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#resist Permian Extinction @PXtinxion🔁I could not #Resist
#resist i am @american_grrrl🔁Trump ain't grabbing this pussy! #Impeach #Resist #FightBack
#resist ♿️EJ Landwehr 🏳️‍🌈 @EJLandwehr🔁@maramcewin Not sure if you'll like this or not but the original wasn't explicit enough for this Jew. #resist
#resist#resist#resist Raine 🐞 @Raineboughs🔁 @realDonaldTrump Deflect, project, Lie
#Resist #TrumpRussia
#resist Caroline Paterson @tLp3KhBxnXtbJpF🔁 The Republican solution for health care reform.

#resist #persist #KillTheBill

#resist#resist Maya Hena @horchatalady🔁we all need to stand up with each other and for each other #TransPeopleAreNotABurden #resist
Scott Dworkin @funderThis is evidence Trump got money from Russia to build in America. NBD. But maybe everyone should 🔁//" target="_blank"> s on fire. 🔥😎🇺🇸
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁We estimate Trump's done well over $1 billion in business with Russians in the United States alone—half in FL & NY. #TrumpRussia #Resist 🇺🇸
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁How Jared Kushner helped the Russians get inside access to the Trump campaign

#CrookedKushner #LockJaredUp #Resist

djconn @djconn🔁 Sec of Interior threatens a state at the request of a President. you are a sleaze
Suzanne DeWitt Hall @smDeWittHall🔁 Tonight
Wonder Dog @WonderDogabides🔁 @ASlavitt Keep the pressure up on senators. Don't cave now to fear of pointlessness. #resist #BCRA
Jan Sheets Pigg @jansheetspigg🔁@lisamurkowski. Please stand strong don't allow trump to bully you. #standup #Resist for all American's. We need hero's you can be one.
American Voter @independentvtr🔁🚨🚨This is a CTA🚨🚨 Please read & RT this thread! This is an ALL hands on deck situation.
Tecumseh @Tec_umseh🔁 Your SELF Radical Christian Terrorists
Katrina Hagen @KatrinaHagen2🔁 SpoilerAlert: YES #Resist #UniteBlue #25thAmendmentNow
Val Almon @ValAlmon🔁This is how I feel about Trump! Love You You're the best! 💜
Liz McB @hamptonsliz🔁@rtraister Yep. Quoting Joe Paterno this am who shielded the child molester Sandusky. #resist
Lymari @Lyly1313Lymari🔁Not hard to do. #dailydose #beyou #bekind #loveyourself #loveothers #respect #resist #riseup
Rob Watson @JandJDad🔁#Resist #ResistTrump Tonight @BuzzFeedLGBT @BrodyLevesque @OutServeSLDN @WipeTransphobia @RatedLGBTRadio
Vanessa María Monti @missvanessa101🔁Call me corny but seeing 10s of 1000s defy normalcy, do good in 100 countries & have fun is a rad way to .
Lauren Bersek @LaurenBersek🔁 #RESIST by putting your best "you" out there every day. Help others to do the same.
Laurie @wsmb7🔁A little perspective...

Steve @SteveWondersWhy🔁 Dear Future,

We are so incredibly sorry about Trump.



#resist #ThursdayThoughts#trumprussia

Curtis L Walker @curtislwalker🔁Justice Dept. Weighs In Against Protections for Gays in Workplace WILL THIS FINALLY GET FOLKS IN STREETS? #Resist
ArmchairWarrior @CrumbyVh🔁I guess we can expect dt to tell Koreans to leave our country. He has a habit of double talk. No one trusts him he is a huge failure

Carlos del Rio @CarlosdelRio7🔁 we support you. You are in DC to defend citizens of your State, don't let them lose their insurance!
Cristian González C. @cristianfergo🔁Cowardly. What other class of people will come under explicit attack upon the next blow to Trumpcare? #Resist
Shuman @Shumankaman🔁Sorry, did she run against u too? Or is this just another woman that scares u?
greenseaglass7 @frothybrownpool🔁My karma tells me
You've been screwed again.
If you let them do it to you
You've got yourself to blame.
Gary Nelson @elite99thc🔁Yes, racist fascist is now becoming the "world view" of this country. Intolerant of all, but...wasps, now basically white Christians
Annabelle Lee @KinraIce🔁Is real? The nation and these Twitter users are skeptical
Beth ❤️#Resistance @ladydragyn🔁That just shows how corrupt & immoral Trump administration is-those who have nothing to hide, hide NOTHING!
Jennifer Kirby @Jenni__Mari🔁I know. That was my point. He's been in bed with the Russians for decades.
100% Putins puppet and the mafia's front man.
Ian Rice @CateyeMinty🔁 If I were @lisamurkowski, I'd do a "Jim Jeffords."

#p2 #UniteBlue #mepolitics #resist

Cpt. Iglo @Ben_Terug🔁A Mighty Wind is Blowing. And and you can hear its message: ", , ". Keep up the good work.

RunnerGirl @sigski🔁@Team_Trump45 @realDonaldTrump Gas. They are especially good at passing it. But nothing else. #Resist
ledivagwendyl @ledivagwendyl🔁 We need to restructure the presidency to prevent future Trumps from happening.

#resist #ThursdayThoughts#trumprussia

Curtis L Walker @curtislwalker🔁California Today: Military Communities Respond to Trump’s Transgender Ban via @NYTimes #resist #Military @bannerite
Stephanie Elliott @selliottbiology🔁Will this nightmare ever end? The length the WH will go to to distract from the Russian investigation. Where's ther e's smoke...
Serenity how? @SerenityHow🔁DOJ is turning policy all the way back to the 50s. This is what the GOP stands for now. It's up to us The People. #2018
Karen Kelly @dGpAErCfgu0ASnQ🔁 #25thAmendment #25thAmendmentNow Get this unfit man out of office #Resist #Resistance #25thAmendment #25thAmendmentNow
Mosleygirl7VA @Mosleygirl7🔁 @KeithOlbermann @etc_politics @realDonaldTrump Blackmail now#resist @lisamurkowski #RESIST
leebee @LeahNMA🔁I am pretty sure my favorite part is @NicolleDWallace saying "This gang needs group counseling" #Resist
emily @emicrystal🔁What a gut wrenching thought! We must not let the ugly hate train continue to refuel and pick up steam!
Nyet Means Nyet @MMChol1🔁Trump Wrong About Campaign Donations
Nasty-Feminist @Nasty_Woman1🔁It will leave twice as many People without Healthcare CBO estimated 42-44 Million Keep in mind the GOP & Insurance C os Sabotaged ACA
Wendy Ince @i06UcxDtvChGye9🔁 V for Vendetta: The Revolutionary Speech (HD) #Resist #NotMyPresident
Sang Heffa @SangHeffa🔁We need a PEOPLE POWER coup d'etat Rosie. Surround the until that mother fucker leaves!
Breitbit News @breitbitnews🔁Now playing Child Scam on Morning Melancholy! Listen to Resistance Radio, ALWAYS INSIST ON YOUR RIGHT TO #RESIST!
Music is My Teacher @TurnVinyl🔁@davidfrum @LuvPlaying What about all the 'advice' the #childpotus was going on about as he governed via social media? #Resist
Shadow Weaver @hatetofakeit🔁First they came for the Transgenders,


Ricky Naughton @RickyNaughton🔁Our children deserve better than Trump. His words matter - and they scar. He is an assault on our values. #Resist
patio party @take1theirsmall🔁Here's to hoping for a successful motion to dismiss hearing today!Much ❤️ to the defendants!
dfowg @dfowg1🔁Will @GOP really put an agent of a Russian bank, suspected of mob ties, in charge of DOJ criminal division like @POTUS nominated??#resist
Political Heat @PoliticalHeatWI🔁Shower Thoughts And Twitter Bans #wiunion #wipolitics #resist #resistance #trump
Megan Sass @Megan_Sass🔁File under "The Least Shocking Thing I've Ever Seen" #resist
S. Povey @k9dancerPovey🔁 -if REPUBLICAN law passes -state by state look at who loses healthcare. -
April Thompson @dishgirl4🔁After Centuries of Injustices Shouted ENOUGH ✊🏾 👊🏾 💦
Kat Rog @PlaceKat🔁WTF are you still in Highschool? You and Trump make a mockery out of our government. Get out now! Resign!!
Annabelle Lee @KinraIce🔁Politically, Trump is an aggressive cancer on the soul of American politics. The only cure is his removal.

unidentifiednobody @NobodyIncognito🔁All thanks to Gary Johnson voters voting for the wrong person thus enabling this guy into office.
Urb3xx @urb3xx🔁So #transgender people don't know how to fight... or do they? Simply another reason to #resist the lunacy of this paralyzing administration.
Poormansumbrella @Poormanumbrella🔁@StevenTDennis @rbdoeker All I want know is if the republicans had the most beautiful chocolate cake for their lunch? @TheDemocrats #resist
Mark Vonderheide @MarkVonderheide🔁This charade is beyond disgusting. The must hate the Americans who put them in office.
Idaho Resistance📎🖖 @IdahoResistance🔁Anthony Scaramucci getting to know his boss, Donald tRump

(by Jailing tRump)
Lora Grigonis @LoraGrigonis🔁Where is the evidence? Oh, wait. It's from Fox News? We know you don't require proof, you just tweet what they say. @cooldogsandcats🔁tRump, REAL patriotic Americans are not fools!

(by Jailing tRump)
Dayna for Congress @daynasteele🔁Why do I get the feeling a Religious Freedom Ambassador will work to suppress all but one religion? #resist


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