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#PiratesLife luigino @LuiginoMuzzin🔁 Paul McCartney will be starring in the new Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean #PiratesLife
༺❤️༻Jemma༺❤️༻ @Jlm_86🔁@simplysafes Work like a captain, play like a pirate!!! ☠️ #competition #Pirateslife
Mariska @Mariska_Cuypers🔁 On May 26th, Dead Men Tell No Tales. Get your tickets now! #PiratesLife
#PiratesLife _captainjohnny @captainjohnnycl🔁Here we go #piratesofthecaribbean5 #PiratesLife #johnnydepp
#PiratesLife ㅤ @Ginkoposts🔁 Butt pirate is the on pirates life for me! #PiratesLife
#PiratesLife Funko @OriginalFunko🔁RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win an NYCC 2016 exclusive Barbossa Pop! #PiratesLife
#PiratesLife @DisneyPirates🔁The dead have arrived. See Dead Men Tell No Tales in theaters now!
Get tickets: fandan.co twitter.com
#PiratesLife @DisneyPirates🔁TONIGHT! Be among the first to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Get your tickets: twitter.com
Miguel Toyas @migueltoyas1🔁RT & follow for the chance to win an NYCC 2016 exclusive Barbossa Pop!
Glory Magazine @glorycaribbean🔁The latest The Caribbean Now Daily News! paper.li #piratesofthecaribbean #pirateslife
pcd 🌐 @Starmusic101🔁Yes @DisneyPirates at 9:15am @Cinemark in North Haven CT #PiratesoftheCaribbean #PiratesLife
Osei Asante @waqboy🔁 The way @PaulMcCartney got his #PiratesoftheCaribbean role was a bit unconventional: share.ew.com #PiratesLife
Johnny took my hand @Sweeney_Depp🔁Enjoy the with the soundtrack. ☠️ 🎶
Stream: disneymusic.co
#DanTDMDance @OneThyFox🔁Pirates of the Caribbean 5? #PiratesLife #Piratesofthecaribbean (RT WHEN VOTED)
༺❤️༻Jemma༺❤️༻ @Jlm_86🔁@simplysafes "home is where the Anchor drops" #Pirateslife ☠️☠️☠️
Anons for Cetaceans @anons4cetaceans🔁
Avast Matey!
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Jessica @Jessy_Hope_Lie🔁Yesterday I watched the four movies of #PiratesoftheCaribbean and I'm so ready to see the new one in a few minutes now #PiratesLife
афина @klepatskite🔁 jack sparrow totally shipped henry and carina ✨🗡🔭 #PiratesLife
bohemian babushka @BBabushka🔁Visual Roller Coaster Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - In Theaters Today
༺❤️༻Jemma༺❤️༻ @Jlm_86🔁FOLLOW&RT to with . Not all is Silver&Gold! Keep   
Nathaniel Danes @NathanielDanes🔁Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Sets Sail in Theatres Today! go.shr.lc
Megan Cromes @nkotbfan_01🔁Go For A Final Journey with Dead Men Tell No Tales.
Neirro @Nero_kool🔁I am planning to watch it this weekend. Is it better than stranger's tide though ?? #PiratesLife #PiratesoftheCaribbean
jen j english @mseEDC🔁Give me freedom or give me the rope. For I shall not take the shackles that subjugate the poor to uphold the rich twitter.com
Carrie + Richard @OurPotluckFam🔁Could possibly-maybe-perhaps be the best yet. amagicalmess.com
Skytango @skytangoteam🔁Drones reshape how blockbusters are made
Lisa @blm03🔁Beyond excited for the new Pirates film!! I LOVE Johnny Depp, & can't wait to see ! ~
ABeautifulNightmare @JasmineLoading🔁The dead have arrived. See Dead Men Tell No Tales in theaters now!
Get tickets: fandan.co
PinkNinjaBlogger @PinkNinjaBlogg🔁 #PiratesLife #pirateslifeevent Up and down like the #Tide twitter.com
️carlos m☯ @carlosmessier🔁It is soooooooo



Chris Howard @CRaBHoward🔁NEW #wordpress #blogpost #Cinema #MovieReview: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: SALAZAR'S REVENGE #pirateslife >> crabpendium.wordpress.com
Mariska @Mariska_Cuypers🔁 Pirates 5 was fun

Kaya Scodelario was a miss, but otherwise good enough

Grab your families, & go check it out this weekend 😊

Mariska @Mariska_Cuypers🔁 -> Will & Elizabeth = Yes baby!!! (Who saw the film will understand)😎
Lisa @blm03🔁Giveaway - $25 Fandango GC ! @ gaynycdad gaynycdad.com
Matthew cook @matthewkcook🔁FOLLOW & RT for yer chance to be winnin' this bag to hold ye pirate's booty
Will Griesmer @willgriesmer🔁Enter to win a #PiratesLife Giveaway – over $150 value! #Giveaway #PiratesOfTheCaribbean raisingthreesavvyladies.com
Rob Harvey @ROBRV🔁The latest THE HARVEE SPUN! paper.li Thanks to @Graingerboyo @CW_Stagg #brentwood #pirateslife
Insane10thlobbies @GDPGaming🔁We rocked the vote for for 2017 Cam Awards at June 1!
Ayaskantham @sarcasm_donor🔁Showtime #PiratesoftheCaribbean #PiratesLife 😈
Celebrate Woman @DiscoverSelf🔁See you need to head on out today to see Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Surviving the Hiatus @MarianthiGem🔁Today I'm going to watch @DisneyPirates ! It's been 6 fucking years. I'm so excited. 👐
Yo-ho! 💀
#PiratesLife #PiratesoftheCaribbean
Dan Thomas O'Keefe @DanThomasOKeefe🔁#PiratesLife Walked out after half an hour. #Sparrow goes from #Oscar nominated to #Razzie. The script was pathetic. 💩💩💩💩💩


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