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thewhoms @thewhoms🔁 Rise up and throw down. Have you experienced #PacificRimUprising in IMAX yet?
#PacificRimUprising justbambs @justbambs🔁still love the first one the best. #PacificRimUprising
#PacificRimUprising Corn @ConorDedek🔁Playing around with these guys #PacificRimUprising
#PacificRimUprising#PacificRimUprising Selina Francis. @Selinacandygirl🔁 Check out Ranger Hurley over here #PacificRimUprising
CunningPike @cunningpike🔁Washed the #PacificRimUprising taste out of my mouth by watching #Deadpool for the 27th time. Never gets old.
#PacificRimUprising Barron Christopher @bchristopher91🔁@stevendeknight Thanks for giving this guy a little love! One of my favorites! 😀 #PacificRimUprising
AP Entertainment @APEntertainment🔁BLACK PANTHER DETHRONED: After six weeks, the blockbuster is finally ousted at the top spot at the box office by . twitter.com However, passed another milestone as the biggest superhero movie ever for North America '
Scott Eastwood @ScottEastwood🔁We have been around he world almost 2 times this month! Met a lot of people. London it has been my pleasure. Tokyo h twitter.com ere we come!!
The Root @TheRoot🔁 is a movie where the Black guy gets to be the hero and save the world, and there’s always room for more of those ki twitter.com nds of movies:
John DeQuadros @JohnDeQuadros🔁Pacific Rim Sequel Tops Weekend Box Office...

Rickers Iorn Painting @RikersIron🔁Big premier style showing for last night. Dressed up, went in spoiler free and wasnt disappointed! Had a blast with twitter.com the movie and looking forward to the third!


Abby H @MileyXandMovies🔁#PacificRimUprising - alright. Great action and special effects but could’ve had more to it. Not as good as first.
ゴジラ115 @Kaiju115🔁.'s Review: Legendary's 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' is a Blast from the Breach onfs.net
Rickers Iorn Painting @RikersIron🔁Big premier style showing for last night. Dressed up, went in spoiler free… instagram.com
ゴジラ115 @Kaiju115🔁I recommend it, though I don't think it's the best monster film of the modern era. It didn't have to be, it just had to be good: and it is.

7 out of 10


ゴジラ115 @Kaiju115🔁You're going to read that it's bad, that it's stupid and isn't worthy of your time or money, but I'm saying it is. Will it be for everyone? No. But it was for me. I hope it is successful enough at the box office to green light a 3rd film.
ゴジラ115 @Kaiju115🔁It has a cult following, it's appreciated by many in the film community despite its less than spectacular box office.

Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) is 100%, despite some pacing issues, clunky dialogue, and underdeveloped characters an excellent follow up.

UIP Philippines @uipmoviesph🔁5 DAYS until the ultimate battle begins. Get your tickets now to see — In Cinemas MARCH 31 (Sat). twitter.com
ゴジラ115 @Kaiju115🔁The original Pacific Rim (2013) is a wonderfully directed, brilliantly scored and immensely fun film. It pays homage to so many Kaiju films, anime, Harryhausen, and anything else in the peripheral of the genre. 1/
🌌 amparo @unhipteddyFOLLOW & 🔁 amc.film
JP Betancourt @JpBETA🔁 actually is not the crap everyone is reviewing. The bad guy was a twist. The young blood didnt quite made the cut twitter.com but the story was good. The mechas were cool, the kaju were cool. 7/10
Russell Edwards @buffrusselled🔁Meanwhile in South Korea...


Xtine @paraXtine🔁I liked #PacificRimUprising. Bummed our theater was mostly empty.
The Chumpcast @TheChumpcast🔁Episode 84 is available now! We review , calculate how much you get paid to poop at work, and discuss our favorite s twitter.com tories. Available on all platforms and at !
Zachary Marquez @ZMarquez07🔁I just got back from seeing #PacificRimUprising and I had no idea what was going on the whole time. In simple terms, it sucked. 3/10.
Jay Jayson @JayJayson111🔁 is the Citzen Kane of robots-vs.-aliens movies! 'Cause it made my heart sing, this'll win all the Grammys! twitter.com
Infinite Earths @IEarths🔁Pacific Rim Sequel Tops Weekend Box Office...


Rebekah Dahling @dollfacerebekah🔁We have 5 movie reviews for you this week! Dan, , and review , , , and !

Mel @meli_limon🔁@JohnBoyega Are you even real? #PacificRimUprising
Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives. @oscar_noseque🔁Back from , ace job , liked the sequel way more than I expected to. Lost some focus, heart and soul compared to the original, but gained John Boyega, the drift sequences still land, the jaegers still feel real, we had a great time.
Paul Swanson @AssortedNoise🔁One could say that I am a fan of the Pacific Rim franchise. was fun,highlights the incredible world of the original twitter.com while creating new ideas.
delivers as always, Well done
Andrew Clark @AndrewLeeClark🔁PACIFIC RIM UPRISING is a mixed bag -- A film this bizarre shouldn't feel this conventional.

joseph cedeno @brosephstallin🔁#PacificRimUprising has poor writing. It might as well be called Pacific Children. Does not live up to the first film’s legacy.
PROTECT YOUR EYEWEAR @BEADEDEYECHAIN🔁The wait is over. Witness the return of mechs and monsters. is now playing. Get tickets:
The Movie Brothers @_InDevelopment🔁 felt very forced and undid a lot of what the first one was. John Boyega was solid as the leading man but overall the twitter.com movie lacked in most areas. The battles were fun but most monster v. robot fights are fun. 1.6/5


YEAR 1 : PHASE 1 : @NewTypeJosh🔁So, :
Excellent kaiju & loved the giant robots, as I did last time. John Boyega *rocked* his role.

Convoluted plot. Yet another character with a missing mother (😒), plus where was his son in part 1??

Enjoyed it, but not as good as the first.

Prince Zexu @PrinceZexu🔁Just saw #PacificRimUprising and I'm 90% sure @JohnBoyega tries to make every character he plays bi.
✶✶вrιan ѕanтιago✶✶ @KriptoRok1🔁A new generation of heroes will RISE UP… in ! (@ United Artists Colorado Center 9 & IMAX - in Denver, CO) twitter.com
sal a. manders | pacrim spoilers! @heythereghosts🔁 Based on the reviews for #PacificRimUprising, I should be a shoe in! ;) twitter.com
Anna Tschetter @lcarslibrarian🔁#PacificRimUprising I very much enjoyed you but you DID MAKO WRONG AND YOU KNOW IT. 😡
CinemAddiction @CinemAddiction_🔁"Pacific Rim: Uprising" (2018) review: instagram.com
Aleks @urbrataleks🔁Feels like a MOBA game #PacificRimUprising They don't have a mage though... twitter.com


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