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#Resist ❄Connie Not-A-Bot❄👊 @WuckieDuck🔁@Kokomothegreat @NJColorado @jwheels74 Happy #FBRParty night! #Resist On!
#Resist Lynn Alsen @pnlalsen🔁 There's a big difference !!!!!

#Resist #Trump #1u #tcot #maga #mapoli #AMJoy #TheResistance

#Resist canadian gal @LaurieCanadian🔁 "Kindly be informed that.."

#TheResistance #Resist

#Resist The Resistance @Resistance459🔁 And the #Oscars goes to.... "Un monstruo vino a verme".... 😱😨#Resist
Dr. DaShanne Stokes @DaShanneStokes🔁America has been governed by an unstable lying bigot and sexual predator who defends Nazis, the NRA, and our enemies twitter.com for 408 days now.

Dr. DaShanne Stokes @DaShanneStokes🔁America has been governed by an unstable lying bigot and sexual predator installed through an illegal act of war for twitter.com 407 days now.

NASA Coalition @CoalitionNASAKe🔁“Tougher things are coming. Our journey to Canaan is still on. We are not returning to Egypt. Don’t give up" H.E. twitter.com
Mike stone @MikestoNe890🔁 @funder #FireKushner #ImpeachTrump #DreamActNow #SaveDACA #Dreamers I stand with you, I will give you shelter #Resist
llucho281 @mariojoseh555🔁I can’t love this enough and all the work does.

“We will take our country back!”

Defeat Death @bodebliss54🔁 youtube.com 2nd Amendment Phil Brooklyn BBQ twitter.com
elizabeth snow @greensnow🔁Will follow in Martha Stewart's footsteps?

J. Walters @mo_coffee🔁Watching the Oscars..Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. #Resist
Fythia#BoycottNRA @Fythia🔁I'm going to party like a Rock Star! twitter.com
Paul Russell @paulnky🔁They tweet this crap hoping people don't see that their leader is one himself you bring it up this is there go to but twitter.com Clinton had her photo took like it's even close to what trumps done in his life
Smith&Co ⚖ ™ @Justica4all🔁While you are watching the this is breaking

State Dept. Was Granted $120 Million to Fight Russian Meddling. It Has twitter.com Spent $0.

# NeverAgain

The Global Spring @TheGlobalSpring🔁#Resist #TheResistance

Some early celebrating by 5 Star in Italian election twitter.com

🌈 Teresita🐧 @LinuxGal🔁He would have rushed in there, but only if it was on his way to Mar-a-Lago or a golf game at Palm Beach and he could twitter.com have driven his golf cart.
LA-Resist @LAATL755🔁Emma..I was fighting for gun control before 17 lives were lost at your school. I'm a Democrat. Your tweet showed me t twitter.com hat I need to put all of my energy into fighting for my handicapped son. He takes meds to live daily. You've got this little one..Rubio will help you.

PoliticalDave @SurrealChaos🔁How are liberals stupid? Donald Trump is the stupid one. He’s the liar and the con man. You’re the fool for letting h twitter.com im fuck over America like he has fucked over all of his business ventures. Dude has went bankrupt 11 times. ELEVEN TIMES. That’s a fucking record.
P Taylor @taylor108888🔁I have goosebumps like I've never had before. This is who we are becoming unless we now. We see him and them and w twitter.com e're done with them.
I @PSchauben🔁The attempt to steal the 2018 mid-term elections has begun.

Dianna A. @ArtistsPo🔁An older comedy, Canadian Bacon, with Alan Alda as the US President.
John Candy played in it (he was on twitter.com e of my favorite actors) and inadvertently provides an "enemy" country to start a war with which absurdly was Canada.

Defeat Death @bodebliss54🔁 youtube.com 2nd Amendment Phil Brooklyn BBQ twitter.com
Tina @TinaTrogers🔁 "We don't need to listen to President Trump," Hogg said during the call read.bi #NeverAgain #Resist
Deidre Mimbs @SerenityFair🔁Resist: Block the immoral and nightmarish Trump budget share.credoaction.com via @CREDOMobile #p2 #Resist
Marc Kamhi @MarcKamhi1🔁@ananavarro Anything that might be uplifting - he’s against.

Anything that’s death-centric he’s for.

#resist the #GOPNRAAxis

Marcia @FedUp610🔁Ahhhh, Kamala... I thought you didn't like Trump, and were trying to ?

If you keep touting his successes like this, your never trumper buddies are gonna start to get suspicious.....

Harriet Baldwin @HarrietBaldwin🔁It's his wife. She's a Leftist Prog #Resist type. twitter.com
Kathy Pederson #BanAssaultWeaponsNow @kittyped🔁 Please support #CarolynBordeaux for Georgia’s 7th district #fliptheseventh #Resist twitter.com
dominic carrafiello @DCarrafiello🔁Legends in their own minds all.


Jess ✨ @JessicaBurkhart🔁“When we discovered life on another planet, it was a woman and she built a bridge not a border” #hereweare #resist
Johnnyt74 @johnnyt74🔁@THR @gop bunch of fucking #traitors #treason #resist
Linda @spinning4light🔁There are more deserving Americans that need all the money Trump has wasted

Resist & Organize @ResistOrganize🔁 So fucking dangerous....who “jokes” about this sh*t? #resist twitter.com
ResistanceRana @ResistanceRana🔁So fucking dangerous....who “jokes” about this sh*t? #resist twitter.com
Bea Spectrum @SpectrumBea🔁"The State Department has yet to spend any of the $120 million it has been allocated to counter foreign efforts to m twitter.com eddle in elections or sow distrust in democracy.
State Dept. Was Granted $120 Million to Fight Russian Meddling. It Has Spent $0.

Brad @PuddleOfGoop🔁Firstly, I never said I led a productive life. I await news from CNN. Unfortunately, I see shit like this nowadays & twitter.com this stupidity.
Liz Marks @quiltsbyliz🔁is it possible that Tillerson - without knowledgeable under secretaries - doesn't know how to? or was told not to by twitter.com Bigoted Moron in Putin's pocket? Either way, impeachable = AWOLGOP
Thomas Parks @thomasdeeparks🔁@OleanderNectar @DLoesch If you say so. I follow pretty closely. Maybe you guys hear what you want to hear, the whole #Resist thing and all.
MoniqueRESISTS! 🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸 @KY_native🔁Can't wait to get rid of and his entire scandalous crew. twitter.com
Tracey Toons #RESIST #FBR #REMAIN #FBPE #TIMESUP @PoliKartoons🔁TOGETHER the Transatlantic Resistance will DEFEAT Brexit & Trump



twitter.com USA

Political Cartoons by

Bad Girl Productionz @BadProductionz🔁Obviously the $100,000 they paid
50,000 linked accounts on

13 Russian companies
3 Russian Nationals
4 plead guilt twitter.com y staff & advisors made an impact.

We for it on Inaugural Day

Paula 🇺🇸 #BoycottNRA 🚫 @PaulaInTulsaOK🔁The best change you can make to is for you to resign & take the w/you!
Amanda Underwood @underwoodchamp🔁The latest The Daily Champion! paper.li Thanks to @TallyAnnaE @Gradj1976 @richcasa #oscars #resist
Phyllis Marion 🌊📎 ❄️ @PhyllisMarion7🔁Keep up peaceful protest fellow resisters.

Resist hate, stay strong.

Positive change for the new year.

Trishia Avery @MsTrishia🔁 @realDonaldTrump You’re making America hated, and then you’ll destroy your economy. So thanks, says China. #Resist
Full Metal Finch @FullMetalFinch🔁 bots and real folks (so few, so sad)


If you’re tempted to muck up the Twittersphere with debunked or lying twitter.com tweets about , Obama, Hillary, or history of Southern Dems, remember this to help you cope with reality.

Krimdonite❄💙🐸🐚🌀🌊 @Krproeb🔁Who will play Ivanka and Jared?
Sessions.. Kelly? Im interested what everyone thinks.

we ask you to please hu twitter.com rry.. I am losing faith in our Government.🙏
Nasty L'il Snowflake @tfergpdx🔁Thank you for not letting them shut you up. #Resist twitter.com
Dario Navarro @darionavarro111🔁The implied and express threats in recent NRA propaganda are abominable and prove the NRA is an irresponsible, extrem twitter.com ist organization that should not be taken seriously by policy makers. The NRA only discredits itself by running such neo-fascist attack ads.
Tavlesh @tavlesh🔁Why is Trump so scared of anyone looking into his financials?
Especially when it is normal for candidates for Presi twitter.com dent to disclose, Trump is still trying to hide his money -- or kompromat

🇨🇺RussianBothead @RussianBothead🔁 is a state that has no right to exist. twitter.com
🌞Shar @sh4joy🔁@ianbremmer @JonathanLanday He said it... he owns it... #Resist #NeverAgain #GunControlNow
revraygreen @revraygreen🔁 @CNN She's not wrong👑 Love and miss you @MichelleObama #Queen #myFLOTUS #FLOTUS #whentheygolowwegohigh #resist @BarackObama
Actress/Activist @Starbuck603🔁Thank you ⚡️💙⚡️☄️☄️☄️☄️ twitter.com
Buttery Duck @Nauseum62🔁Your crooked, crazy asshole of a father is unparalleled in the history of American leadership, a shit stain on our de twitter.com mocracy. STFU.


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