.
Cheryl @CGHallenbeck🔁Sarah Sanders responding to a question about if President Trump will read Hillary's book: "I think he already knows what happened".
Nancy Bonita @NancyBonita7🔁Sarah Sanders just essentially laid out an argument of why she thinks Comey should be charged with a crime from the White House podium.
Laserbeam @BerkeleyGirl63🔁 Someone tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to have several seats.
Patty Smith @pattysmith704🔁@thehill Sarah Huckabee Sanders under attack by men and women and handling it with brains and class!
Keep it up!!
Theresa W. Carey @twcarey🔁Well, Sarah Sanders, if all who say @realDonaldTrump is a white supremacist got fired, the economy would collapse overnight. PS. Read 1st Am
RobRiv @Riverar2429🔁You'd think Sarah Huckabee Sanders would know what a "fireable offense" actually is considering firing is the one thing this WH does well.
Joey B @joebar1129🔁@danpfeiffer I don't think the no talent Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be calling for ANYONE'S firing.
Nancy ONeil @nancyoneil1020🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a picture of dishonesty and discomfort; out of her depth; lacks solid knowledge of Trump. Hostile.
MISS 103 @Miss103Country🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders says former FBI Director James Comey should be prosecuted for leaking information to the...
#StillWithHill @steelrsfan57🔁Sarah Sanders is now obstructing the probes from the podium at the White House. I hope her & Trump get sued by Comey over this.
Scott Draper @dsdraper🔁i have this rich fantasy life where Sarah Huckabee Sanders' makeup artist REALLY HATES her and makes her face look like that on purpose
Ms.Smith @wikedbitchowest🔁I'm assuming that since Sarah Huckabee-Sanders doesn't know what legally constitutes a leak, she also doesn't understand slander.
b. @betseybess🔁News flash to Sarah Sanders: Distributing something you wrote on a FBI computer is not a crime merely because you typed it on that computer.
Leticia Lopez @Leticia17922167🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders: ""That is one of the more outrageous comments that anybody could make."

Has she even spoken to her boss once?

Never Ever Ever Ever @loupou21🔁Seriously....Huckabee Sanders called Jemele Hill’s comment about Trump a ‘fireable offense.’
63red @63red🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders: That ESPN anchor who called Trump a white supremacist committed a “fireable offense” -
connie @Dlc22Connie🔁 Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she thinks James Comey broke the law by violating the Privacy Act
Danielle Knott @dknott409🔁Awesome: Sarah Sanders says Frank from Falls Church will be at the WH Friday to mow the lawn, which he said was his dream in a letter
Pete Russian @peterussian🔁Sarah Sanders just doubled down on her claim that Comey's leak of memo violated "federal laws"... "regardless of classification"
Mary Abrahams @MaryAbrahams🔁Sarah Sanders says she "can't think of a single time" Obama "made a deal with" Republicans.

For real? Sequester? Fiscal cliff? All the CRs?

DB☮♥⚯͛ImWithHer @DC4Hope🔁Sarah Sanders should be FIRED for LYING to the American people on a regular basis w/hate-filed propaganda.
Creaky but tough @1technodiva🔁Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a disgrace as a human and what she thinks about ESPN employees means as much as my thoughts on nuclear physics.


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