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#Resist Kel🐼🐸 @deplorable_kel🔁 Antifa Designer Bats Against Free Speech
#AntifaTerrorists #Resist #TheResistance
#Resist Patricia Heil @PatTheTerrible🔁@realdonaldtrump Got some snowflakes for you. #altgov #theresistance #resist
#Resist Rita Skeeter @RSSneakyTweeter🔁 Nazis coming to town? Here's a positive and creative response. #Resist
#Resist Marion Leary @marionleary🔁This is a timely sign! #resist
#Resist Tetiana 😇 @BohynjaTetiana🔁 Tell Congress: Stop Trump from starting a nuclear war: #Resist #ResistTrump
Julie Jankowski @JulieJankowski2🔁 Rappers are dissing Antifa now. #Resist 💯
Beau Willimon @BeauWillimon🔁Look at the first letter of each parargraph.
See what it spells.
Artists know how to #RESIST
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁.@realDonaldTrump-We know how u can have the most popular tweet in the history of Twitter. Resign.

Via @tonyposnanski #ImpeachTrump #Resist

Amy Siskind @Amy_Siskind🔁Week 40 may or may not be the longest list so far, but it is the most heartbreaking. Trump is tearing our country apart. #resist
Alie Iwanenko @alie_iwanenko🔁 Look at the first letter of each parargraph.
See what it spells.
Artists know how to #RESIST
🆘 Iustitia ♀⚖ @politicangst🔁If You R Against Trump & His Nazi's, Speak out! If you don't & sit by quietly....your Dishonest.
matilda @matilda2day🔁Weekend Update: Tina Fey on Protesting After Charlottesville - SNL #Resist ✌🏽
Un Usual @owepinion🔁If you support Trump's positions you are NOT A CHRISTIAN! Stand up against racism and hate! #resist #bluedot
Pauline A Yates @PaulineAYates🔁45* & first lady to skip Kennedy Center Honors over concerns of ‘political distraction’

Alexa @FireAndFuryAlex🔁 The ignorant, the bigoted, the hateful will always be with us but the struggle gives added meaning to our lives. Persist America.
Stephen Dau @StephenDau🔁This is the letter sent to when the entire Pres Council on Arts and Humanities resigned. Also: Writers are awesome.
chaplinlives @chaplinlives🔁Overheard At The Vatican

Tony @TonyIsntHere🔁What remains of the Trump regime. A bunch of dour old white guys who look like they wish they were elsewhere. !

OneAmericaFourAll @OneAmerica2Day🔁Look at the first letter of the word that starts each paragraph.
Arya @arya_hariharan🔁Because there is only side, the side fighting Nazis and white supremacists. #Resist
Jorge Luis Lopez Esq @lopezgovlaw🔁😡 WHITEWASHED!
Black & brilliant - so historians said they were white...

TruthIzThis @TruthIzThis🔁@AnneFrankCenter @washingtonpost @POTUS In the letter they wrote, the first letter of every paragraph spells out #resist .
Pro Gressive @ProgressDefence🔁@VP @POTUS Effusive praise for a white nationalist is a classic move for this administration. #pander #racistbase #maga #MAGAResign #resist
Doug Burgess @DougBurges🔁 Over 200,000 more died in the European Theater of World War II fighting Fascists. Today, Trump dishonors their sacrifice/allies.
Angela Pösch @PoschAngela🔁Hillary didn't lose, America did.

Shannon Klebart @Siena9899🔁So proud of my home state and the people of #Boston today. #resist with ❤️ and 🎶!
Karl Sexton @tryconsiderthis🔁 Above. Re-reading now.. maybe he wasn't speaking about blocking you. Oh well, the champagne is good any way.
Crystal Huff @crystalvisits🔁I used a sharpie to put number on my arm. Given history, I feel complex, but this is how I don't lose it.
Dushka N Petkovich @DNPinNYC🔁 leaving the White House after being fired.

Un Usual @owepinion🔁Christians: if you are anti abortion we will support you even if you promote hate. Trump answers: Racism and Nazis too? #resist #prochoice
Oracle of Delphi @OracleofDelphi3🔁 The President of the United States is a known racist and nazi sympathizer #resist
brian kulak @bkulak11🔁What exactly was Bannon's chief strategy? Did it work? *asking for a country #resist

Marissa Livengood @mcassara143🔁Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Breeches Coil @yidboy🔁 Have you ever pondered the great atrocities of history and wondered whether you would have stayed silent? #Resist
Norma Rodriguez @twittingisit🔁🎯You can ALL leave but we will NOT abandon our YOU are part of the that WE will always

( ͡° ᴥ ͡°) @stonertabby🔁To all of those about to in and other cities around the country be safe LOUD!
shitcop @OfficialShitCop🔁Cop claims shoplifter hit him with truck, then shoots at her. Video contradicts cop
mar @marceleenmosher🔁In a country filled with a plethora of viewpoints, cultures, & values we have a chance to be great. #Unite #Resist
Avatar @lt4agreements🔁@hughhewitt @realDonaldTrump Dear Hugh,
I hear there's an opening at Fox News... Just trying to help...


Zoe Alsop @HTqZcSXlVxwKSSt🔁 Racism has nothing to do with race. It is the ego’s way of making you feel ‘better than.’ #Resist #Charlottesville
Dale Callihan @dale_callihan🔁 Its a lot of work outing these GOP wing nuts. Like trying to capture all of the Nazis escaping from Germany at end of WWII.
Kathleen McD @Kathleenthinks🔁#Bostonresist Be the face of love today. #Resist violence as you stand and be counted.
Jestor Rodo @NathanSully1🔁 Steve Bannon returns to Breitbart News and talks of "war" to come
#Resist #TheResistance
Scott @KyrionResist🔁Good morning. There are 1,250 days (max) until the next inauguration. It is day 212 of 45's regime. #resist #impeach
Dale Callihan @dale_callihan🔁 Voter turn-out in the 2016 election was 54.7%. Is this what he died for in the Great War. Do we deserve the Fascist Trump?


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