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ThatSameEnergy 🇦🇬 @_NuckyJohnson🔁 Limited packages available July 1st for $200 #RISE
Nathan Souza @natecarstairs🔁 “Fade me away, I will never be the same.” #RISE
#Rise #saverise before i cry | nsfr? @disasterspier🔁 End scene. ♥️ #Rise
#Rise jenna gaskins @gaskins_jenna🔁 The stage is set. Don't miss the finale of #Rise tonight at 9/8c on @nbc.
#Rise Rise @NBCRise🔁The stage is set. Don't miss the finale of #Rise tonight at 9/8c on @nbc.
#Rise Rise @NBCRise🔁End scene. ♥️ #Rise
Auli'i Cravalho @auliicravalho🔁20gayteen is the entire room whispering “do it” during Simon’s kiss scene #RISE
#SAVERISE The_Amazing_Geek @SuperWhoLock54🔁Alright first tweet of the day, before i head to school,
Ms K @youngandscrappy🔁@ohyouknowellie @NBCRise Beautiful ending. You and the rest of the cast did a fantastic job! Really wish #Rise would be renewed! #RISEAGAIN
kat loves siremy || #SAVERISE #RISEAGAIN @katylovessean1🔁3. what will sasha do with her baby? she’s still pregnant, her and michael kissed before their act and michael doesn’ twitter.com t want sasha to have the responsibility but she seems like she does, how will thay develop?
radhika @radhika1515🔁 20gayteen is the entire room whispering “do it” during Simon’s kiss scene #RISE
Carol Davies Wigley @pinkbassist🔁Aiming for 7k next
Netflix: Save Rise - Sign the Petition! via
jar #saverise @spideyfeld🔁There are still many teens who are struggling like Sasha Foley. Teens who are pregnant and have to go through it alon twitter.com e with no support system not knowing if they can keep the baby without they themselves struggling.+

jar #saverise @spideyfeld🔁There are still many teens who feel like Simon Saunders. Teens who can't tell their families what they feel or who t twitter.com hey like because of their families religion. They have to struggle with finding themselves alone and in dark.+

Alex 🏳️‍🌈 @chaptersixtyone🔁Why needs to be picked up:

— It gives a voice to the voiceless.
— It explores diversity, sexuality, gender identity, alcoholism and homelessness.
— It’s the progress we NEED in life
— The world needs RISE

Rachel Lehman @rachelxxray🔁What happens to Micheal and Sasha? What about Gordy, Gwen, Lilette and Robbie? What happens to Maashous and the Mazzu twitter.com chellis? And, finally, What happens to Jeremy and Simon? This cannot be the end!
Lydia @faded_midnight🔁But seriously, who watches AP Bio?! #SAVERISE #rise
#saverise #riseagain @SlapCactus🔁It can’t be the end.. 😭😭 this story can’t end here, it just started 😭😭 seeing such an amazing show and a beautiful cast not getting renewed breaks my heart. They don’t deserve this. They deserve a second season..
TheGrandeTop10 @TheGrandeTop10🔁 @itsdantedangelo @nbc @NBCRise sign our petition to #saverise! #RISEAGAIN #rise #RenewRiseNBC
Melissa Weber RN @maweb1977🔁 cancelled . A good show that a family could actually sit down & watch together..which is very rare. But lets keep al twitter.com l the shows about serial killers, murder, time travel, teen mom’s, fake real housewives, on the air. Hopefully somebody can save this show.
jenna gaskins @gaskins_jenna🔁Check out our with Executive Producer & lead actor . They discuss their new network series (airs Tuesdays 9/8c on NBC)
#SAVERISE @ohmybuterarush🔁The "finale of felt like that epiphanic moment in the timeline of any theater show where you start to realize that hey, this thing might be shaping up into something." … via
jenna gaskins @gaskins_jenna🔁YES!!! My love for this show is soooo much more than this amazing cast and story but it’s an hour a week that my teenage daughter and I have together!! It’s brought much needed conversations and this mom can’t thank you enough!!!
Smart Tuition Agency @smarttuitionsg🔁please continue sending in videos for the "i believe" virtual choir fan project!! even rarmian sent in a video! if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reply or dm me!
#SAVERISE @ohmybuterarush🔁 if I wasn’t crying before I am now #Rise #ReneewRiseNBC #SaveRise twitter.com

#SAVERISE @ohmybuterarush🔁Look what I found! Sign HERE for season 2 of Rise!! let’s make a change for all the teens out there that can relate to the characters and their real-life struggles! We need you, RISE!!


these are some unanswered questions i have that need to be answered in a SECOND SEASON :

totally fricked #renewrise @maashous_evers🔁no more gordy, no more maashous, no more robbie, no more gwen, no more lilette, no more simon, no more tracy, no more lou, no more sasha, no more michael, no more jeremy, no more annabelle, no more francis, no more jolene,
god im so sad
Debbie Starr Jackson @ProperAlaskaDeb🔁 will live in all of us! Find your voice, live your passions and FIND YOUR OWN SACRED TROUPE!!! We love you all to the moon and back, and thank you for a truly wondrous first season. ❤️ forever. 🙏🏼
Mercedees Rosado @CedeeRosado🔁Hey this show is about representation, inclusion and love! How could you take that from people?! I THOUGHT THIS WAS IMPORTANT?!
sasha | SAVERISE • RISEAGAIN @sashakhrlmv🔁 Well I feel like shit! @NBCRise #RISEAGAIN #RISE
jenna gaskins @gaskins_jenna🔁This needs to be read and spread everywhere! Yo please listen to this and all the fans who clearly want to !
Scrabbl @ScrabbIit🔁The #Rise of the #Chief #Marketing #Technologist
Toni @AuthorToniCross🔁Confession: I just cried my way through the last episode of . Damn. Now that was a finale. Season. Series. Whatever. twitter.com Definitely a finale.
sage says #saverise @sageyikes🔁 PLEASE @nbc we neeeeed more #rise PLEASE WE ARE LITERALLY TRENDING
sage says #saverise @sageyikes🔁 has almost 25k tweets. if doesn’t acknowledge it or the combined 8k signature petitions in any way, we’ll know for twitter.com sure they wanted it dead from the start.
Ahsan @_ahsanR🔁The inner landscape of our souls are nourishing as well as the harmonious voice of Love, & that is always echoing out to us, encouraging us to within the power of 💗💎📣💎💗
Anabella Mack💞 @AnabellaMack🔁Look what I found! Sign HERE for season 2 of Rise!! let’s make a change for all the teens out there that can relate t twitter.com o the characters and their real-life struggles! We need you, RISE!!

Anabella Mack💞 @AnabellaMack🔁Rise is such a beautiful show, and I was heartbroken a couple weeks ago when I heard it was canceled.. I don’t know w twitter.com hat to do without Gordy, Maashouts, Robbie, Lilette, Simon, Gwen, Miss Wolfe, and Mr. Mazzu, and any other character I missed. 💙💙💙


lu @lu_suey🔁if I wasn’t crying before I am now #Rise #ReneewRiseNBC #SaveRise twitter.com
HANA @Hanaazeena🔁im so upset that THIS is how its ending. sasha unsure w/ her baby, siremy not getting the story they deserve, maasshous story remaining untold w/o a conclusion, lilette moving, robbies mom on her deathbed, gwens family issues. we NEED a second season.
happy nathalie | nsfr @sargentsrowan🔁When Fox cancelled Brooklyn 99, NBC stepped in and saved it. Now that NBC cancelled , it’s time for another network to return the favor. This is such an amazing show that means so much to many people. ❤️
I’m begging and looking at you:
ARaymond Hansen @araymond_hansen🔁Deuteronomy 28:7
“The will cause your who against you to be defeated before your ; they shall come out against you one and before you .


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