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#resist Peaceful Tweeter @4peacetweets🔁 Public Service Announcement #PSA
re: How to #Resist
-courtesy of an American #Patriot #Veteran
#resist D. John @Sixstring787🔁Take your kids to work every day issue…

Jared Kushner
#resist lionessmom76 @lionessmom76🔁 tRump Cultists
#Resist #Resistance #TheResistance #Indivisible
#MAGA (by Jailing tRump)
#resist Heinrich Gulfstein @deplorableme148🔁@VacavilleAntifa Find your nearest trash can and #resist
#resist Kosher Kitty🇮🇱 @K0SHER_KITTY🔁What #ResistingHate do - #TheResistance #OpResistance #Resist
Peggy @StunnedVoter🔁 Trump loves dictators.
And he uses their tactics.


#resist Karen Buley @karenbuley🔁It was a good run, Montana. This fuels #persistence for 2018. #MontanaElection #mtpol #MTAL #resist #persist #GOTV
#resist Spartacus @LaffAtTheFash🔁 Reject the right every time #ResistingHate #TheResistance #Resist
ROSIE @Rosie🔁Yes @HillaryClinton - nasty woman - you are a true leader... thank you for being you - for speaking at #Wellesley2017 - women rise #resist
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁Trump🇷🇺 is setting up a war room to fight #TheResistance 🇺🇸 from the White House.

Bring it on.

#TrumpLeaks #Res ist

George Takei @GeorgeTakei🔁Now more than ever, it's so important that members of Congress hear from you. Show up, speak up, #resist.
Stand Up Fight Back @Voted4Warren🔁This recess, we're fighting 's attacks on women's health. Check out our "Women " toolkit to join:…
Bisi M. @bolakalesjm🔁 Someone please explain to Trump that this isn't happening bc that's not how NATO works.



The Divine Feminine @MadameLazet🔁Your Declaration of Independence tells you to .

currently back . [follow along on IG stories]

Kelli Smith @KelliSmith15🔁. If is correct there is no such thing as a "Reset Button" U should probably resign 🇺🇸
Nasty Feminist Debra @Debra_Wiley🔁There needs to be an investigation…

(by Jailing tRump)

Annette Carroll @brazenbitcha🔁He needs to go too#MarchForTruth #Trumprussia #theresistence #ImpeachTrump #resist
Gary Nelson @elite99thc🔁@benjamuniverse @EPPetit @MattBruenig @MrTimbo and I hold you responsible, partially, and completely. You're muted, so don't bother. #resist
Jeffrey Carey @democratmo🔁Infographic: PolitiFact's fake news almanac - Expose the real fake news. #resist
Michael Zarocostas @ZeroDoktor🔁This is literally NOT how works. Stop misinforming people with your ignorance.
Ger. Jasp @Theant78🔁This is WRONG! Stop pretending this is not inAmerica😢💔😡! RIGHT IS RIGHT & WRONG IS WRONG! team Must Go Now! impe ach 45 😢🙏🇺🇸 !
D Greene-Smith @DGreene_Smith🔁 "Never rob your character to enrich your pocket."
- James Lendall Basford
Blu Dot @Blu_Dot_🔁 I can bring veg treats & help.🙂 I'll try not to make typos.
plainbay @PlainbayH🔁Stephen Colbert weighs in on the and its devastating cuts.

pamela stpierre @pamstp🔁 Another one for the Trumpist horrors file. And make no mistake, this is Trumpism. #Resist
iiiioooo @iiiioooo111🔁About Melania Trump and the $51k jacket. Don't blame , I'm not even in the jacket!
Crypto Chick @ChickCrypto🔁Jared Kushner trying to secretly talk to the Russians

There is nothing to discuss here, this is Treason


Gary Nelson @elite99thc🔁@ceofBaes @EPPetit @benjamuniverse and that's all Hillary's fault, right? Not half B from Kochs, GOP lies, Fox feed, Russians, etc. #resist
#notyranny @JosephPThorpe2🔁 Pull all of the WH clearances NOW!! #resist #theresistance #Trumprussia #russiagate #impeach
samantha fields @samanthayi🔁Counterterrorism tactics were used against #standingrock, they are monitoring #antitrump protests too. #resist
Mary McChrystal @McchrystalMary🔁 In these dark days with our democracy in peril, take heart in the fact that Trump has handed us the GOP's ass. We shall overcome!
Aliyat Lecky @aliyatlecky🔁Price of melania jacket is relative Get over it & FOCUS! @BillGates has a house that NEARLY INTUITIVE!! #resist About Melania Trump #reiders
Ed Baseden @edbaseden🔁It's a mistake to thinks 45 & his crooked team are ignorant or naive. They know exactly what they do.
Oust Trump Now @LiberaLLamp🔁US senator suspects 'we may have an illegitimate @POTUS' #treason #trumprussia @realdonaldtrump @tedlieu #RESIST
Jeff🌹 @_noone_you_know🔁Cowards stole all the Ossoff yard signs in my neighborhood on Briarcliff Rd. last night around 3am #ossoff #FlipThe6th #resist #GA6th
Braunish @mrobinson69🔁No housing, leave them homeless in DC! It gets cold in the winter!
=:O) @JustmeElc🔁Don't be fooled,experts say not a backchannel They were trying to set up COVERT COMMUNICATION & its not the same thing! #TrumpRussia #Resist
ChrissyM @christyj1204🔁You are an evil coward - what do you suggest America does for your punishment? Ours has gone on long enough.
Frances Mathiesen @FrancesMathies1🔁 And the GOP stands by and obfuscates. "Need to see all the facts!" Kushner's security clearance should be jerked NOW!
William Miller @wilgmil11🔁Pull all of the WH clearances NOW!! #resist #theresistance #Trumprussia #russiagate #impeach
Jake @JakeCommentary🔁#Trump could not reaffirm USA support/Article 5 at #NATO meeting cuz it might upset his source of financing: #Putin.
#TrumpRussia #resist
Scott Weaver @dswslc🔁Remember those 800 jobs tRump "saved" at Carrier?

(by Jailing tRump)
Antoine Batiste @kingofguff🔁

Toon by

MissyW @MissyPDX🔁"The Problem Isn't Food Stamps" It's the

Aliyat Lecky @aliyatlecky🔁Price of melania a jacket is relative Get over it & FOCUS! @BillGates has a house that NEARLY INTUITIVE!! #resist About Melania Trump #AMJoy
DHSPersistent @DorianHepburn🔁@realDonaldTrump YOU will not make the decision on climate change for OUR country. We have the will to operate without you #RESIST
Norma🖖🏾One Facet @FacetOfHumanity🔁The GOP has one of two choices: 1) Stand up for America or 2) Resign
Melissa St Clair @melissastclair7🔁We the people along w/free press need 2 make a stand! Enough is enough! We can't let him turn our country into dicta torship we must
CapricousJourney @engteachermed🔁@amjoyshow military spouses have lost clearance due to collections. How does JK get a pass!!!!!! #Resist
Colleen O'Donnell @odonnell_88🔁@EdwardBGuerra3 Dangerous times @jeffsessions had a woman arrested for laughing and a thug goes to congress #Resist
Amy Quinton @AmyQuinton🔁For a thousand reasons... Thanks, Mark. This is perfectly me... <3 …
E Margaret Nem @Dianaswarrior🔁@realDonaldTrump Of our comments and realize you are doing a horrible job? How about you try to be Presidential? Or .. #ImpeachTrump #Resist
Kick Donald Trump’s circus out of town via
❄Bad Hombre❄ @Mexilente🔁donald trump making America great again!

This is for all the douche bags who voted for the .

trish contreras @trishsnoopy72🔁Do We Really Want Mike Pence as President? @indivisibleATX @maddow @ogkeyser #PenceComplicit #RESIST #GOPCOMPLICIT
Oni Shinto @oni_shinto🔁Is the Trump administration an elaborate TV hoax on the world? Trump is a reality tv star. Maybe we are all getting "PUNKED"? #resist
BETH WAREHAM @GiantSweetTart🔁It can't be said enough: we had to March for FACTS. Too stupid. #resist
Laurie @Peacefulma🔁EVERY TIME u think.. "I'm too tired to today" REMEMBER this pic ..They're LAUGHING because they think they've WON TY
Cheer-Up @justgrateful🔁Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves!
Angela Krebs @AngelaKrebs444🔁 .Because we know #GOP won't do anything #Resist #TrumpRussia #TrumpLeaks #Kushner


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