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#pugchat Chewie @chewie_the_dog5🔁 A3: Does this qualify as a Chewbacca obsession? 🤔 -Otis #pugchat
#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 A2 - Totally. Time for a new warerobe! 💳👚 #PugChat
#pugchat Milo & Otis the Pugs @otisthepugwalsh🔁 This face with teef means "get up and get me a carrot" #pugchat
#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 #PugChat Favorite early photo is a Christmas photo my brother took. Hohoho
#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 A5: This was from an early trip to Pittsburgh. We have loved car rides from the start. #pugchat
#pugchat Cute Pugs @cutepugpic🔁 Hamilton Pug here from my couch aka NYC #pugchat
#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 A5: the very first photo of me in August 2012. #pugchat
#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 I had a great time in California! #pugchat
#pugchat#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 Quatchi and Weston from the SF Bay Area! #pugchat
#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 Sammy here from Toronto! 💛💛 #pugchat
#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 Hello friends! Yali checking in from rainy humid Boston. 👋🏼🐠☔️ #pugchat
#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 Hey #pugchat pals! Tuesday and Louie here from Syracuse NY! 💕
#FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 It's ball time! Frankie here from Indiana!#PugChat
#pugchat Dogs Pappy @1DogsPappy🔁A5. First assistant cuddle! #pugchat
Dogs Pappy @1DogsPappy🔁My first night home, giving my dinner order and listening to jams. #pugchat
#pugchat Dogs Pappy @1DogsPappy🔁This is one of the first pics of us together - I was 6 and Spanky was 10 #pugchat A5
#pugchat Dogs Pappy @1DogsPappy🔁Thanks everyone for another great #pugchat!
#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 Timmy from Chicago is on #pugchat
#pugchat Marina Black @MarinaBlack99🔁I missed #pugchat tonight because I had my first ever puppy class! And I was the star, of course!
#pugchat Dr. Strangelove @VaporChevre🔁 A5: This was Milo's first pic at home with us last year. #pugchat
#pugchat Erick @ErickGutierre7🔁 Rufus Pug here from NYC! #pugchat
#pugchat Dr. Strangelove @VaporChevre🔁 A5: Quatchi #pugchat
#pugchat#pugchat#pugchat#pugchat Dr. Strangelove @VaporChevre🔁 @HamiltonPug A5 Soo many to choose from! Here are a few of my favs #pugchat
#pugchat Dr. Strangelove @VaporChevre🔁 A5: One of my favs is Princess Brandy at 8 months old. 😊 #pugchat
#pugchat Dr. Strangelove @VaporChevre🔁 A5: This was an earlier pic of me happy in my fave sweater! -Otis #pugchat
#pugchat Dr. Strangelove @VaporChevre🔁 A2: I sure am ready for sweater weather. It means fall and that means leaves I love leaves. #pugchat
#pugchat Dr. Strangelove @VaporChevre🔁 Q2: Oh yes! I already sported one last weekend when it was a cold morning. #pugchat
#pugchat Dr. Strangelove @VaporChevre🔁 A1: Beach days! #pugchat
#pugchat Mademoiselle FiFi @Mademoiselle_Fi🔁 Missing #pugchat tonight. Not making eye contact with Mama. #packingmybags #guilttrip
#pugchat Medie @medie🔁 A3: I may have a slight obsession with bow ties...-Otis #pugchat
#pugchat#pugchat#pugchat Medie @medie🔁 A5: She said her fave early pics of me are hard to choose #pugchat
#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 Thanks everyone for another great #pugchat
#pugchat#pugchat#pugchat#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 A3: food! #pugchat
#pugchat Heather McDonald @HMcTweet🔁 Hey puggies et al! It's Daisy Buchanan from NYC! #PugChat
#pugchat Mid-Tenn Pug Fest @pugfestival🔁 A1 #PugChat Spanky's fav memory is going to the beach
#pugchat Heather McDonald @HMcTweet🔁 Violet from Chicago is on #pugchat! Hi!
#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 A4: hug #pugchat
#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 Q5: What's your favorite early photo of your pug? #PugChat

A5: This is one of many.

#pugchat #FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁 Live shot. #pugchat
ธัญญญญรัตน์ @Thannnnyarat🔁A2: Sweater weather is all fine until you're forced to dress like twins with pom poms in your head!🙄
pickypuppysamples @pickypuppytree1🔁Don't miss out on these savings! Why buy the bag, when you can Sample them first. Over 120 premium / foods.
Dr. Strangelove @VaporChevre🔁A2: We first start out with Scarf weather then transition over to Sweater weather.
Dr. Strangelove @VaporChevre🔁A3: Ok, I must admit, all of you that know me, know that I am obsessed with my bag. -Otis
Dr. Strangelove @VaporChevre🔁A5: Milo loved his first so he dressed up as The Statue of Liberty in this pic! 🗽
Dr. Strangelove @VaporChevre🔁Q5: What’s your favorite early photo of your pug?
The one on the left is Maisy and the right is both of us.
#FriendshipQuotes❤ @TheFriendIyGuy🔁Darla hangs her head in disgust at mom messing up time zones and missing 1/2 of 🙄
Rebecca Howard @notSunnybrook🔁. Check this story. A little pup rescued in Mexico. Sending positive thoughts to everybody in 🇲🇽
Cindi Lovin @cindilovin🔁Q1: What was your pug's favorite summer memory?

A1: We always love our summer trips to !

Maisy and Daisy @MaisyTheCrzyPug🔁@ellie_ficcardi Thank you Ellie. #pugchat
Rebecca Howard @notSunnybrook🔁A1: Playing with a new friend ( who is up for adoption through the Humane Society of Schuyler County)!
Milo & Otis the Pugs @otisthepugwalsh🔁A1: One of my fav things from this summer and every summer is placing in surf competitions! 😃🏄‍♀️


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