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Kendall Spooner @6Veronicadr🔁 Exploring aFrame 3 at #pasic17 #atvcorporation #aframe #pasic #percussion #electronicpercussion
aFrame @aFrame_inst🔁Exploring aFrame 4 at #pasic17 #atvcorporation #aframe #pasic #percussion #electronicpercussion
#percussion#percussion Kim Fulton @kimdf89🔁#Percussion.. serious business ❤ my Drummer Girl 🥁
#percussion tilwillis @tilwillis🔁Started recording #percussion for the new @Solohawkmusic album. #drums
F.L.A.M. Gear Co. @FLAMGearCo🔁My @chrismead_ inspired set up. It works!!!

… instagram.com

Joseph Rogers @QuestFloorCare🔁Getting to see at was FREAKING AWESOME! YOu guys put on a great show, and I want more things like this in B’town.

Mario @SuprAnnoydMario🔁 great setlist going into Drumz.
Looks like is past the taxi cab horn rig. What is this new toy they're breaking ou twitter.com t??!!

Joseph Tawadros AM @JosephTawadros🔁Finally got Mr James Tawadros to crack a smile 😂 … instagram.com
Heidi Pastian @heidipastian🔁Practicing #fifthgradeband #percussion instagram.com
Luiz Santos Official @LuizSantosMusic🔁Download luizsantos.com Raizes Tupiniquims 1a By Luiz Santos twitter.com
DrumSmart LLC @DrumSmartLLC🔁I had an awesome time at PASIC this year. Can’t wait to share all the wonderful things I learned with my students. twitter.com
Flayme5 @Flayme55🔁...The Road Of Running Water...NEW track on Bandcamp ... ... ... ...
Steve Warner @sdub78🔁When things get a bit hectic during music class..

#emjay #tamborinedanger #percussion instagram.com

Bananas At Large® @bananasatlarge🔁Step up your playing with these pedals from
ibra_dor @ibra_dor🔁Rough twitter.com
Braziliz Luiz Santos @Braziliz🔁Hope by LuizSantos.com

#soundcloud #drums # soundcloud.com percussion #art #instrumental #jazz #composer #ny #Nyc

Pandora's Box @PandorasLtd🔁Percussionist tonight at Gaby's Barmitzvah party at … instagram.com
Braziliz Luiz Santos @Braziliz🔁Candombe Improv By LuizSantos.com

#Soundcloud #drums #p soundcloud.com ercussion #art #instrumental #jazz #composer #Nyc

DelanoHighSchool @Delano_High🔁Great Job Tigers! Last night at Stockdale, our Tiger Band took 2nd overall, and 1st in percussion and guard, in their twitter.com division. We 💙 Tiger Band! 🐯🏆
BrazilArtLuiz Santos @BrazilArtDrums🔁Download Creativity luizsantos.com Maracatu Expressions 2 By Luiz Santos twitter.com
Luiz Santos Official @LuizSantosMusic🔁THUNDER by LuizSantos.com
reverbnation.com ps://twitter.com/i/web/status/929776068319465472" target="_blank">twitter.com
Luiz Santos @luizsantosart🔁Download Creativity luizsantos.com Brazil Contemporary Art by Luiz Santos twitter.com
Master Strap @master_strap🔁#NCAA Collegiate #Drumstick Bag by @master_strap - #Drums #Drummer #Percussion #Wisconsin #Badgers instagram.com
myles bigelow @mylesbigelow🔁Pre warm up before the recording session on my Congas. … instagram.com
K. Michelle Lewis @jcpsbloommusic🔁I️ had a blast playing the with these guys at the conference. Coming soon to and a neighborhood near you. twitter.com
Potosi Band Boosters @pt_bandboosters🔁Hi, Jonathan! #marchingband #percussion @JohnHMooreCPC twitter.com
BrazilArtLuiz Santos @BrazilArtDrums🔁Download Creativity luizsantos.com Afro Brazilian Voyage By Luiz Santos twitter.com
Luiz Santos @AfroBrazilJazz🔁Download Creativity luizsantos.com Solidariedade Cosmica Universal By Luiz Santos twitter.com
Salt Arts @SaltArts🔁Mughal-e-funk coming up live in with

instagram.com ="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/929755270665986051" target="_blank">twitter.com
DebraLee Mitchell @Angelee763🔁 M&G tickets 6/2/18 now via (Greece) airs Nov 29, Dec 4 9 & 10 w twitter.com
Braziliz Luiz Santos @Braziliz🔁Cascades Of Light 2 by LuizSantos.com

#drums #percussion # soundcloud.com art #instrumental #jazz #composer #ny #Nyc

Nolan Stolz @NolanStolz🔁driving to ATL today to hear my Etude for Suspended Cymbal and Snare Drum played by Dominic Ryder of the . twitter.com 8pm, Eyedrum (88 Forsyth St SW) Percussionists: if you'd be interested in playing the piece, tweet at me, and I'll get you the PDF
Pandora's Box @PandorasLtd🔁It's nearly time to get the party started at Gaby's at Mazeltov Gaby - enjoy your night! 🎉 twitter.com
Luiz Santos @luizsantosart🔁Support Creative Music & Download Today! luizsantos.com Prosperity By Luiz Santos twitter.com
Luiz Santos @AfroBrazilJazz🔁Download Creativity luizsantos.com Candombe Improvisations By Luiz Santos twitter.com
Braziliz Luiz Santos @BrazilizArt🔁Download Creativity luizsantos.com Pankando No Pagode By Luiz Santos twitter.com
The Drum Heads @thedrumheadspod🔁 parker_handcrafted
Sometimes more is less! … instagram.com
Joe Sidek @joe_sidek🔁 - thank Mr Mel Yang from Quanta Arts… instagram.com


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