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#PuertoRico JulieMango @misschavi🔁 69 Rs just voted against #PuertoRico aid
Danielle Citron @daniellecitron🔁Thank you Tulane for setting a glorious example for other universities to welcome college students for tuition free semester
Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow🔁My friend Frankel is doing amazing work for . You can help too." target="_blank">
David Beard @dabeard🔁Wow: Tulane offers tuition-free guest semester to students at colleges. "Our turn to pay it forward"
Rebecca Resists 👊💥 @RebeccaBMackie🔁No water-no food-no power-no diapers-no formula-no medicine-no help-no hope—thx to Trump & GOP.

Tara C. Smith @aetiology🔁We're offering a tuition-free guest semester to students at colleges. It's our turn to pay it forward.
maddie @_crosscheck🔁Wow: Tulane offers tuition-free guest semester to students at colleges. "Our turn to pay it forward"
Renee Garcia-Brown @RenwriterRenee🔁People are dying in and is golfing AGAIN today.
NASTYwomen for PR @joy4lly2u🔁THOUSANDS of deaths expected over coming weeks in if nothing is done.



Tyler Hobson @hobsonschoice95🔁Affordable housing, sustainable infrastructure, clean water, food, and healthcare are needed in & for long term recovery.
Pope Darth @PopeDarth🔁Building more sustainable infrastructure in and is about safety and resilience from extreme weather events in the future.
Alice @Norm_berry🔁Though says can’t stay in forever, workers from Katrin in ‘05 are STILL in Louisiana 1230pET
RoxxyGirl @raquelgriffiths🔁so is still without water and electricity, and people are dying in california fires, what are you doing?
Zoe Washburne💥🖖❄🔥 @DeepInTheHills🔁Seriously f'd up‼️

Is this 45's idea of ⁉️

Kill them so they can't complain?

Dotti RedCat @Djmcafee4Dotti🔁For those who are following here is what is delivering (3 weeks late) to a family of 4.
James Jimmy Cieloha @jamesjimcie🔁. "can greatly help by acting on 's ideas, and by prioritizing community radio in this moment."
Dianne @diannehofstedt🔁Intentionally starving American your reps....why are we NOT airdropping food & water into . This is genocide.
Joseph Reyes @josephreyesg🔁We salute for her leadership in and persistence in the face of sexist attacks. Join us:
The Haunted Pamsion @Muthawalker🔁Then, Mr. President, be inspired by Matthew 25:31-46 & support relief! And, as a Christian, anti-LGBTQ bigotry not in my values.
RHenryLeesghost @TheRHenryLee🔁 Wouldn't it be great if everybody in #PuertoRico just came here???
Stephanie Curran @Allmy3Children🔁My friend Frankel is doing amazing work for . You can help too.
Gary turco @gary_turco🔁 BREAKING: @FBI Looking Into Public Corruption Allegations In #PuertoRico
Wayne Ralston @artbywar🔁This is Jose. He's from . He survived Maria. He needs our help.
Not Given @Can_ada🔁🚨Officials are pumping contaminated water for distribution in
We are failing the island. 😭

Carol in Montana @mtcarkeys🔁 Republicans in Congress would let Trump kill Americans if he chose to.

Oh wait, they are. #PuertoRico #AMJoy

Edgar Mercado Sr🍳 @EdMerk2🔁Vieques off east coast of was hit hard. Big need for food & water here! We flew in hot meals- only a start!!
linda salcfas @linmaur🔁Glued to Zello right now. Social media is the best way to get information. The mountains in are inaccessible and out of touch.
ABC 5 Puerto Rico @ABC5PuertoRico🔁Resumen #PuertoRico post #HuracánMaría
En Record Elwood Cruz #ABC5
Kate McClelland @katemcclelland7🔁The response to the crisis in from the US fed gov has been unacceptable for the wealthiest country in the world.
Kaitlin Sylvester @kaitlinanne13🔁Teachers in the U.S. are helping by adopting a school in & sending supplies!

Wolfgang VanDamn @wolfgang115729🔁Funny we have the technology to get fat ass to his golf course's every weekend but not get clean water to
crystal amador @crys_amador🔁I live in #PuertoRico after #hurricaneMaria had to cancel my flight. @Fly_Norwegian still can't seem to understand the island's situation.
KamTechnology @KamTechnolyog🔁Thank you Ricky Martin for all you’re doing for .
Puerto Rico estamos con ustedes!
Please go to...
linda salcfas @linmaur🔁 Zello,under channels,they have a specific channel for barranquitas and all cities with people in the city updating
Georgia D. @redheadedwitch2🔁 #LarryFlynt couldn't have put this money towards #PuertoRico?
Nanette Barragán @Nanette4CA🔁U.S. citizens in #PuertoRico are desperate for water. This is a humanitarian crisis. Where's the national outrage?
Kristen Peterson @kristika87🔁This is HORRRIBLE!!! The people of #PuertoRico need life-saving help, not waste water 😡😠 😡
Kate Wykoff @Kitwyk🔁Reporter gets access to internal emails detailing Pentagon's "Orwellian" spin on disaster
Peter YOUNG 🇪🇺🇮🇪 @hopperpy🔁People are so desperate in Puerto Rico they are drinking water pumped from a hazardous-waste site
Suzan Ali, EA @alisuzan🔁 Victims of #HurricaneMaria that hit #PuertoRico and #USVI may qualify for #IRS relief.


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