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#pushboundEDU Karen Compton, M.Ed. @KarMa_C4🔁 We must stand up together and tackle these one by one, TOGETHER! #pushboundedu
Rebecca Coda, NBCT @RebeccaCoda🔁This was an incredible ride tonight! Be watching your email for prize notifications! #pushboundedu
Amanda Mayeaux @DrMayeaux🔁Great inaugural PLN chat with Pushing Boundaries! Thank you! I enjoyed everyone's discussion. #pushboundEDU
#pushboundEDU Lisa Blank @ljblank🔁 WE NEED YOUR HELP #pushboundEDU educators! Check THIS out!
#pushboundEDU Tiffany Battle @MsBattleTiffany🔁 A3. The secret to change is building on the new. #pushboundedu
#pushboundEDU#pushboundEDU Trevor MacKenzie @trev_mackenzie🔁 A3:Get healthier so my mind stays right/Data we should collect a la @trev_mackenzie #pushboundEDU
#pushboundEDU Erik M. Francis @maverikcrq🔁@MsCheyenne13 Thank you. These methods are addressed further in my @ASCD book #pushboundedu
#pushboundEDU Jamey Dietz @jamey_dietz🔁 A3:do THIS daily #pushboundEDU
Erik M. Francis @maverikcrq🔁Thanks. I also provide PD on the topic. You can check out my blogs and downloads at Glad to connect!
ConquerED @conqueredapp🔁Use ConquerED to easily check in with Advisory or Homeroom students every day! #ohedchat #pushboundEDU
Betty Bagley @BettyBagley🔁A6:find your tribe via but also find opinions outside of the tribe (not everyone likes a Snuggie)
Cynthia Johnson @CynRJohnson🔁A4: Student voice is often the most overlooked data point and yet the m ost powerful!
Frank Cierech @FrankCierech🔁I just busted out laughing. It's the first thing I tell new teachers. These two things will lead to failure.
Dr. Josue Falaise @josuefalaise🔁This is a great podcast episode featuring our CEO . Listen and tell us what you think.
Gomo Ed Services @GomoEdS🔁This is a great podcast episode featuring our CEO . Listen and tell us what you think.
Karen Compton, M.Ed. @KarMa_C4🔁@justincholbrook Oh! And #PushBoundEDU happened too! It’s a #tlap night! @burgessdave must be killing his WiFi keeping up!
Shawn Storm @sstorm01🔁#pushboundedu I think this looks like my new favorite chat.
Dennis Dill @DennisDill🔁I don't ask questions, I converse, it is a rapport I have with the kids ... they come to me bcuz they know I will adv ocate
Jim Riske @jriske🔁Friends don't let friends give useless assessments. Time to have kids come to school, not play school.
Jennifer Fraser PhD @teachingbullies🔁A1: Dr. John Medina argues key trait for is "Theory of Mind" as that's how truly Learn
Gomo Ed Services @GomoEdS🔁 Good evening #pushboundedu! Josh, CEO of @GomoEdS and educator from NJ. You
Erik M. Francis @maverikcrq🔁Yes. It felt like this! But what a great, engaging chat!
Jennifer Fraser PhD @teachingbullies🔁A5- most important to me ALL Educated about + how to stay safe, how to report, why it matters
Shawn Berry Clark @shawnblove🔁. that was fast & furious⚡️& ❤️ it
Erik M. Francis @maverikcrq🔁A4) We need to facilitate & lead, not just teach. Provide Ss w an active learning experience. Let them read & resea rch info
Jennifer Fraser PhD @teachingbullies🔁Students need reporting system so they can report safely & anonymously Their voice must be heard by those who can pro tect them
Dr. Josue Falaise @josuefalaise🔁This chat was exhilarating for me right before bed. thanks for being great leaders!
Erik M. Francis @maverikcrq🔁I always thought it reminded me of the yellow & red penalty cards in soccer. You didn't want to get one.
Carol Varsalona @cvarsalona🔁Thanks #pushboundedu for the inaugural chat that was engaging!
💞Jennifer Baxter💞 @jenn_baxter🔁 @maverikcrq @RickJetter A4 Let's all move beyond T-directed total learning #pushboundEDU
Carol Varsalona @cvarsalona🔁Bethany, add to your schedule. 9/18 w -Moving the Rock 10.2 w #
Amanda Mayeaux @DrMayeaux🔁One more idea that was blown out of proportion and perverted by a mandate into a cool buzzword.
Erik M. Francis @maverikcrq🔁If you don't know, consider yourself lucky. It's graphing student progress & behavior. Think of a chart. L to J
Carol Varsalona @cvarsalona🔁@RickJetter I think I signed yesterday. #pushboundEDU
Dr. Josue Falaise @josuefalaise🔁A1. I remember the data wall shenanigans. I gave into it the first b/c of mandate. After that, I dropped it so quick
Rebecca Coda, NBCT @RebeccaCoda🔁Lee Jenkins work #pushboundedu
Rebecca Coda, NBCT @RebeccaCoda🔁I"m so jazzed you snuck in. It was totally mind-blowing. Such an amazing crew tonight! Can't wait to tell you about it!
Carol Varsalona @cvarsalona🔁@DennisDill A5 We want to kidwatch and collect relevant data that impacts classroom instruction-need more of this #pushboundedu
Dr. Josue Falaise @josuefalaise🔁@maverikcrq @DennisDill What is L to J? #pushboundEDU
Erik M. Francis @maverikcrq🔁I try to Yoda as much as I can & this is what I do after I Yoda
Lena Marie Rockwood @Dr_LMR🔁I was looking for you! We usually find ourselves in these places! #pushboundedu
Amanda Mayeaux @DrMayeaux🔁@bethhill2829 We missed you, but are glad to see you now! #pushboundEDU
Marlena Gross-Taylor @mgrosstaylor🔁A6: Make more F2F connections during conferences/travels! Voxer is Gr8t next step to deepen pln connections but F2F i s 💯
Rebecca Coda, NBCT @RebeccaCoda🔁That's incredible Seriously thank you for eliminating the status quo! I love everything you crank out!
💞Jennifer Baxter💞 @jenn_baxter🔁A6b I've learned more in twitter PLNs than I ever imagined. It's not how and why... it's a must and #KidsDeserveIt #pushboundEDU
Erik M. Francis @maverikcrq🔁Wait a minute. Back to A1 & status quo practices and policies - Use of data walls or L to J
Cheryl Wilson, Ed.S @only1clw🔁@shawnblove please tag me in next time. #pushboundEDU
Carol Varsalona @cvarsalona🔁 I feel a new meme coming on @cvarsalona Awesome statement! #pushboundedu
Carol Varsalona @cvarsalona🔁@RebeccaCoda I can do that, Rebecca. Thanks for the advice. Digital design will follow #pushboundEDU
Karen Compton, M.Ed. @KarMa_C4🔁 Thank you @RebeccaCoda @RickJetter just what I needed tonight! Thank you for leading the way! #pushboundEDU
Carrie LaBarge @CarrieLaBarge🔁A6-I would like to lead by example and not hide so much behind Twitter and FB..gonna come out of my comfort zone and push! #pushboundedu
Rebecca Coda, NBCT @RebeccaCoda🔁I'm dying over here! You are too much! I just about peed myself! #pushboundedu #jaskthem
Denis Sheeran @MathDenisNJ🔁@RebeccaCoda Hoping I can make it to #pushboundEDU next week! I'll be in MN with @SlaterPBISMN :) #makeitreal
Rebecca Lynn 🌷 @R_CILR🔁Thank you @RebeccaCoda, @RickJetter, and #pushboundedu! What a great chat! Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! 🌺
Doni St. Amour @donistamour🔁Support & Engage in things that matter to them... model learning & leading with a genuine ❤️
Carol Varsalona @cvarsalona🔁@maverikcrq @RickJetter A4 Let's all move beyond T-directed total learning #pushboundEDU
Rebecca Coda, NBCT @RebeccaCoda🔁I feel a new meme coming on @cvarsalona Awesome statement! #pushboundedu
Syndee Malek @Syndee_Sue🔁Thank you @RebeccaCoda @RickJetter just what I needed tonight! Thank you for leading the way! #pushboundEDU
Carol Varsalona @cvarsalona🔁@josuefalaise A5 Yor're correct: T preparation can come with effective PD w/out budgetary restraints #pushboundEDU
Rick Jetter @RickJetter🔁Hi, Carol ELA Consultant from Long Island here at from a state ed conference in Albany. Look who's coming to !
Erik M. Francis @maverikcrq🔁A4) And - God forbid - have Ss express & share their beliefs/feelings/thoughts orally or in writing!
Chris Quinn @ChrisQuinn64🔁A6: Share the passion, love and commitment to learning! #pushboundEDU
Laura Steinbrink @SteinbrinkLaura🔁 Starts up in 45 minutes! see you then!
Brady Venables @BradyVenables🔁A4: skills over facts, problem finding over solving, student led vs teacher led #pushboundedu
Lena Marie Rockwood @Dr_LMR🔁Awesome #pushboundedu chat! Just getting the party started! Can't wait to chat again! 😊 👏 👍 Thanks @RickJetter @RebeccaCoda for hosting.
Rebecca Coda, NBCT @RebeccaCoda🔁@MathDenisNJ Awesome Denis! I love that you push boundaries by #makeitreal! #pushboundedu
Carol Varsalona @cvarsalona🔁@CarrieAnnTripp A5 Mediocrity needs to be replaced by movement beyond comfort zone to greatness w Ss #pushboundEDU
Erik M. Francis @maverikcrq🔁What I feel like doing when school leaders show me their room w "data walls" & the red, yellow, green & blue cards


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