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#ParkChat#ParkChat#ParkChat EPCOT Explorer @EPCOTExplorer🔁@59NationalParks @rscottjones Here’s my roster, just for the hell of it. And cuz I just added 56 to it. ;) #ParkChat
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁The real secret is to send them a white label (with SASE) and ask them to stamp it a few times. Then cut it out, stic k in passport
Public Land Lover @publiclandlvr🔁Yes. Some places are so big and beautiful that you have to wrap yourself up in them to get a sense of the vastness. I nhale fully.
#ParkChat Maureen Shenher @maureenshenher2🔁 @59NationalParks We have a map on our wall as well. #parkchat
Maureen Shenher @maureenshenher2🔁 @naturetechfam A1. A quality National Park visit is one where I learn and experience something new #ParkChat
Maureen Shenher @maureenshenher2🔁Q2 Its clear that Congress won't adequately fund Parks. So should we continue to add Parks or focus on improving the ones we have?
Public Land Lover @publiclandlvr🔁I have many that we've had to tape in after the fact, but I've never requested one. Great to have that as an option!
Public Land Lover @publiclandlvr🔁@bonjourmiette @naturetechfam Haha! We take #BuddyBison along for the same reason! #parkchat
Public Land Lover @publiclandlvr🔁@SupertrampGo @naturetechfam I'm going to have to check out your channel! #parkchat
Jack H @jaypeatravels🔁@naturetechfam @publiclandlvr @TETONsports Mine are going on backpack(s) also #parkchat
Nature Tech Family @naturetechfam🔁@publiclandlvr @jaypeatravels We are putting them on one of our @TETONsports Backpacks. #parkchat
Nature Tech Family @naturetechfam🔁@publiclandlvr @Stars252525 So I've heard! 😁 I have yet to try it myself. #parkchat
Public Land Lover @publiclandlvr🔁@t_jh2009 @naturetechfam Wow! Look at that pin collection! #parkchat
Public Land Lover @publiclandlvr🔁@fullvanfun @naturetechfam Now that my son is five I'm in this camp too. #ParkChat
Public Land Lover @publiclandlvr🔁@naturetechfam @jaypeatravels Are you putting them on #jrranger vests or ... ? #parkchat
Public Land Lover @publiclandlvr🔁@naturetechfam @Stars252525 You can do this? Wow! #parkchat 😊
Stan The Backpacker @backpacker_stan🔁Q10 If you decided you wanted to go for the 59 (like me) or the 417 (like ) how long do you think it would take you?
Public Land Lover @publiclandlvr🔁@KatrinaMauro @naturetechfam @59NationalParks Yep. I'm also thinking that my house needs a #nationalpark travel map! #ParkChat
Public Land Lover @publiclandlvr🔁I agree. This one was at National Monument, so that in and of itself made it special to us.
tom thrash @tthrash🔁Ha! My Labor Day overnighter was one NPS site, one ballgame and one brewery.. would have been two ballgames but for t he rain.
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁There's something special about the old wooden ones that have been weathered by the elements. Love 'em over the new s hiny ones
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁Yep. My Labor Day weekend trip: 1 new park, 2 park revisits, 1 state high point, 3 breweries, 1 manhattan project que st site.
Nature Tech Family @naturetechfam🔁If we have any travel plans, we make sure there's a park stop or two in there along the way. Even when the destinatio n IS a park!
tom thrash @tthrash🔁Yep, for me, parks, ballgames, breweries, etc, all go into trip planning. In winter, switch ski resort for ballgame.
Scanachi @Scanachi🔁@bootyhouse Sweet!! A bunch of nice people like at #BikeSchool . Looking forward to seeing you next week at #ParkChat
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁Much of the southwest is at elevation though, so you can easily visit in spring and fall and have a very pleasant tim e.
Public Land Lover @publiclandlvr🔁This article and the people associated with it make my heart happy. More of this, please.
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁@tthrash @1zestytraveler @naturetechfam @59NationalParks That's how I do it. Rarely are my road trips just park focused. #parkchat
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁Probably not, but it does have an interested origin history. Basically a deal was cut to protect dunes & create an in dustrial port
Full Van Fun @fullvanfun🔁And even better soda! Which makes it great for kids too - and the smell will keep them away from beer for a long time ;)
tom thrash @tthrash🔁Nah, you'll get there. Think of the parks and whatever else you're into in neighboring states and build itinerary fro m there.
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁Doesn't count for me, either. That misses the entire point of me spending my time and money to visit a park.
Parks and Points @ParksandPoints🔁Great brews! , fell in love with them one summer in NY. Glad to get them still here in
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁@VahagnNaha @WildWithinHer folks were on the news from australia to hike the pacific crest trail, wrong year... it is a mess #parkchat
Parks and Points @ParksandPoints🔁It’s already on our idea list :) Maybe worth a great group effort to list every awesome brewery and distillery!
💞AB diwane💕 @DhakerBanshi🔁#FreemanHS Matt Harvey Schumer and Pelosi #PositiveSpinMovies #Signed Contreras Glasnow #ParkChat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁@VahagnNaha @WildWithinHer oic, well same general direction right :) #parkchat
TimH @t_jh2009🔁True, unless there's a fee involved. Personally I wouldn't claim to have been to a NPS area by getting just the stamp .
Full Van Fun @fullvanfun🔁And did you make it to ? That's one of our favorite stops around
Parks and Points @ParksandPoints🔁Awesome! Maybe home of future NP #60….?! Lake Michigan was always more of a wading lake for us…it’s a bit chilly!
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁a10 how long would it take Guy (my other half), to drive us there? i am rather hard headed when i want something - i get it ha
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁@EPCOTExplorer @59NationalParks Yeah, you do want to time it right. #parkchat
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁@fullvanfun @naturetechfam @kokuaelli @1zestytraveler @59NationalParks Sign me up! I'm itching for a return visit. #parkchat
Vahagn Nahabedian @VahagnNaha🔁@Mrs_Roadrunner @WildWithinHer She is actually just south of Sun River #parkchat
Eric Danielson @ecdanielson🔁A10 Our goal is all 59 before our oldest graduates from college. He's 10. Next are 8, 5. We've done 21/59 since 2012.
tom thrash @tthrash🔁And it's within 90 minutes of me, and I'm almost always up for coffee, beer, etc. :)
Parks and Points @ParksandPoints🔁@TKoutside @59NationalParks @naturetechfam Yep, an hour feels like minutes, we’d be happy to chat with everyone all day! #parkchat
Parks and Points @ParksandPoints🔁Well, it is got to have some fine distilleries near by!
TimH @t_jh2009🔁Knowing of my condition & read what you wrote to me then think about how I might feel.
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁That's great. The whole SW is chock full of amazing destinations to see. Hope you get a chance to check them out soon !
Andy Zahn @NakMakFeegle🔁@59NationalParks @rscottjones A10 I could probably see the rest of the 59 in a couple of years, but the 417 might take a decade #ParkChat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁it sure was quick! heck i am still reading the timeline haha ;) #parkchat
tom thrash @tthrash🔁@59NationalParks @naturetechfam Great job! Fun, lightning quick hour! #parkchat
Andy Zahn @NakMakFeegle🔁I love the feeling that the land I'm hiking on is as safe as it can get. It's extraordinarily comforting!
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁@EPCOTExplorer @59NationalParks Looks like you have more work to do in Arizona! Hit me up when you head this way. #parkchat
Full Van Fun @fullvanfun🔁Well our new house has ~1 acre and some nice trees, creek bed, etc - so there's plenty of room for camping ;)
Parks and Points @ParksandPoints🔁Also another kind of lottery these folks Bridge Bay who totally won the “more please!” campsite fun at 7am!
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁@t_jh2009 @Robby_DeGraff @59NationalParks ??? I have no idea why you would feel insulted or what you think I insinuated. #parkchat
Sandy Mickey @NatureGirlTech🔁Just saying as former Ranger, this is case almost always. Aren't many who run in w/o seeing Park. But even if do, why do we care?
Andy Zahn @NakMakFeegle🔁My idea would be to have all federal lands be managed by the NPS, while perhaps not being individual parks
Nature Tech Family @naturetechfam🔁Ok you HAVE to remedy that. But, we haven't been to OK either! Hmm... house swap?!?! (When your house is done)
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁@publiclandlvr @NakMakFeegle @naturetechfam #wildlife needs all the help we can give them right :) #parkchat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁you can hike it all you want too, you just can not drive any motorized vehicle due to the destruction of wildlife ha bitat
Lissa @kokuaelli🔁🤣 Yes!! For us east coasters, I'd probably get concerned looks when telling someone I'm going on vacation to ND
Wander-Filled Life @wander_filled🔁That's so cool! My family is all from the east, so no awesome "out West" stories... that's why we keep coming out... make our own!
Full Van Fun @fullvanfun🔁You're right there w/ us! We have 4 to go too - just replace your Arkansas w/ South Dakota (yes South Dakota!)
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁Sweet! I was just there last week. Water seemed a bit chilly for this desert dweller.
Andy Zahn @NakMakFeegle🔁Is it? It seems logical that state management would do the opposite and only increase management cost.
tom thrash @tthrash🔁@WildWithinHer @naturetechfam Yep, whether it's hikes, or longer hours that park is open... #parkchat
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁I found out that my old family homestead was less than 10 miles from Homestead of America NM. Woah! Had no idea.
Public Land Lover @publiclandlvr🔁That's why I give to a 501c3 in MT devoted to bringing legal action against people denying access to .
Nature Tech Family @naturetechfam🔁Yeah, they didn't like my MI one either. Was like starting over.... bleh.
R Scott Jones ↟☀︎ @rscottjones🔁He specifically mentioned not being able to experience wilderness. I agree, they can't, but that's also not avail in most parks.
TKoutside @TKoutside🔁@59NationalParks @naturetechfam Seriously. Great job you guys! Time sure flies when we're #ParkChat 'ting.
Nature Tech Family @naturetechfam🔁A7) It's hard to compare anything to - the days we spent there were unforgettable!
Full Van Fun @fullvanfun🔁A7) It's hard to compare anything to - the days we spent there were unforgettable!
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁As where it should be
Wander-Filled Life @wander_filled🔁@naturetechfam @TKoutside @WildWithinHer @OlympicNP @MountRainierNPS If only SD honored my GA teaching certificate! #ParkChat
Nature Tech Family @naturetechfam🔁Ah bummer. We don't usually reserve more than 1 night anyway, then go 1st come in Lamar Valley area.
Lauren Danner @WildWithinHer🔁@tthrash @naturetechfam That's a great point. We started some hikes this summer at 5pm. Didn't get dark until after 10pm. #ParkChat
Wander-Filled Life @wander_filled🔁@naturetechfam @59NationalParks Great #ParkChat tonight! Glad to be back!
tom thrash @tthrash🔁Yep, only learned of Homestead after I got back. Just 5 minutes from BCR but no time. White Sands: tired at end of lo ng trip
Scanachi @Scanachi🔁Did you join us at ?

I log my rides & hikes. I need to pick one or the other, I find myself using both. Data is dil uted.

Parks and Points @ParksandPoints🔁You don't get a request with sadly. It's completely up to the proprietary computer lottery reservation system
Switchback Kids @switchbackkids🔁Thanks guys for a fun ! Heading to this weekend, so getting a little midwest park action soon. See ya next time!
TheZestyTraveler @1zestytraveler🔁@rscottjones @naturetechfam @59NationalParks I bet! Pack me in your suitcase? I promise not to eat too much. #parkchat
TimH @t_jh2009🔁BTW as a disabled person myself I'm insulted my your remark & insinuation of my comments.
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁@WildWithinHer @VahagnNaha we are a hour north of bend.... bend is our big city ;) #parkchat
Nature Tech Family @naturetechfam🔁White sands blew me away. BUt it was also 105F so we didn't play long. Tried sledding - not so good as Great Sand Du nes. ;)
Lissa @kokuaelli🔁@annetrent @naturetechfam Love this!! #parkchat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁we are a hour north of her, biggest town is madras oregon. maybe that is where the wind is blowing from sisters?


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