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Shweta Kulkarni @sk0391🔁Because the after party has to be as good as the event!!
#rstatsnyc Citizen Zeus @zacharyzeus🔁 A great quote from @juliesquid presented by @kellrstats #rstatsnyc #rstats @rstatsnyc
#rstatsnyc Emilio García Morán @Emilio_NTN🔁 OH at #rstatsnyc: “OMG I didn’t know @drewconway was so handsome”

That wasn’t on the diagram

#rstatsnyc PyData Bratislava @PyDataBA🔁 .@dataandme crushing it with humor, humility, and Pam Poovey. 🔥🔥🔥
#rstatsnyc Steve Moss @gawbul🔁 Watching @hadleywickham live code at #rstatsnyc is like meeting Neo in the Matrix.
PyData Bratislava @PyDataBA🔁What scikit-learn has done to give machine learning methods in Python a consistent API is revolutionary. and the rest of the contributors deserve so much 👏 👏 👏
Wolfhart Feldmeier @trahflow🔁Awesome idea: to figure out the best causal inference method, Jennifer Hill and colleagues created a competition to compare them
Diego Oppenheimer @doppenhe🔁Stephanie Kim on natural language analysis at the awesome NY R conference 2018
Exploralgo @Exploralgo🔁 “I comment my code as if at any moment I might get a traumatic brain injury”

@dataandme at #rstatsnyc

Xin WEI @iewei🔁My first R conference today. Cultural differces are really interesting. talking about memory allocation and references an copy on write in R. Differences btw stats and CS background are more obvious even than I thought.
Jaba Banik @JabaBanik🔁“In data science, 90% of the work is data wrangling and the other 10% is complaining about data wrangling”

Linda HD @Linda_HD_🔁Had a great time at , thanks ! I even won the R Packages book by - so here's to all the future R packages coming out of 👍
Eoin Brazil @eoinbrazil🔁 Here's the slides for my talk at #rstatsnyc today:
Eoin Brazil @eoinbrazil🔁Lots of good workflow advice in ‘s talk. Lots of data processing and selection goes into both supervised and unsupervised ML - cross validate the WHOLE pipeline, not just the final model.
Koray Kocabas @koraykocabas🔁 “90% of data science is wrangling data, the other 10% is complaining about wrangling data.”

@evelgab at #rstatsnyc

Nicholas Tierney @nj_tierney🔁. talked about scaling machine learning, which is really about making tools more usable and interpretable.
Felipe Seixas Souza @seixaslipe🔁Check out the tidyposterior package for understanding Bayesian models with tidy tools!

at topepo.github.io

Jorge López @jlopezper🔁R doesn’t have to be fast. It just has to make friends with other environments b/c R is structured so you can easily translate your code to those environments (like dbplyr does with SQL) -
BlueBear @spottheoutlier🔁. shares a tweet template - author handle for attribution, link, hashtag, and lots of screenshots!
darthjarjar @darthjarjar🔁.’s first open source contribution? Fixing a typo in R for Data Science! You don’t have to start out by making a complex pkg for CRAN, many types of contributions are helpful!
Vidhya Kalaichelvan @itsmevidhya_k🔁Finally got around to drawing my own talk on the train home. Key point: copy and remix from your unique multitude of interests, and you’ll probably make something new. Thank you for not judging my unrealistic hair expectations!

Slides here:

Laurus @LaurusT001🔁Why are there so many education tables available only in PDF form! 😫 Thank heaven for tabulizer from
PyData Bratislava @PyDataBA🔁Alright community, it's time to choose.

If you could only use one package for the rest of your life, which one would it be? Please explain why in the replies!

PyData Bratislava @PyDataBA🔁. with a fascinating talk about Communicating Data Science Through Tweets, Hits and Classic Misdirection
PyData Bratislava @PyDataBA🔁Ok I ended up at number 3 after & BUT am very happy that the top 10 tweeters at are all (except , forget him lol, and the conference handles) ⚡️⚡️⚡️
PyData Bratislava @PyDataBA🔁Great talk from from , who really genuinely understand and empathizes with the needs and goals of beginners. My favorite takeaway: if you Mr. Miyagi your students or colleagues, they’ll lose interest before they learn karate (/R).
JanLauGe @JanLauGe🔁Interesting detail of optimization:

R can modify in place (which is fast) if there’s exactly one reference to object

But at the top level (not in a function) of RStudio, there’s always an extra reference: the environment pane

Pablo Cabrera @pablocalv🔁Key takeaway from ’s talk: have goals of what you want students to do and get them doing it as early as possible.

Most students come into class wanting to learn how to analyze their data, not learn what the 6 types of atomic vectors are.

Junsong Wang @JunsongW🔁ooo ggsurvplot() is a helpful function for plotting survival analysis results. love how the grammar of graphics is everywhere in 😍
Vidhya Kalaichelvan @itsmevidhya_k🔁.: if you’re getting into data science, Twitter is great for sharing what you’re learning in real-time.

Read, learn and share!

Richard DeWald @rdewald🔁Gang signs... for geeks. Well certainly virtue signaling... With and .
Laurus @LaurusT001🔁R: programming with minecraft book here ropenscilabs.github.io
Nujcharee (เป็ด) @Nujcharee🔁Absolutely lover live tweets by . Very creative and eye catching I feel I’m actually at the event. :) twitter.com
Pritesh Shrivastava @pritesh_shri🔁Teaching is not just for professional teachers; it’s about what we choose to blog about, speak about, and evangelize to coworkers

Diego Oppenheimer @doppenhe🔁. of , (a portfolio co!) sharing what to consider when investigating user feedback (and cleaning up dirty data) using natural language analysis at
Rstats @rstatsbot1234🔁“This slide originally said ‘You have learned three big ideas’ but I can’t make any assertions as to whether you’ve learned them” says . True story...I’m gonna need a few hours to go through this stuff in detail later 🤓
Jared Lander @jaredlander🔁Good morning ! Pictures from yesterday at the conference are up: Tag yourself or share them photos.app.goo.gl with your mom. Whatever floats your boat.
Andrew Ba Tran @abtran🔁Like I said, with R it’s like, come for the puns, stay for the community ⚡️⚡️⚡️


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