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#PlacemakingWeek roberto bustamante @elmorsa🔁 When you make children responsible of their deaths #placemakingweek
#PlacemakingWeek Proj 4 Public Spaces @PPS_Placemaking🔁Hanna Negami presenting powerful data on individual perceptions of public space ownership.
#PlacemakingWeek Nathan Storring @natestorring🔁"The publicness of a space cannot be defined by public ownership alone." -@HannaNegami #placemakingweek
#PlacemakingWeek Ieva Rozentāle @iev_a🔁A note to myself #placemakingweek #tacticalurbanism
#PlacemakingWeek Mark Lawton @Longdog737🔁 #PlacemakingWeek 2017 - how the digital fits into the four big themes: tinyurl.com
#PlacemakingWeek Nathan Storring @natestorring🔁Don't panic! @Dickvanveen @lanewayproject & @eltotho lead a Hitchhiker's Guide to Shared Space at #placemakingweek
#PlacemakingWeek#PlacemakingWeek#PlacemakingWeek#PlacemakingWeek NHL_SharedSpace @KCSharedSpace🔁 The (r)evolution of traffic, our streets and #placemaking #PlacemakingWeek
#PlacemakingWeek MarcelaGuerreroCasas @NoanaMashika🔁A very useful definition #gentrification #placemakingweek @ReclaimCT @DAG__activism
#PlacemakingWeek Wessel Badenhorst @WesselBaden🔁 Fascinated by the food truck phenomenon in Amsterdam #PlacemakingWeek
#PlacemakingWeek Magdalena Rembeza @MRembeza🔁In short....How to kill a city....#placemakingweek
#PlacemakingWeek shanna draheim @ShannaDraheim🔁Channeling feminist energy to make engaging, safe, welcoming public spaces #PlacemakingWeek
#PlacemakingWeek Nathan Storring @natestorring🔁"Brands know that the city is a new media marketing opportunity." -@Rinske_Brand #placemakingweek
#PlacemakingWeek Ramon Marrades @RamonMarrades🔁 In short....How to kill a city....#placemakingweek
#PlacemakingWeek vvv.rocky.nu @rockynu🔁Switch #PlacemakingWeek Shop: goo.gl
#PlacemakingWeek Blush Wine Ma @bout_Maxine🔁 A very useful definition #gentrification #placemakingweek @ReclaimCT @DAG__activism
UN-Habitat @UNHABITAT🔁: One year after: Join the session this Friday 13 Oct, 1pm @ in Amsterdam twitter.com
Dan Gilmartin @DPGilmartin🔁Katherine Cz of shares big success of 'Public Spaces Community Places' crowdfund program at twitter.com
Daniel Latorre @danlatorre🔁Heartening to see the & session packed here at . Politics matters, can't be ignored. twitter.com
MML Foundation @MMLFoundation🔁.'s Katharine Czarnecki representing at on partnership with twitter.com
Proj 4 Public Spaces @PPS_Placemaking🔁Our with shared by as : pps.org 003397120" target="_blank">twitter.com
Dick van Veen @Dickvanveen🔁Don't panic! & lead a Hitchhiker's Guide to Shared Space at
Joan Lombardi @joan_lombardi🔁How to make a city more child-friendly? That's on the agenda at . Watch the conference livestream:
Place Leadership @placeleadership🔁This is pure #CreatingSharedValue #CSV from Kotter ;) @PPS_Placemaking @Rinske_Brand #placemakingweek #placemaking
Rob St. Mary @RobDet🔁"What if we could invest branding budgets into make better, into ."
Charlot Schans @Charlotschans🔁' has a disruptive potential: the ability to stop siloed working' twitter.com
Proj 4 Public Spaces @PPS_Placemaking🔁"What if we could invest branding budgets into make better, into ." twitter.com
Burnet Fine Art @burnetart🔁 It’s #PlacemakingWeek 2017! Tell us about your favorite public art in downtown MPLS. :)
Splaces @UrbanChoreo🔁#Placemaking cause #gentrification? It's complicated. pps.org Juliet Kahne @theurbanicon @PPS_Placemaking #placemakingweek
Proj 4 Public Spaces @PPS_Placemaking🔁.'s lessons from her research on & : twitter.com
RobertaC @rcalcina🔁Feminism in cities #placemakingweek. Also from the point of view of urban mobility theguardian.com
Nathan Storring @natestorring🔁You have a great #placemaking idea. But how will you pay for it? @mariaadebowale @TheoStauttener @Rinske_Brand @MMLeague #placemakingweek
Urbego @urbegos🔁Our co-founder @RamonMarrades presenting at the #PlacemakingWeek @PPS_Placemaking twitter.com
Nate Scramlin @OliverScram🔁"Disneyfication" of public space in some Asian cities. How to avoid? Ask people what they want. ENGAGE with users. twitter.com
Ramon Marrades @RamonMarrades🔁It's been a pleasure to share our vision on innovation and placemaking to activate Valencia's waterfront twitter.com
Opa-locka CDC @OLCDC🔁“A safe street is one that tells a rich story about its past, its context, and future hopes of its residents” twitter.com
Kelly Cofrancisco @KellyCoFro🔁 conference welcome...conversations about place, peace, women and innovation. Thrilled to be here
Shσ̵shσ̵♡ @Sho9499sho🔁watch


BBC @artiaad🔁watch


Sean Phipps @SeanMPhipps🔁For those at we hope you join and at 16:30 for their presentation
VPSN @vpsn🔁Public space research, tactical urbanism, design, community building - all part of the inspiring talks at twitter.com in
andrew pask @andrew_pask🔁Shaghayegh Tavakoli looks at how pedestrian movement affects sociability. 2 case studies. twitter.com
Proj 4 Public Spaces @PPS_Placemaking🔁Conor Cahill presenting the brilliant simplicity of for gathering fine-grained data from cyclists in Dublin.
Splaces @UrbanChoreo🔁Hanna Negami presenting powerful data on individual perceptions of public space ownership.

andrew pask @andrew_pask🔁"As people feel more ownership over a space, they tend to see it as more public" on the psych of public space. twitter.com
Ramon Marrades @RamonMarrades🔁"The publicness of a space cannot be defined by public ownership alone." -
Creative Wick @Creative_Wick🔁"When you focus on design you're stuck, good places are program driven" - Fred Kent
Proj 4 Public Spaces @PPS_Placemaking🔁Shaghayegh Tavakoli sharing findings from careful observation of "to" streets vs. "through" streets.
Innovation District @ChattanoogaID🔁“It’s all about flexibility and adaptability for PEOPLE.” - on Innovation Diatricts at 👨🏻‍💼💁🏽‍♂️👩🏿‍💻👨🏽‍🔧👷🏻‍♀️
Wouter Jan Verheul @WJVerheul🔁At the presentation of our new book City at Eye Level! Round table with about ‘added value of placemaking’ twitter.com
Nathan Storring @natestorring🔁Also love the clever reference to 2016 in Vancouver hidden in this slide! twitter.com
Test Sop @TestSop🔁How increases success. "New ideas need old buildings" -.
Test Sop @TestSop🔁 author quoting on and .
Proj 4 Public Spaces @PPS_Placemaking🔁"If you could see the city from the vantage point of a toddler, what would you change?" - Ardan Kockelkoren of
Ramon Marrades @RamonMarrades🔁Great short talks at . From Russia to Singapore, South Africa, Valencia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Taipai 🌍
Kate Litwin @LitwinKate🔁Lesson from Tactical Urbanism: "People really want to drink beer. Find a way to let them drink the beer." @PPS_Placemaking #PlacemakingWeek
Future Cape Town @futurecapetown🔁A tragic anti-pedestrian ad campaign from the UK, shared by here at Amsterdam’s .
Andrew Heslop @AndrewHeslop🔁‘Our communities are only as strong as the people who live in them’ soundcloud.com ref="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/918447321225994241" target="_blank">twitter.com
Macha Roesink @macharoesink🔁'We are not successful to maintain the key purpose of '
Daniel Latorre @danlatorre🔁Amazingly intimate sharing about data and research in going on now, see the livestream later too! twitter.com
Proj 4 Public Spaces @PPS_Placemaking🔁Jennifer Goold sharing powerful poetry from articulating the complex, painful, joyous story of the
Charlot Schans @Charlotschans🔁Goose bumps Jennifer Goold twitter.com
Lucinda Hartley @lucindahartley🔁Full house got the workshop on cutting twitter.com
Wessel Badenhorst @WesselBaden🔁'Resurfaced' - pop-up plaza in Louisville leads to new activation space for links between urban and rural. Think Bour twitter.com bon...
Julie Wagner @wagnerjk🔁Placemaking & Innovation & City at Eye Level by Julie Wagner
andrew pask @andrew_pask🔁Antonella Radicchi shares the - a great tool for mapping soundscapes in the urban environment. twitter.com
Stadschoreograaf @MartijnvDijck🔁'We have to understand the purpose of our . And transport isn't one of them!' 1/2
Proj 4 Public Spaces @PPS_Placemaking🔁The Doctor is In!
staff are here to diagnose and treat all your in the clinic (11:15 - 17:30)
Peter Stair @PeterStair🔁And some interesting examples of street improvements, esp. in overlooked suburban places twitter.com
Philip Winn @philipwinn🔁The Doctor is In!
staff are here to diagnose and treat all your in the clinic (11:15 - 17:30) twitter.com


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