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E-meme-lia @captaintegdirb🔁 Live look at Portland, OR as it starts to snow:
#pdxtst #pdxsnow
#pdxtst Rachel @seaglasscritter🔁 Do you want to build a snowman? 🎶⛄❄️ #SnowinNewport #Frozen #pdxtst
#pdxtst TwoGoneCoastal 🌊 @TwoGoneCoastal🔁 The zoo will be closed today, Feb. 20, due to icy conditions. #pdxtst
toss my satan's salad @Mr_Dugan3🔁 Live look at Portland, OR as it starts to snow:
#pdxtst #pdxsnow
#pdxtst 🖕🖕Trisha Mott🖕🖕 @Trishamott🔁 Portland traffic when it snows...

#pdxtst #pdxsnow #pdxweather #Portland #snow

#pdxtst Yuri Hiranuma @YuriHiranuma🔁 Updated forecast snow amounts and timing of heaviest snow today. ❄️❄️❄️ #orwx #wawx #pdxtst
Mike Terry @PDXAdman🔁 #pdxtst #pdxsnow
hey Portland weather forecasters,
NWS Portland @NWSPortland🔁8:30 AM | Winter weather advisory upgraded to a winter storm warning from Portland metro area to north through Kelso/ twitter.com Longview. Expecting more snow - total of 3 to 8 inches.

NWS Portland @NWSPortland🔁More snow on Tuesday! Some light snow or a rain/snow mix possible early in the day, but little to no accumulation exp twitter.com ected.

*More significant snow arrives late Tuesday afternoon or evening through the night.*

*Tuesday PM commute may be impacted.*

NWS Portland @NWSPortland🔁Update on today, with total accumulation 3 to 7 inches for inland valleys and . A good day to NOT be on the roads. twitter.com
Kevin @kdt503🔁 Remember this tweet from 2016's storm, @OregonDOT? 😂

#PDXTST #SnowJam2018 twitter.com

C-TRAN @ctranvancouver🔁Ever wonder what's going on behind the scenes here at C-TRAN when the snow starts falling? Here's our snow protocol: twitter.com
nystrom, andrew @adnys🔁Safety 1st. Snow tires 2nd. Chains as a last resort. #pdxtst twitter.com
Sports & Beers ⚽️🏀🏒⚾️🏈🍺 @sports_beers🔁Once snow starts to accumulate on sidewalks, don’t forget that it is city code to keep them clear and safe! (And be twitter.com a good neighbor and help out elderly or disabled neighbors!)
Andrew Phelps @andrewjphelps🔁Don't get to break this favorite out very often! If you have to be out on our roads today, take it easy, leave plenty twitter.com of time, and make sure you've got your emergency kit in your vee-hicle ready to go!

ÅbmûlØdámä™ @AbmulOdama. I’m on the EB Blue Line and a woman in car 207A is LAMENTING over how her work shift was CUT SHO🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/966032328307892224" target="_blank">twitter.com T WEATHER, which she punctuated with air quotes, and proclaimed that Portland ALWAYS OVERREACTS. I readied a snowball in my mittened hands... 😒
Washco Oregon Roads @washcoroads🔁Before heading out, make sure you let someone know you're on the road. Remember: Using a cell phone while driving is twitter.com against the law.
Aaron Ragan-Fore 🗿 @aaronraganfore🔁Don’t mind us. We’re just up here chillin’ in Portland at our arctic Fortress of Solitude. ❄️❄️❄️


Lianne @liannehy🔁 Ain't no panic like a good ol' fashioned annual Portland snow panic #pdxtst
Venture Portland @VenturePortland🔁Is your business open during the snow storm? Tag us and we'll be happy to retweet!


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